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Kegel’s Produce is a family owned and operated full line wholesale produce distributor serving restaurants, coops, grocers, institutions, food service companies and more throughout the Northeast region. Serving New York, Pennsylvania as well as parts of Delaware Maryland Massachusetts Connecticut


Fresh tomatoes provide many nutritive advantages, but they’re also an excellent source of diuretic compounds that help your body get rid of toxic substances and excess water – something especially helpful if you suffer from bladder cancer or urinary tract infections[7].

Tomatoes are an indispensable staple in many diets, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as lycopene. Lycopene can protect against conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Tomatoes are an excellent source of fiber and potassium, both essential components in weight management. Furthermore, tomatoes may help prevent gallstone formation as well as promote kidney health by providing ample amounts of these essential micronutrients.

When purchasing wholesale tomatoes near me, be sure to seek out firm, unblemished fruit and vegetables with no bruises or cracks. Furthermore, keeping an eye on seasonality is key for getting the highest-quality produce at competitive prices.

Fresh tomato supply chains comprise grower-shippers, repackers and wholesale markets (terminal market and foodservice). Shipments may occur via different modes including air transportation, sea transportation or rail transport.

Repackers, who operate wholesalely, typically purchase mature green tomatoes from grower-shippers and ripen them before packing for distribution to buyers. Repacking involves changing sizes and colors of packages depending on each buyer’s unique requirements.

Terminal market prices of mature green tomatoes often surpass shipping point prices throughout the year due to wholesale markups; however, their seasonal trending is more consistent than shipping point prices. Conversely, vine ripe retail tomatoes demonstrate less volatile price movements compared with both shipping point and terminal market levels.


Finding wholesale-sized tomatoes requires shopping around. Our area boasts several quality growers that deliver top-quality fruits, veggies and greens directly to your door for a fee. Once there, take your pick of all our delicious treats before they run out! All it takes is some planning, shopping and elbow grease – let us show you how! Follow these tips so that you navigate aisles like an expert.


Wholesale tomatoes near me offer an easy way to find fresh fruits and vegetables without long lines and waits at traditional grocery stores, making this an attractive solution for busy people.

They provide an assortment of frozen and raw fruit and vegetables as well as pre-cut and ready-to-go items like pasta, meat & poultry and fish that save both time and money. Their convenience also makes them an attractive option for anyone trying to save both.

Furthermore, some wholesale food distributors use individual quick freeze (IQF) technology to ensure their products arrive quickly and at an ideal temperature, helping prevent spoilage. This process keeps foods fresh for longer while using less energy than traditional methods of freezing produce.

Wholesale tomatoes near me offer another advantage by being available year round and typically being delivered during the week, saving both time and effort, not to mention money when searching for fresh produce during busy periods such as the holidays or other busy seasons.

Tomato retail outlets can generally be divided into three major types, which can be divided further into subcategories: retailers in markets, fixed stalls near markets and street vendors who don’t sell in or by markets. The first outlet type features wholesalers selling vegetables to consumers from stalls located within main food markets while fixed stalls nearby offer retailers purchasing tomatoes in bulk from wholesalers or large retailers as wholesalers for further distribution to their consumer bases. Finally, street vendors selling vegetables directly sell vegetables directly on public spaces like roadsides who then sell vegetables directly to their consumers on public streets or public spaces such as roadsides!


Fresh tomatoes can be purchased at various price points depending on their region and variety, with Roma tomatoes costing anywhere between $1.24 to $4.89 per pound while grape or cherry varieties run roughly around $2.29.

A tomato farmer may sell their crop at either wholesale market, shipper, or local retailer; generally wholesale markets tend to be more volatile than retail ones.

Producing tomatoes requires many variables, from growing season and climate conditions in a region, to irrigation resources available. An increase in output may occur if producers can access irrigation sources.

Another factor influencing tomato prices is whether or not a farmer can access credit. Accessing credit can help farmers cover the expenses related to planting and harvesting tomato crops.

If a tomato farmer has access to credit, they may also take advantage of marketing opportunities through cooperatives or retail contracts.

Tomato farmers must remain mindful of any risks that might result from their decisions, such as increasing fertilizer and natural gas costs over time.

Tomato production can be a complex endeavor requiring special equipment and an understanding of various growing techniques, so it is advised that any tomato farmer consider hiring custom operators and labor to assist with field work.

Tomato farmers may discover they can increase profits by selling their crop at a higher price in wholesale rather than grocery stores, with costs for transportation reduced through contracting with shipping companies.

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