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vegetable wholesale market near me

Vegetable wholesale markets near me provide fresh produce to restaurants, grocery stores and food service businesses. These companies are the perfect solution for anyone who needs a speedy supply of produce.

Family-run produce wholesaler and food distributor serving restaurants, supermarkets, greengrocers, gourmet outlets and more throughout the Northeast.


Trucco is an import and distribution company located at Hunts Point Terminal Market in the Bronx and established in 1965. Their commitment to premium quality produce with peak flavor is unwavering; they guarantee timely deliveries anywhere in America with their state-of-the-art distribution center featuring PrimusGFS certified cold storage and USDA Organic product handling, automated packing lines, dry matter testing capabilities, ripening capabilities and microbe control systems. Their selection includes kiwifruit, citrus fruits and grapes as well as Italian chestnuts.

Fresh produce is sold through a network of wholesale markets and shipping points, both producers-oriented markets and consumer-oriented ones. There are various commercial agreements between producers and wholesalers, and prices for fruit and vegetables vary based on volume as well as quality. Some producers sell directly to retailers while others contract with brokers for sales contracts; there are two kinds of brokers in this sector – buying brokers and selling brokers.

J Margiotta Company

J Margiotta Company, situated in Hunts Point, NY and specializing in produce, is the perfect place for business. They have distribution centers all around the US as well as an array of services designed to maximize your success. Their customer service department stands out among other produce companies with competitive prices and superior logistics; plus they even have an onsite grocer for clients! With J Margiotta Company you won’t go wrong when searching for top quality fruits and vegetables from around the globe!

New York Produce Inc.

Established in 1984 by Elio Valdivia, New York Produce Inc. operates two shops at Bronx Terminal Market to sell to wholesale distributors throughout the metropolitan area. Their selection includes an extensive variety of vegetables, fruits and tropical products.

Today, this company is one of the major produce wholesalers at Hunts Point in the Bronx. It represents 32 businesses throughout the region, such as E. Armata, D’Arrigo, Katzman Produce, Joseph Fierman & Son, Rubin Bros. and Vision.

The wholesale market boasts a vast and diverse customer base that encompasses all foodservice outlets. Restaurants, grocers, retailers, institutional markets – there is always an active demand for produce year round.

In addition to the classic fruits and vegetables, specialty items are becoming increasingly popular. For instance, Russia’s growing influence over Eastern European produce buyers has created a demand for falafel and Mediterranean bowls.

In addition to product diversity, many distributors provide a range of services to meet their customers’ requirements. For instance, D’Arrigo New York provides produce logistics, repacking and transportation solutions for all its clients.

Its team also takes custom orders and assists retailers with planning their merchandising calendar to guarantee they always carry the newest products. Furthermore, the firm has an office in Mexico which distributes Mexican-inspired items to stores throughout the Northeastern United States.

New York Produce is committed to supporting its local community. It donates its produce to City Harvest and Feeding Westchester (County), providing fresh food to those in need. Furthermore, they are proud members of the Eastern Produce Council and sponsor of the New York Produce Show.

United Produce Inc.

United Produce offers business partners an unrivaled opportunity to network. This small but dynamic group offers numerous advantages, such as personalized attention to details, better insight into market dynamics and increased chances of securing lucrative contracts. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, United Produce employs more than 300 people with an annual sales volume of $10 million. In addition to its aboveground operations, United Produce operates a nationwide network of bonded warehouses and operates an impressive fleet of freight vehicles.

N.Y.C. Terminal Market

Hunts Point Terminal Market, situated in the south Bronx, is a food distribution center that supplies retail outlets and restaurants as well as airline caterers, cruise lines, nursing homes and schools with meals.

Wholesaler that imports produce from around the world to distribute to their clients. If you live in NYC or need fresh fruits and veggies from anywhere, this is your go-to place for grocery shopping!

The wholesale market is an expansive building filled with vendors and merchants selling fruits and vegetables from around the world. It’s fun to walk around here, the smells are delightful, and you can find all your grocery needs here!

In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, there is also a wide selection of food products from Caribbean to West Indian cuisines, spices from around the world and even wine grapes! They even have their own bakery where you can grab something sweet or grab an espresso!

One reason the market is strong is because they invest time and resources into working with local organizations and charities that aid those in need. Each year they donate over six million pounds of food to food shelters and foodservice operators throughout the region.

These are just some of the reasons why the market is an excellent place to work and do business. They boast an experienced team dedicated to offering their clients the highest level of service. Furthermore, they have taken steps towards being environmentally friendly by reducing energy consumption.

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