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Are you ready to launch your own vegetable garden? There are a range of online seed companies that offer premium varieties. Many also provide additional gardening supplies, tools, and resources.

As more people move toward a self-sufficient lifestyle, seeds are playing an increasingly important role. These retailers offer unique varieties, non-GMO, heirloom, and organic seeds at great prices.

Stark Bros. Seed Company

Stark Bro’s Nursery and Orchard in Louisiana and Missouri has been in operation for over 200 years. They cultivate a wide selection of fruit and nut trees such as apples, pears, cherries, peaches and more; plus they offer various garden plants like flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

Their seed selection is vast, featuring both traditional and specialty seeds. Additionally, they boast an excellent customer service team and have a rewards program which rewards customers with points for purchases that can be exchanged for discounts or rewards.

Grand Prismatic Seed, a Utah-based company, is dedicated to cultivating high quality open pollinated seeds that are suitable for living in the Intermountain West. Their mission is to provide seed varieties suitable for this region while encouraging crop diversity and native plant production.

Seeds from this company can be purchased online and they provide various shipping options. Furthermore, they have a return policy in place in case you’re not satisfied with what you receive.

Warehouse employees utilize an automated system to sort and pick seeds more quickly. Programmed projectors light up appropriate bins before dropping packets onto a conveyor belt. Once picked, workers sweep them into labeled bins before loading onto postal carts for shipping.

In addition to seeds, they offer a comprehensive selection of plant care products such as fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, they carry an impressive selection of herbs and edible flowers.

To get you started on your garden journey, you can order a garden plan. This will include an estimate of how much space is necessary to grow each of your favorite crops. Utilize this data when planning the layout and making sure to plant the correct varieties.

The Garden Plan includes tips for prepping your soil, selecting the appropriate tools and optimizing your garden. It even has advice on when to begin sowing seeds. Plus, their customer service team are knowledgeable and will answer all of your queries promptly.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is an employee-owned seed company located in Winslow, Maine with their research farm and headquarters. Here they offer vegetable, fruit, flower and herb seeds as well as tools and accessories for the gardener.

The company is renowned for its organic heirloom seeds. These seeds are harvested from plants grown under the strict guidelines of USDA’s National Organic Program and Code of Federal Regulations, and can be identified by an OG symbol that confirms they were grown and handled according to these stringent requirements.

Since 1973, Johnny’s Selected Seeds has been providing its customers with an expansive selection of seeds. Their inventory includes more than 60 varieties of edible pumpkins, winter squashes and gourds that are both ornamental and edible.

They carry an array of hybrid varieties designed for improved flavor, disease resistance and climate adaptability. These hybrids are bred using inbred parents that express their traits consistently – making them suitable for commercial production.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds has evolved with the locavore movement since its founding in the 1970s. Their mission is to provide families, friends and communities with superior seeds, tools, information and service that promotes food security and community nourishment.

The company’s ecommerce website is an ideal destination to purchase all the vegetable, fruit and herb seeds you need for starting a garden. The user-friendly UI makes browsing easy with detailed product descriptions included.

JSS’ ecommerce is powered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, giving them the capacity to craft personalized experiences for customers and expand their business. Furthermore, they’ve leveraged artificial intelligence to direct shoppers towards the most useful products and educational content.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds reported an increase in gross merchandise value after implementing their ecommerce solution. Furthermore, customers spent 33% more time on the website and looked at 29% more pages as a result of this transformation.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds was established in 1973 and is headquartered in Winslow, Maine. They have research farms and offices located at Winslow, Fairfield, and Albion as well as a warehouse and customer care center in Albion; furthermore they distribute their seeds around the world with an aim of helping people grow healthy and beautiful gardens.


Burpee is a well-known seed company and an established leader in vegetable seeds online. Their selection includes numerous vegetables, fruit, flower and herb seeds for customers to choose from.

For almost 50 years, this company has been committed to providing quality seeds that are safe for both your garden and family. They also carry a range of other gardening products that can help you grow an abundant vegetable garden.

They offer a great choice for anyone searching to buy vegetable seeds online, as they have numerous choices and competitive shipping rates. Furthermore, their helpful FAQ section provides answers to any questions about their seeds.

Burpee offers a great selection of seeds and gardening tools to help you maximize your vegetable garden. Their product lineup includes seeds for growing various types of veggies like peas, lettuce, carrots, spinach, beans and onions as well as more – so there’s something for everyone!

Another advantage of using their products is that they’re easy to order and usually delivered within a few days. Furthermore, they have an accommodating return policy so you can rest assured knowing you’ll get your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the seeds purchased from them.

Their prices are competitively priced and they offer a flat rate for purchases of $9.94 or more – an invaluable benefit if you’re just starting out in gardening. Furthermore, they carry seeds for various vegetables and flowers so you can find the ideal mix to grow in your garden.

Shopping for vegetable seeds online doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. Take your time and read each product page thoroughly so you are certain you are getting exactly what you need.

These websites offer an expansive selection of seeds for various vegetables and herbs, making it simple to find the ideal blend for your garden. Furthermore, many stores carry various gardening tools and accessories that can make managing a vegetable garden much simpler.


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