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weekly fruit box delivery

For fresh produce delivered right to your door, consider subscribing to a weekly produce box subscription service. These subscription services provide an affordable mix of fruits and veggies at reasonable prices, plus many also include pantry staples and meats as well.

Misfits Market strives to reduce food waste by delivering boxes of produce that supermarkets may reject due to cosmetic reasons. It sources its products from local organic farms and wholesalers and ships them nationwide.

Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm is a sustainable farm located in Northern California that produces organic fruits that can be picked up on site or shipped across America. They specialize in growing fruits that thrive naturally there, such as apples, apricots, avocados, lemons, nectarines and oranges.

This family-owned and operated farm has grown from a one-man show in 1976 to 253 acres in Brentwood, just 50 miles east of San Francisco. In addition to selling at local farmers markets and through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, they produce homemade value-added items like conserves, chutneys, marmalades, and pastries.

The farm employs a range of sustainable farming techniques, such as composting which enriches the soil and encourages trees to produce high-quality fruit. Furthermore, they plant cover crops which conserve water and reduce tillage work.

Frog Hollow Farm is a family-owned farm dedicated to growing healthy fruit for customers and the environment. It also participates in several projects that benefit wildlife, such as planting native bee and pollinator-attracting plants along the edges of orchards and installing bat and owl boxes.

The Farm offers a weekly subscription service that brings fresh organic produce right to your door. Subscribers can select from an array of fruit types and sizes, with each delivery featuring what’s at its ripeness peak for that week.

Tropical Fruit Box

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your daily fruit and veggie intake, weekly fruit box delivery services are an ideal choice. Many companies offer these subscriptions so that you can pick which one works best for your requirements.

If you’re a fan of tropical fruits, you’ll love this site which provides curated or “create your own” boxes for various varieties of exotic produce. Choose from soursop, mangosteen and rare mango varieties; mamey and dragon fruit varieties; rambutans; or lychee!

It’s essential to remember that these boxes are seasonal and may vary according to what’s available. Thankfully, this website does a fantastic job of clearly displaying what each box contains.

You can customize your fruit order by choosing from a range of sizes. On average, a small, large or extra-large box will contain three to five pounds of fruits.

The company also offers an Exotic Fruit Club that ships one type of fruit each month. While this is a great way to sample different varieties, the price point can be high.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is a weekly produce delivery service that brings fresh local fruits and vegetables directly to your door. With their menu changing each week, you can pick the box that best suits your tastes and dietary needs.

Ashley Tryner, its CEO, grew up on farms and understands the importance of eating high-quality produce. She founded this company to enable families to access a wide selection of organic fruits and vegetables while saving money on grocery bills.

They offer a selection of boxes, including juicing boxes that make it simple to get the ideal amount of fruits and veggies for yourself and your family. Plus, you can make up to five substitutions each week at no cost – giving you more freedom than ever!

One of their key advantages is that they accept SNAP/EBT (food stamps) and Medicare Advantage plans, opening up access to fresh produce grown locally for those on limited budgets.

Farmbox Rx, a program offered by Farmbox Inc., brings healthy produce directly to beneficiaries through insurance programs like Medicaid or Medicare. This initiative strives to combat social determinants of health by making food access more affordable.

Harry & David

Harry & David is one of the premier online gift basket stores, specializing in high-end food options for family and friends. It offers an impressive selection of gourmet food baskets and gifts such as cheese, chocolate, fruits, baked goods, wine, meats and pantry staples.

Since 1934, this company has been sending mail-order boxes of fresh fruit across America. Their selection includes eight different fruit clubs and several add-ons, as well as bakery goods, popcorn, and meats.

Harry & David offers some of the finest fruit options around. Its fruit of the month clubs feature various flavor profiles as well as organic and natural options for customers to choose from.

Another popular choice is the Fruit & Cheese Box, which features premium pears and apples along with artisanal cheeses and dry salami. These delectable pairings make perfect gifts for holidays or special occasions and are sure to please even pickiest eaters.

Harry & David also offers weekly fruit box delivery, which is an affordable way to send fresh produce to loved ones without breaking the bank. Orders are delivered within three weeks with a basic tracking number included; however, for even faster delivery you can upgrade to express shipping for 15% of your subtotal.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a subscription service that brings fresh organic produce and pantry essentials directly to your door. They take imperfect produce that supermarkets overlook and sell it at a discounted rate.

The website is user-friendly and allows you to shop from a virtual grocery aisle where you can customize your box with fresh fruits, veggies, dairy products, meats, seafood, snacks and other pantry staples. Furthermore, all packaging is recyclable or reusable for maximum sustainability.

Imperfect Foods donates a box to food pantries across America for every box sold, helping reduce food waste and promote a more sustainable system for everyone in our community.

Imperfect Foods not only offers produce, but they also carry a vast selection of pantry essentials like meats, plant-based alternatives, eggs, dairy products and dried fruits. Plus they have special considerations for customers with allergies so it’s easy to find something that meets your preferences.

If you’re searching for a way to support local farmers while saving money, this could be the ideal option. However, bear in mind that imperfect produce is not always high quality and that there may be potential risks when purchasing this type of food.

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys, a family-run B Corporation, are one of the nation’s most beloved weekly fruit box delivery services. This business delivers farm fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks to homes, offices and schools around the country with eco-friendly processes.

The company supports local farms by offering produce in eco-friendly packaging. Their boxes offer a mix of organic, non-GMO, and fair trade options for customers to choose from.

They offer a juicing box filled with fresh ingredients for delicious juices and smoothies. Every week, you’ll get an email describing what’s included and how to customize your box with up to five substitutions.

Their monthly fruit of the month club offers an exciting way to sample a different exotic fruit each month. Additionally, they offer fresh fruit bouquets as a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates fresh produce.

The Fruit Guys began as a dot-com startup in San Francisco, providing fresh fruit to Silicon Valley companies and now ship across America. Their product lineup has expanded to include conventional and organic snack fruit boxes, the Harvest box featuring more diverse fruits, and the mixed fruit and veggie box.


Oddbox is a UK-based social impact company that rescues fruit and vegetables from farmers that would otherwise go to waste, then delivers them to subscribers in boxes each week or fortnight.

The brand can offer customers a wider selection of fruits and vegetables at significantly lower prices than what supermarkets would charge. This helps them reduce food waste, while supporting small independent farms.

Oddbox’s unique approach has allowed them to grow exponentially, experiencing six-fold year on year growth. Their mission is to make a difference for the planet each week by combatting food waste at the farm level.

Oddbox, a Certified B Corporation, believes in the transformative power of business to foster change by shifting consumers’ perspectives. They strive to educate and equip their customers with tools so they can live more sustainably.

Their weekly fruit and veg delivery boxes are designed with flexibility in mind, giving you the option to skip deliveries or pause them for several months if needed. Furthermore, you can easily add or remove items from your box as long as they arrive within four days of your next delivery date.

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