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Gardeners who buy their vegetable seeds online have many advantages when it comes to variety and price compared to local nurseries; plus many companies sell seedlings, bulbs, and other gardening supplies in addition to vegetable seeds.

Eden Brothers are proud members of the Safe Seed Pledge, offering only non-GMO seeds on their website. You’ll find vegetable, herb, and flower seeds suitable for both conventional and organic kitchen gardening here.

Eden Brothers

Eden Brothers Seed Company specializes in hard-to-find flower seeds, herbs and heirloom vegetable seeds at competitive prices nationwide. Additionally, their services make shopping even easier!

They offer traditional seeds as well as organic, non-hybrid and heirloom varieties – with easy navigation on their website and many educational articles about gardening and planting. Their customer service is top notch with free returns of unopened seed packs within 15 days.

As well as their website, they also offer an email newsletter which notifies subscribers of new offers and discounts, while posting coupons and discounts to Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Instagram.

Save money when making your order by taking advantage of an Eden Brothers coupon code, available either in their sale section or as an exclusive subscriber offer.

These stores often feature sales on their heirloom vegetable seeds. These seeds have been passed down from generation to generation of gardeners and offer superior nutrition compared to conventional vegetable seeds, producing veggies with far greater flavors, colors and health benefits than their rivals.

Heirloom seeds are the ideal choice for food gardeners looking to establish sustainable gardens, as they’re more resilient and can thrive in various climates – even colder ones!

Seeds for all sorts of plants – flowers and vegetables alike. Additionally, there is an impressive selection of perennials and annuals available here.

They carry an extensive selection of traditional, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, heirloom and organic seeds – free from GMO seeds!

Eden seeds can be purchased directly through their website or from online retailers like eBay. Their selection includes various sizes that will ship anywhere within the US.

As well as their online store, Garden Gear sells garden tools in their catalog as well as various weed control products.

Eden Brothers offers many popular items for sale, such as seeds, potting soil and compost. Eden Brothers are well known for offering an expansive selection of high-quality heirloom seeds and bulbs – ideal for gardeners of any level of expertise.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, located in Maine, offers quality vegetable seeds online for sale. Their goal is to support growers and gardeners through superior seeds, tools and information.

Johnny’s products span the spectrum of seeds for vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs as well as its own range of garden tools and online educational resources.

Employee-owned, the company is headquartered in Winslow with warehouse and research farm operations based out of Albion as well as customer care center facilities located in Fairfield.

Johnny’s workers take great care in selecting and fulfilling orders of seeds to farmers and gardeners across North America. With its vast inventory, pickers use carts equipped with code readers to select appropriate seeds.

Johnny’s is expanding its business through two means. First, by expanding their product offering with more regional seed varieties and second by sharing educational resources with home gardeners and small-to-mid sized farmers. Mehlhorn notes how lucky Johnny’s has been in recent years in being part of the movement towards healthier eating while supporting local farms.

Johnny’s is making the move from 2D print materials to more contemporary media formats in order to meet the expectations of younger people, such as video and webinars, as part of its effort to meet them. For instance, hosting monthly webinars attracts a large audience while moving away from printed catalogs towards websites has also proven beneficial in keeping up with customer demands.

Products sold both online and in stores by this company. Additional discounts and promotions, such as coupons, free shipping and cashback offers are often provided as incentives to make purchasing easy and rewarding.

Sign up for Johnny’s Selected Seeds email subscription service to gain exclusive offers and coupons in your mailbox. Don’t miss their many sales throughout the year for more savings on your favorite seeds!

Johnny’s Selected Seeds coupons provide discounts when purchasing products on their website or store locations. Each coupon may have certain requirements or restrictions that apply specifically to you purchase, so be sure to read and follow all terms and conditions before claiming one.

As well as promo codes, another way to save money at Johnny’s Selected Seeds is through shopping the Clearance section and taking advantage of last season’s collections before they expire. Plus, up to four Johnny’s Selected Seeds coupons may be combined per order!

Fedco Seeds

Fedco Seeds provides an extensive selection of cold-hardy vegetable, herb and flower seeds as well as perennial plants for organic cultivation. In addition, they carry organic growers supplies, composting tools, gardening tools as well as horticultural oils and books.

Their mission is to make gardening simple by offering the finest seed varieties. Their selection includes hybrid, open-pollinated and heirloom varieties. Furthermore, customer service is superb while prices are more reasonable than most seed companies.

Organic Seed Source offers organic seeds from numerous sources, such as non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Organic, and non-GMO Heritage seeds. Their catalogs also feature profiles on farmers and gardeners who utilize these seeds.

Fedco Seed offers seeds at a reduced price, plus free shipping when purchased through Co-op membership! Simply bring an order form along with proof of membership card to any store; payment may be made using cash, check or credit card.

Sustainable Farming Solutions, founded in 2001, has an incredible depth of experience working with small-scale farmers, farmers markets and gardeners across the nation. As an invaluable source for heirloom varieties and with catalogs filled with gorgeous visuals that are sure to inspire anyone!

Their catalogs feature varieties suited for New York areas at very reasonable prices; additionally, they have a seed donation program available for schools and shelters.

High Mowing Organic Seeds offer 100 percent organic and non-GMO Project Verified seeds at great value, and their catalog features profiles on the farmers and gardeners who grow their seed.

These two seed companies are well-recognized and offer a vast variety of seeds, from hybrid and heirloom hybrid varieties, berries, tomatoes, potatoes onions peppers and eggplants, herb/edible flowers as well as bulbs.

Seed Savers International offers an excellent selection of heirloom seeds that have been saved from extinction, including those suitable to New York’s climate and conditions. Their catalogs contain rare varieties tailored specifically for New York.


Lowe’s offers an assortment of vegetable seeds both online and in store. In addition to providing garden supplies and tools, Lowe’s also provides home improvement products and services such as electricals, appliances, paint, plumbing fixtures and flooring solutions.

Lowe’s honors its commitment to help provide children with access to healthy, nutritious food by planting seeds in schools across the country for every product purchased from them. This effort supports their mission to promote sustainable agriculture.

Their website features an assortment of heirloom and organic vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herbs and gardening supplies such as plant markers and seed trays – you can shop by planting season or browse by bulb size/color for easy selection.

Most vegetable seeds can be purchased online, though their purchase requires processing and shipping time. Some retailers provide expedited options at additional costs.

Eden Brothers Seed Company stands out as a notable seed retailer, known for their commitment to quality. Their germination rates exceed government requirements without resorting to fillers or additives; additionally, their selection includes classic varieties as well as some unexpected ones.

Online store has learning center with instructional videos for novice gardeners as well as detailed product info and customer service that is readily available via phone or email for inquiries.

Gardener’s Supply Company is an industry leader, so you can expect expert advice and tips. As one of the premier sources for organic and heirloom seeds as well as gardening supplies, they’re one of the go-to services in this space.

Lowe’s offers a Military Discount Program that gives active, Reserve, or retired military members 10 percent off most items when presenting valid military ID. This discount program applies to members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force Marine Corps Coast Guard as well as their spouses.

The company offers a rewards program designed to reward regular shoppers. Bonuses may include drinks, paint or “no purchase necessary gifts.”

Lowe’s also offers its MyLowe’s account to make returns easier, shopping lists simpler and a record of your previous purchases. When linked with their app, this MyLowe’s account unlocks additional perks such as free shipping for purchases of $45 or more.

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