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Starting seeds from scratch can be one of the cheapest and most satisfying ways to build up a garden.

By purchasing vegetable seeds from reliable seed companies, gardening enthusiasts can also help preserve genetic diversity of their garden plants.

Kitazawa Seed Co

Kitazawa Seed Co is an excellent way to add some Asian flair to your garden. Established in 1917, this company provides an exclusive line of packaged Asian vegetable seeds. Their store offers more than 250 varieties from traditional Japanese plants while using the same manila packets with green ink packaging since their founding.

They also offer chef specialty seed collections, such as Asian Herb Garden and Stir Fry Garden, that combine some of the most commonly consumed Asian vegetables and herbs into convenient packages.

Their website offers essential information about growing these vegetables, including planting dates and heat requirements for optimal growth. Furthermore, there is an online tool which helps determine which of their 500 varieties would best fit into your space and climate conditions.

Native Seeds is another excellent resource for heirloom seeds. Their mission is to preserve crop seeds that link Native American cultures with their lands, while celebrating cultural diversity and supporting indigenous seed growers by sharing profits with them.

This non-profit company offers an impressive collection of heirloom crop and wildflower seeds, as well as specialty mixes tailored towards birds and pollinators. Their website features many excellent photos as well as comprehensive information for every plant they offer.

These seeds are grown by both urban and rural farmers, with proceeds helping support their community of growers. In addition, this company also offers seed starting kits and supplies; their products can be found both retail stores as well as online platforms.

Seeds.com guarantees their seeds for 90 days from shipment and accept returns on all products, as well as offering refunds of the shipping costs in case you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is one of the best-known seed companies in gardening. Started as a hobby in 1998 by Jere Gettle, today it stands as the largest heirloom seed company in America.

The company specializes in global heirloom seeds and boasts an impressive catalog with over 1,000 beautiful varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs to choose from.

Many of these seeds are not easily available at local grocery stores and tend to contain high levels of nutrients and adapt well to their surroundings, being more resistant to disease than commercially produced vegetables and fruits.

Heirloom seeds offer numerous advantages over commercially-grown ones, not least of all because they’re not designed to maximize yield but instead focus on flavor and yield simultaneously. This can result in some truly unique and enjoyable flavors not available otherwise.

Soil-grown varieties have long been treasured by families due to their nutrient density, flavor and local adaptation. Plus, these old-world crops tend to be simpler and contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than their modern counterparts!

These vegetable seeds differ from commercially-grown versions in that they have not been treated with pesticides or chemical fertilizers and do not belong to any patented or genetically engineered brands.

Apart from offering an impressive variety of heirloom seeds, they also provide other useful resources including an online seed exchange platform, blog post series and their own magazine.

They offer a free seed catalog on their website; simply email or print out to order one and discover heirloom seeds! This is an excellent way to discover something new!


Burpee Seed Company has been in operation since 1876 and specializes in creating many heirloom varieties of vegetable seeds that are prized for their distinctive old-world flavors. Furthermore, this brand provides grow kits to get started sprouting seeds.

Washington Atlee Burpee founded his mail-order seeds company to offer home gardeners with access to fresh vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices. They’ve introduced several innovative tomato varieties, such as one designed specifically to be cut up for picnic tables or one six times larger than an ordinary Roma tomato.

Atlee established his company in 1876 and quickly made a name for himself as one of the world’s top mail-order seed companies. American seed companies at this time relied heavily on European breeders for vegetable seeds; Atlee developed his own catalogue tailored specifically for American climate and soil conditions.

As the century went on, Atlee became well-known for his dedication to introducing vegetables that would better fit American landscape. His catalog offered unique crops not commonly available at that time and encouraged gardeners to give them a try by providing sample seeds and information on how to cultivate them.

Atlee later expanded his business by publishing a gardening magazine through mail delivery that is still in print today, as well as becoming the first company to produce an annual flower catalog.

Burpee offers more than just vegetable seeds; they also sell an extensive selection of flowers and herbs, which are easy to grow and add a vibrant pop of flavor to food. Perfect for container gardening as well as outdoor beds!

Territorial Seed Company

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and garden, here are a few seed companies worth investigating. Many offer seeds suitable to our climate, with each providing convenient shipping services directly to their customers.

Territorial Seed Company of Cottage Grove, Oregon stands out among local seed companies as a favorite choice. Specializing in organic and heirloom seeds that suit local growing conditions, their seeds can also be purchased at retail locations in Cottage Grove and throughout Oregon.

They provide a free gardening guide and desktop application to assist in planning your garden, as well as an expansive selection of seeds, live plants, including bareroot fruit trees.

Best of all, their seeds are all certified organic without genetic modifications or additives – even boasting their own 44-acre trial ground to test and grow seeds to ensure quality!

This company is one of our favorites because they’re a woman-owned business offering organic and heirloom varieties suited for our Southern California climate, including an outstanding selection of vegetable, flower, herb and Asian-influenced seeds like Napa cabbage, daikon radishes and edamame!

Seeds from Garden Seed Company are extremely cost-effective, especially if purchased as part of a sampler pack of 50 seeds or fewer that make experimenting easy and affordable.

Botanical Interests of Broomfield, Colorado provides organic, heirloom and open-pollinated seeds renowned for their quality as well as beautiful illustrated packets.

My absolute favorite site for pollinator support, featuring an extensive selection of both heirloom and open-pollinated seeds – many Asian varieties! Family owned and run, they make an invaluable contribution to our local food systems.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds offers an assortment of vegetable seeds and accessories. Additionally, the company sells flower bulbs and herb seeds. Furthermore, Johnny’s offers organic and heirloom varieties of seed varieties.

Since 1973, Johnny’s has been committed to offering superior seeds, tools, information and service for home gardeners and commercial growers alike. Their mission is to help gardeners and growers succeed with high-quality vegetable and fruit seeds that are easy to cultivate, plus gardening/small-grower accessories with 100% satisfaction guarantees.

The company also maintains a research farm for developing improved vegetable and fruit seed varieties with higher germination rates, disease resistance, and hardiness. Their seed shop stocks products such as tomato seeds, green manure, beans, peas, okra, broccoli, spinach lettuce peppers onions among others.

Johnny’s Seeds is an industry leader when it comes to vegetable and fruit seeds, offering customers quality seeds along with an expansive selection of certified organic varieties, all backed up with 100% customer satisfaction guarantees.

Johnny’s Seeds was founded by Rob Johnston in 1973 as an independent seed producer and merchant located in Winslow, Maine. Offering vegetable, herb and flower seeds as well as gardening/small-grower tools for home gardeners and commercial growers alike.

Johnny’s Seeds family is taking strides to preserve both its 119-acre farm and 45 acres of surrounding farmland as they build their business. Last November, they and its owners signed an agricultural conservation easement with the Maine Farmland Trust on this property.

JSS is committed to building a better future, particularly for Maine residents who work to preserve land and livelihoods. As part of that dedication, they partnered with Salesforce – a cloud-based enterprise software provider – for an ecommerce site that will offer customers a digital experience that’s both efficient and customized.

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