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Seeds can add variety and knowledge of gardening to any garden, while saving money on fresh produce.

If you’re in search of vegetable seeds online, there are numerous reputable companies with an impressive variety. Experienced staff have all of the answers about vegetable gardening.

Fedco Seeds

Fedco Seeds of Maine, LLC provides cold-hardy vegetable seeds and gardening supplies throughout the year, as well as fruit trees and bulbs with top customer service.

Their online catalog is an extensive repository of knowledge, featuring descriptions and images of their most popular offerings as well as comprehensive planting guides. Furthermore, there are helpful tips for increasing crop production while decreasing pesticide use.

Highlighting their catalog are organic seeds that have been certified, providing customers with healthy options. In addition, GMO and pesticide residue testing services ensure their products do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

As for the seeds themselves, they aren’t any old seeds but instead are comprised of high-quality hybrid and heirloom varieties that have been extensively evaluated for traits such as disease resistance or superior flavor and germination. Sunsugar tomato is just one such variety developed specifically to perform better under extreme temperatures.

At Merryspring Nature Park in Camden, CR Lawn of Fedco Seeds and John Bunker from Fedco Trees enthralled gardeners with fascinating tales from their company’s storied history at an event recently. Lawn and Bunker made an enchanting duo; their engaging discussion made for captivating listening. Lawn’s charming personality shone through perfectly in this entertaining talk!

Eden Brothers

Eden Brothers offers an expansive selection of vegetable seeds online at competitive prices. Choose from their vast collection of heirloom, organic and non-GMO options.

Their website also provides a free catalog so that you can browse their selection before making a decision to buy. Plus, they carry growing supplies and tools – everything you need for starting your garden is in one convenient spot!

This company provides an expansive selection of heirloom vegetable seeds, flowers and herbs. Their reputation for outstanding customer service makes them stand out.

Seed Savers Exchange collects and preserves thousands of rare and heirloom varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs, offering customers organic compost and mulch as part of its services. You can purchase products directly from them as well.

Eden Brothers offer helpful gardening and healthy food tips on their blog and podcast platforms. These two platforms feature helpful advice to grow a garden that yields healthy yields.

Signing up for their email newsletters also gives you access to exclusive offers that may only be available through this channel.

BrokeScholar’s ranking system ensures that the best Eden Brothers promo codes are prominently displayed so bargain hunters can spend less time searching for working codes and more time taking advantage of them to save money on purchases.

Territorial Seed

Territorial Seed is a mail order seed company offering an extensive range of vegetable seeds as well as flowers, herbs and bulbs for purchase. In addition, they offer information about growing and gardening.

The company’s mission is to empower people in improving their own self-sufficiency by producing an abundance of food from self-pollinating seeds. Their products include catalog and newsletter subscriptions, planting information and climate data as well as customer service support.

These seeds have received excellent ratings on multiple gardening forums and offer both organic and conventional varieties of seeds for sale. Furthermore, their soil testing services may help determine whether your garden is healthy.

Since 1979, Territorial Seed has been helping gardeners produce seasonal fresh-from-the-garden food using its 44-acre trial grounds in London Springs, Oregon to grow and evaluate thousands of varieties.

Research staff of this Northwest-oriented nursery specialize in cultivars that meet Northwest hardiness and taste requirements as well as those that offer good germination rates, offering seeds for cover crops, sprouting seeds and herbs.

Territorial Seed has also pledged their adherence to the Safe Seed Pledge by publishing two catalogs each year; one for spring gardening and the other winter. Both feature planting and growing tips as well as information regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

The company website features an abundance of educational material for growing vegetables and other plants, as well as offering a selection of organic varieties of seeds.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds, located in Winslow, Maine is an employee-owned business dedicated to helping home gardeners and small farmers prosper by offering an assortment of vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seeds.

This company specializes in open-pollinated heirloom and hybrid seeds that are both hardy and disease resistant, making them perfect for small scale gardens. Their hardy varieties make up part of their core product offering.

They offer an assortment of top-quality, heirloom varieties – such as various tomato species – in addition to a large selection of pumpkin, winter squash and gourd varieties.

Order seeds online and have them delivered right to your home address – most orders ship within two days; however, shipping charges may increase with larger subtotals.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds’ online store is user-friendly. Their Quick Order feature makes placing orders simple with only a few clicks required to place one.

Gardeners looking to learn about growing vegetables and herbs will also find this website an invaluable resource, with its “Grower’s Library” section providing clear and precise information about how to cultivate various crops and herbs.

Company representatives have taken the Safe Seed Pledge and do not sell genetically modified seeds.

Rare Seeds

Shopping online for vegetable seeds can be an economical and time-saving solution, offering access to an assortment of seeds that suit both your garden and personal taste. When searching, be sure to look for organic or heirloom varieties so as to reduce any risk associated with GMOs.

Heirloom seeds have a rich history that dates back generations. By adding these seed to your garden, they allow you to connect to history while discovering plants used by previous generations.

Heirloom seeds offer many advantages over hybrid varieties, with greater resilience in terms of climate adaptation and pest resistance in their original region. Therefore, they’re an ideal option for growers located nearby where the original seed was developed.

Are You Searching for Heirloom Seeds Online or Locally? There are various online and physical stores offering heirloom seeds. In addition, local farms and botanical gardens may also sell seeds.

Heirloom seeds can give your gardening season an early jump-start while supporting small, family-run businesses. Many such companies carry an impressive selection of heirloom vegetable seeds ranging from flowers and herbs to those resistant to diseases or pests.


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