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best vegetable subscription box

If you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables but find shopping for them tedious, a vegetable subscription box could be the ideal solution. These boxes deliver organic produce directly to your door on an ongoing basis.

These services also promote local farmers, reduce food waste, and make recycling their packaging easy. The top vegetable subscription boxes offer a superior customer experience as well as top-notch produce.

Farm Fresh To You

If you’re a busy professional or simply don’t have time to shop at your local grocery store, a vegetable subscription box can be an ideal solution. Most subscriptions send deliveries of fruit and vegetables every week, biweekly or monthly and allow for customization to fit into your lifestyle.

Farm Fresh To You is a California-based company that partners with organic farms to deliver seasonal produce directly to customers. All items are certified organic, and the company follows sustainable farming practices such as efficient irrigation/water management, nutrient-dense soil care, recyclable packaging and regenerative crop rotation.

They offer subscribers a range of organic box sizes, from small to large with varying amounts of produce. Furthermore, subscribers have the option to add on other goods like dairy, meat and pantry items.

Their boxes are ideal for those wanting to explore new fruits and vegetables or follow a plant-based diet. Furthermore, they support local farmers by purchasing from them directly.

This company provides an excellent customer service experience with their friendly staff and user-friendly website. They offer various subscription plans, so you can cancel or skip deliveries with just a click. Plus, they donate any excess produce to food banks – a great way to support local agriculture while aiding the environment too!

Food Connect

One of the premier vegetable subscription boxes available is Food Connect. This app enables gardeners to donate excess fruits and vegetables in an effort to combat local hunger rates. With over 20 local nonprofit partners across America, this company gives gardeners a way to give back.

The app functions by enabling organizations to request donations at any time, which are then coordinated with the logistics systems at food access agencies in their vicinity. Furthermore, its multilingual text capabilities reduce communication barriers for families who don’t speak English.

They even have a website where you can create a personalized map of your favorite food access agency’s distribution schedules and sign up for alerts when your next order is ready to be picked up. Furthermore, they have an active community of gardeners who are more than happy to share their tips and tricks.

The company’s most remarkable achievement was their pilot program that provides home delivery of fresh produce to patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. To make it work, they recruited tech-savvy personnel to implement multi-lingual texting communications, scale delivery integrations, and optimize routing. Over 16 weeks, they were able to deliver over 95,000 pounds of produce to 389 patient families.


FreshDirect is a popular grocery delivery service that lets customers purchase produce, meat, seafood, prepared foods and more at affordable prices. Their mission is to make mealtime simpler and more convenient for everyone by providing high-quality items at competitive prices.

This grocery service offers customers a wide range of products to choose from, both organic and conventional. Its website also has filters that let users search based on personal preferences like gluten-free or kosher options.

FreshDirect takes great measures to guarantee the freshness of its products, employing temperature-controlled vehicles and having strong relationships with suppliers. This helps keep their inventory in tip top condition and minimizes wastage.

The company boasts a strong relationship with the farmers it purchases from, which has earned it recognition as an innovator in on-demand food delivery services.

It offers its members a range of features, such as choosing specific drop-off times and receiving a reusable bag with each delivery. Furthermore, there are various promotional offers and coupons available which can help you save money on your next purchase.

The company also offers subscription-free CSA boxes, which promote local farms while delivering fresh vegetables directly to your door. These options come from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative in Pennsylvania and Hepworth Farms in New York’s Hudson Valley; they promise a varied selection of veggies every week.


If you’re searching for a specialty produce distributor with an impressive selection of hard-to-find exotic and tropical fruits, Melissa’s is an ideal option. This family-run business has been providing produce since 1984 from their warehouses in Los Angeles.

Your produce is sourced directly from farms, and the company provides helpful descriptions and suggestions for preparation and consumption of each item. They carry items like kiwano horned melons, star fruit, feijoas, and more for purchase.

Melissa’s offers a wide selection of boxes, including seasonal assortments and gift baskets. These are an excellent way to get the freshest produce for your family – plus, Melissa’s ships nationwide!

These boxes contain 7-11 pounds of organic vegetables grown and packaged in a certified USDA Organic facility. Perfect for quick snacks, adding them to recipes or juicing – you won’t regret it!

There are a range of vegetable-and-fruit boxes and veggie-and-dairy boxes. This makes an ideal option for people living in areas without access to grocery stores who need to stock up during peak seasons.

Melissa’s offers a selection of healthy snacks such as banana and cacao mix, crunchy quinoa and cranberry-peanut crunch. Plus you can buy gourmet cooking ingredients like grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and more – or subscribe to Melissa’s Whole Foods Cookbook with over 150 recipes to try!

Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Produce is a company that collects unwanted fruits and vegetables from farmers who cannot sell their goods to local stores, then delivers them directly to you. Furthermore, Imperfect Produce strives to reduce food waste by decreasing the amount of produce ending up in landfills.

Though the mission to reduce food waste is admirable, it doesn’t address the systemic overproduction by agribusinesses. This clever money making scheme doesn’t benefit small farmers or poor communities.

Contrary to popular belief, this market solution is actually just an excuse for market failure and higher income consumers. As such, it undercuts alternatives like Community Supported Agricultures (CSAs), which operate within community economies.

The downside to this model is that it consumes surplus produce that would otherwise be redistributed free through food banks. This becomes especially problematic when social safety nets are cut and incomes stagnate.

Another disadvantage is that the quality of produce varies from week to week, making it impossible to guarantee you will get exactly the same items each time you order.

However, Imperfect Foods offers numerous advantages: It helps you minimize food waste, saves you time and money on grocery shopping, and provides a wide range of nutritious foods. Plus, with customizable boxes from Imperfect Foods, you can include only what you love in each box while eliminating anything you don’t.

Imperfect Foods is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact and is striving for a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030. Their sustainability practices include using renewable energy during production and delivery, as well as eco-friendly packaging.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market rescues organic, non-GMO produce that has been rejected by grocery stores and resells it at up to 40% off retail prices. They deliver produce to subscribers on either a weekly or biweekly basis.

In addition to produce, the company also sells dry goods (like olive oil, cereal, jam and coffee) at discounts due to products having minor cosmetic flaws such as misshapenness or small size that would typically not make it onto grocery store shelves.

Since 2018, the company has helped save over 5 million pounds of produce that would otherwise go to waste, helping combatting food waste – an issue that is growing increasingly problematic in America.

Misfits Market stands out among other produce subscription boxes by offering complete customization. You can add or remove any item from your box, plus make changes up to three days before shipping if desired.

This service is ideal for individuals seeking to reduce costs or eat more vegetables. Additionally, it can benefit those on a vegan, paleo, or keto diet.

Signing up for a free account on the website allows you to be assigned a three-day shopping window in which to add items to your cart. When your order is ready to be shipped out, you’ll receive an email containing tracking information with all shipping costs included.

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