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weekly fruit and vegetable delivery

Are you looking to save time and money on produce? A weekly fruit and vegetable delivery service could be just what you need. These services deliver boxes of organic, in-season fruits and veggies directly to your door each week.

These options source imperfect produce from local farms and orchards, then ship it right to your door at competitive prices. Furthermore, many of these companies donate leftover produce to SNAP programs or food banks for donation.


Are you looking to cut costs or just add more variety into your diet? A weekly fruit and vegetable delivery service like Mischief could be ideal. They deliver a full box of organic produce directly to your door each week or biweekly, depending on what works best for you.

Its two offerings — the small “Mischief” box and larger “Madness” box — are tailored to meet the needs of both small and large families alike. For $22 and $35 respectively, you get a full box of fruit and vegetables (yes, that’s correct!) weighing 10-13 pounds for the smaller box or 18-22 pounds for the bigger one.

Mischief stands out by not only delivering a full box of fruits and veggies to your door, but you can customize what items go in it. Start by choosing what produce type you’d like in your box; then choose your preferred delivery day (typically Tuesday through Saturday) as well as an available three-day shopping window to select or edit items. Plus, they have a helpful mobile app to keep track of all orders and deliveries!

The Fruit Guys

When it comes to fresh produce delivered directly, The Fruit Guys are your go-to option. Established in 1998, this company provides produce boxes to offices and homes across America with their wide selection of produce boxes.

The service offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly boxes of organic fruit and vegetables. Each box includes non-GMO produce that you can use for snacks, meals, or gifts.

Seasonal produce boxes offer the freshest products from local farms. With these options, you’re guaranteed the freshest produce available.

This company is passionate about their local community, regularly making donations to nonprofit organizations in the area. Furthermore, they pay their employees a living wage – one step above the standard minimum wage.

Their website is user-friendly and displays the locations of farms that grow the products in your box. This is an excellent way to support small family farms and include more local produce in your diet.

In addition to fruit, they offer boxes of organic greens and veggies like kale, lettuce, spinach, microgreens like beets or carrots – all starting at $69 with delivery usually occurring once per week.

These boxes feature seasonal fruits and veggies in season; you can customize your preferences at any time. Available in a range of sizes, prices are determined by how much produce you would like to receive.

For those who need to increase their produce intake but lack the time or resources for a farmer’s market visit, produce of the month clubs offer an easy solution; members receive an exotic fruit every month.

Their boxes are constructed from 75% to 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard that’s recyclable and printed using soy-based inks. Plus, they actively encourage their customers to recycle their boxes once they receive them.

From the Farmer

Are you searching for an easier way to shop for weekly vegetables, consider a produce subscription service. These programs partner with local farmers to deliver a selection of fresh produce each week or biweekly. Many also allow subscribers to skip or pause their subscription at any time if they don’t feel inspired by what’s currently offered.

For instance, From the Farmer connects DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) residents to local, sustainable and organic farmers to create seasonal boxes of produce tailored towards your consumption. Boxes are calculated based on how much produce you’ll go through and include items like asparagus, broccoli, lettuce heads and kale. Plus they offer a regional coffee box as well as rotating artisan bread deliveries.

Another viable option is Talley Farms, a Central California farmer that delivers to the West Coast. Their produce is grown using regenerative agriculture techniques which rotate crops for optimal nutrition. Talley Farms offers two sizes of vegetable boxes and fruit boxes with customizable contents for an additional $2 fee.

Beyond saving on grocery store waste, produce sourced directly from a farmer is more nutritious than items purchased at the supermarket. In fact, the longer produce sits in storage or warehouse before being purchased, the greater its loss in nutrients.

Additionally, purchasing from a family business that employs local people is better for the environment as less toxic pesticides and chemicals are used. Furthermore, your support of this local family business supports local jobs.

Some services even provide recipes or other helpful cooking advice. They’ll send you an email each week with the newest menu and link to their farmer’s blog, so that you can create delicious meals from home with ease.

In addition to organic fruit and veggie deliveries, some companies also provide specialty produce like gluten-free options. Furthermore, some of these establishments sell eggs and dairy products.

Misfits Market was established in 2018 to reduce farm-level food waste and provide consumers with fresh, slightly imperfect produce at a low price. It now services 48 states plus Washington D.C., saving millions of pounds of produce that would otherwise go to waste. Their shipments are packed up and delivered overnight to minimize emissions while still meeting customer demands.

GrowNYC Fresh Food Box

GrowNYC Fresh Food Box is a weekly produce delivery service that brings pre-assembled boxes directly to customers’ homes. Customers pay one week in advance and pick up their box at an appointed location within their neighborhood at a time that works with their schedules. Cash, SNAP/EBT, Health Bucks, Greenmarket Bucks and Healthy Connect coupons can all be used as payment.

Oddbox, a certified B Corp based in the UK, ethically sources fresh produce from hundreds of fairly paid farmers and suppliers across the country. They deliver regional mixes of fruits, vegetables, snacks, and chocolate directly to subscribers’ doorsteps in recyclable packaging that reduces emissions. Leftover produce is donated to organizations fighting food poverty throughout the UK.

GrowNYC and partners Urban Health Plan, Children’s Aid, and BronxWorks are creating sustainable distribution routes for fresh foods to provide affordable access to those often forgotten by mainstream distributors. Through intensive resident-led outreach and ongoing technical assistance to wholesale food buyers, GrowNYC hopes to increase local produce availability at various outlets such as FFBs, YMs, institutions, and community-run nutrition initiatives.

GrowNYC has identified a group of South Bronx residents to act as site coordinators and oversee produce distribution at designated locations. They will conduct outreach, collect feedback from participants, record data about their experience, and offer guidance to other staff members in order to guarantee the success of these sites.

At each FFB site, participants have the option of receiving half-priced produce if they have SNAP or Health Bucks, making the program even more accessible and affordable. These reimbursable benefits are especially essential during emergency food assistance situations like COVID-19 where there is an urgent need for nutritious, high-quality foods.

Additionally, CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute conducted an evaluation of the Fresh Food Box Program in South Bronx during Year 4. Their results demonstrated that COVID-19 significantly increased participation rates among participants and clients are highly satisfied with their service.

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