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organic fruit and veg box

If you’re searching for fresh organic fruit and vegetables delivered right to your door, there are plenty of options. Some services provide subscription-based plans while others offer one-off deliveries.

Misfits Market strives to prevent food waste by providing non-GMO fruits and vegetables that appear slightly unusual — like bell peppers that aren’t quite small enough. Additionally, this second generation farm adheres to eco-friendly practices like efficient water management and crop rotation.


Fruit and veg boxes are an excellent way to guarantee you’re eating fresh, wholesome produce each week. Additionally, they support local growers while cutting down on plastic waste. These subscription-based services deliver organic vegetables and fruit directly to your doorstep, with options tailored to suit both taste buds and budget.

Eversfield Organic is a family-run organic farm located near Bratton Clovelly on the edge of Dartmoor. Here they grow their vegetables organically with no man-made fertilizers or pesticides and use composted farm waste to enrich soil for fruit and vegetable cultivation in an abundant nutrient environment.

Each box offers a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables that change each week. They’re packed in eco-friendly paper for freshness, plus come in three different sizes to meet all your needs.

This organic vegetable box is ideal for salad lovers, offering an array of vibrant seasonal veggies. We particularly enjoyed the purple-sprouting broccoli and runner beans which made for delicious salade nicoise dishes.

Though this vegetable box may not be for everyone, it does offer excellent value and the produce was of excellent quality upon arrival. There were plenty of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for smoothies as well as other fruit that was tasty and easy to peel.

It’s essential to note that organic produce does not last as long as supermarket versions, so planning ahead for meals helps maximize its use. Selecting the appropriate size box for your family will help maximize efficiency, so you can enjoy a nutritious diet without worrying about waste.

This box offers a blend of British and international produce, making it an excellent option for those seeking sustainable produce while supporting their local community. Furthermore, 20% of their profits are donated to a fund that provides food to those who cannot access it themselves, helping combat hunger in the process.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole Organic Fruit and Veg Box is an ideal option for those seeking to incorporate organic ingredients into their diet. They offer a wide selection of items, such as meat, fruit, vegetables and more; plus their recipe boxes make planning meals effortless so you can incorporate different nutrients into your meals easier.

Established in 1988, Abel & Cole began as a small potato selling business but quickly blossomed into an ethical food delivery service. It has a long-standing commitment to supporting local small producers while striving for environmentally friendly farming and delivery methods.

Their organic fruit and veg boxes are an excellent way to get your weekly serving of organic produce – plus you have the option to veto up to 10 items you don’t want each week; they’ll substitute it for a similar seasonal item instead, making it simple to save money and resources!

The vegetables are of excellent quality and always fresh. It’s worth noting that the box does contain some plastic, but this is a relatively small amount compared to other veg boxes and they recycle whatever packaging they use.

Supporting this company is a great idea, as they donate part of each box sold to charity and have an eco-friendly veg swap program. Overall, it’s one of the best vegetable boxes for the environment – I highly recommend them!

I have now had several deliveries from this company and they are consistently excellent, the vegetables are fresh and reasonably priced, they also offer a lot of variety (you can swap out what you don’t like for something else without incurring an extra cost), the meat is tender and flavoursome – the price point is very reasonable when compared to non organic options. Overall, their service has been top notch!

They offer a plastic pick-up scheme where you can recycle unwanted plastics from around the home. It’s an admirable initiative and should make people think twice before purchasing plastic items in general.

The Veg Box

Vegetable boxes are an excellent way to support local agriculture and reduce your food miles. Plus, they encourage you to cook seasonally and incorporate more veggies into your meals.

The Veg Box is an organic produce delivery service that brings fresh, locally grown produce directly to your door. They source produce from organic farms across the UK for their range of organic items.

This family-run business is dedicated to delivering top quality, local produce that’s grown according to organic standards. They use sustainable growing techniques that improve soil health for improved flavor and nutrients.

They use environmentally-friendly practices such as sustainable water management, crop rotation and waste reduction. Their fruits and vegetables have been certified organic by a third-party agency, while their packaging is made from recycled paper or other biodegradable materials.

Signing up for a weekly or fortnightly vegetable delivery is simple – simply select your preferred delivery day and place an order with at least 48 hours’ notice.

With over 300 products to choose from, this online grocery store offers a vast selection of fresh fruit and vegetables to order. Plus, you can customize your veg box by adding extras like herbs, dairy or ready meals if desired.

They offer an extensive selection of other products to purchase, such as cheeses and charcuterie. Plus, they provide vegan-friendly items and gluten-free options.

You can order your vegetable box in one-off sizes. This way, you can pick and try out your favorites before committing to a monthly subscription.

No matter your experience in food delivery, the Veg Box is an excellent option. They provide a vast selection of organic products and their vegetable boxes are user-friendly and budget friendly – perfect for anyone on the go!

This company provides weekly organic fruit and veggie deliveries that come in a recyclable, reusable box with a resealable lid. They include an extensive variety of organic and local produce from kale to carrots and peppers.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic offers a selection of fruit and vegetable boxes, including a weekly option. These are packed with fresh produce from farms across Australia as well as some international varieties available too.

Organic produce is of superior quality and reasonably priced compared to other supermarkets. This is an excellent way to save money and try new produce at the same time! Your organic veg box comes in a sturdy cardboard crate, plus you can add extra deli/dry items to your order too.

Misfits Market saves produce that mainstream supermarkets won’t sell due to scarring or other imperfections. They offer discounted shipping costs of up to 40% off normal costs for these wonky vegetables, all certified organic.

Our testers raved about the vegetables and fruit, noting they were incredibly flavorsome, juicy and fresh with an array of colors to keep you satisfied throughout the week. In addition, the company makes a nutritious salad perfect for picnics or quick on-the-go lunches.

This family-run company from Lancashire delivers seven days a week and typically packs 13 items into a small box that’s ideal for one or two people. Fleecy sheep wool liners help keep the contents cool, and after use the box can be recycled or composted.

Planet Organic’s vegetable and fruit boxes are the ideal way to ensure you get a nutritious, balanced diet. Their produce changes weekly but always remains organic and free from pesticides or chemicals. With Planet Organic you can rest assured that your produce is always organic and free from contaminants.

The website is user-friendly, and the team are accessible via email or live chat. You can sign up for a one-off delivery or set up regular deliveries – whether weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Another excellent option is the Girl N Dug vegetable box, which specializes in growing exotic produce like Argentine yacon water root and Andean pichuberries. With this box you’re sure to find some unique ingredients you won’t find elsewhere.

When it comes to fruit and veg box deliveries, you have two choices: weekly or monthly services. The latter may be more convenient if you’re prepping meals for yourself. You have the freedom to select your preferred delivery date and time as well as cancel at any time if desired.

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