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If you don’t have time to visit the farmers’ market or grocery store every week, vegetable subscriptions can make healthy eating easy and budget friendly. These services deliver locally grown produce directly to your door.

Produce subscriptions are similar to community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs, which connect consumers with local farmers. These services also send out weekly shipments of fruits and vegetables for home delivery.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a sustainable, direct-to-consumer food subscription service that specializes in delivering fresh produce and other groceries that grocery stores would otherwise discard. This is an excellent way to reduce food waste while saving money on your monthly grocery bill.

Imperfect Foods also partners with local farmers to offer affordable produce to those in need. In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Imperfect Foods strives to offer customers products that are nutritious and delicious.

In addition to produce, the company also sells other groceries like meat, eggs, coffee and pantry essentials at significantly lower prices than what can be found at your local grocery store. This makes it a great option for those looking to save money.

However, the main downside to this service is that it’s not available nationwide. At present, it only reaches areas along the west coast, Midwest and northeast.

Imperfect Foods’ website allows you to type in your zip code to check if they deliver to your area. If so, they will send an email or text with a tracking number for your order.

Subscribers have the option of weekly or biweekly deliveries. If you don’t want a delivery, you can cancel it up to two days before your next one. Imperfect Foods guarantees customer satisfaction if you aren’t completely satisfied with your order; they will either refund or credit your account accordingly.

Before placing an order for produce or other foods, it’s wise to price shop. This will enable you to determine if the cost of delivery is worth it for you.

Imperfect Foods provides recyclable insulated liners and gel packs that you can recycle or reuse. This helps reduce the amount of plastic used during shipping while keeping your goods cool during longer journeys.

Imperfect Foods has a commitment to sustainability and donates part of its profits to food banks. Furthermore, the company aims to recover at least 20% of food that would otherwise go unused in America – an impressive goal that shows just how serious they are about reducing food waste here.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a subscription service that brings organic fruits and vegetables directly to your door at prices up to 40% lower than grocery store prices. Their mission is to reduce food waste while making high-quality produce more accessible.

They offer a selection of items not always found at local grocery stores, like specialty groceries and sustainably raised meats. The company sources these products from farmers across America as well as sometimes abroad depending on what’s in season.

Every week, the service’s selection of products changes and it’s up to you to pick which items belong in your box. Plus, you have the option to skip a delivery or cancel your subscription online.

You can customize your box by selecting the fruits and vegetables of your preference. There’s a wide range of options, including fresh herbs and protein-source snacks. In addition, there is a selection of milk (and dairy alternatives), drinks, as well as some pantry essentials to choose from.

Misfits Market boxes feature organic produce grown primarily in the United States. Furthermore, they strive to reduce food waste through recyclable packaging and non-toxic ice packs.

Misfits Market’s prices are comparable to grocery store prices, making it a great option for anyone looking to reduce food waste. Plus, their referral program rewards you with $10 off your first order!

Misfits Market partners with farmers to salvage “misfit” fruits and vegetables they would otherwise discard. Typically, this means produce that looks slightly off or has imperfections; but it could also include items nearing their sell-by date or going through packaging changes.

They source some specialty foods like dried goods and nut butters, but the majority of your box will be fresh produce. As the selection of produce and pantry items changes frequently, be sure to check in a couple days before receiving it for the most up-to-date selection.

Misfits Market can be an excellent source for high-quality produce at an unbeatable price, but it may not suit everyone. Those who like to meal plan or want to minimize food waste may want to reconsider using this service.

Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You is one of the best vegetable subscription services, providing organic fruits and vegetables grown on their family farm. They have been growing and delivering produce since 1976 and have donated an incredible 100,000 pounds of food to local food banks.

They offer a selection of subscription boxes and sizes that you can customize according to your preferences and dietary needs. Furthermore, they sell farm products such as handcrafted jams and small batches honey.

The company collaborates with several regenerative farms throughout the U.S. that use eco-friendly practices such as efficient irrigation and water management, healthy crop rotations, and recyclable packaging. Furthermore, they’re dedicated to supporting their community by donating all visually imperfect fruit to local food banks and charities.

Their monthly subscriptions range from $6 to $46 and allow you to customize your box according to your dietary needs and preferences. They provide a wide variety of vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes, purple cauliflower, stinging nettles, green garlic and Romanesco broccoli for delivery right to your door.

This company is owned by a second generation family farm that emphasizes organic farming techniques like rotating fields to grow multi-species crops. They also collaborate with other farmers in the area to guarantee sustainable harvesting.

They offer weekly or varying produce subscriptions that are delivered to Northern California locations. You can customize your box by selecting the type, size and delivery frequency; plus they include news from the farm, delicious recipes and produce tips.

This company’s fruits and veggies are more cost-effective than those at the supermarket, as they come from regenerative farms. Furthermore, a portion of their profits is donated to local food banks.

Vegetarians and omnivores looking to reduce their intake of processed foods should consider this subscription plan, which offers various options such as Paleo and Whole 30 diets.

The company has an active Instagram presence and does a great job of connecting their subscribers to their family farm. They send out newsletters each week, organize tours, and host farm events for subscribers.

Happy Vega Box

At Happy Vega, we take food and drink seriously. That is why our customers can choose from such an extensive selection of healthy dining options – this is where our esq fliers get to do their best work while filling their tummies with joy! Plus, it’s our goal to ensure they have the best experience possible so we can all move on to greater things together.

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