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Produce shopping can be an exhausting endeavor. You could spend hours browsing the produce section hoping that something edible hasn’t already been dumped into the bin.

That’s why there are vegetable subscription boxes, offering weekly or biweekly deliveries of fresh veggies sourced from across the globe, designed to ensure you always get access to premium-grade produce. They are an effective way of guaranteeing you get only top quality and variety products delivered directly.


Organic produce is grown using less synthetic pesticides and fertilizers than conventionally produced foods, while organic farmers also employ environmental-friendly practices, like increasing crop diversity and rotation.

Organic produce delivery services should support local farms by purchasing from them directly, especially if there is no farmer’s market nearby to ensure the food you receive is as fresh and flavorful as possible.

Misfits Market provides non-GMO organic produce not found at major stores, such as onions too small to sell well in stores or odd-shaped vegetables that would otherwise end up going wasteful – helping break the food waste cycle by bringing these items right to you!

At Green Grocer, they use recycled packaging that includes plant-based bags and eco-friendly insulation to protect the vegetables during shipping. Furthermore, they strive to reduce their carbon footprint, and offer deliveries across nearly all US zip codes.

Farm Fresh To You is a second-generation family farm that produces and sells certified organic fruits and vegetables, specialty farm products, dairy, eggs and more. Their farming practices include efficient irrigation management and water conservation techniques; local fertilizers; healthy crop rotation plans and eco-friendly packaging methods.

Subscription options range from pre-made fruit/veggie boxes, customizable selections or additional purchases – even full boxes if desired! Once your order has been placed they’ll send it right over.

An ideal way to enjoy organic produce is purchasing it when it is in season, as this allows you to select an array of nutritious fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and other essential vitamins and nutrients.

In Season

Vegetables in season are harvested at their optimal time for peak flavor and nutritional content, whether that means asparagus only being available during a certain month, like some herbs such as cilantro.

Produce that is in season can save money, as you won’t pay more for items out-of-season or on sale. Furthermore, seasonal fruits and vegetables contain more essential nutrients that could benefit your health than out-of-season items.

Example: An in-season tomato provides you with over twice the vitamin C and other essential nutrients than an out-of-season green bean! Plus, seasonal fruits and veggies offer more flavor than frozen or canned versions.

That is why it is crucial to purchase in-season produce; not only is it more cost effective but it’s also more accessible.

Furthermore, your produce box may offer you more selection. Instead of having to order from large companies that send multiple vehicles out for delivery of produce to your door, local growers often deliver directly.

By purchasing from local farms, you’re supporting family farms and helping reduce their stress. Furthermore, purchasing food that travels less to reach you also reduces carbon emissions.

When purchasing produce, it’s often beneficial to do it locally – whether that means visiting your farmer’s market or grocery store or ordering through The Farmers On Wheels vegetable box service online for delivery direct to your home or office.

Share With Co-Workers

When your box of vegetables goes uneaten, why not share it with co-workers? Get their ideas or recipes, and maybe get some new veggies to add to your menu when the next box arrives? A company called The Farmers On Wheels provides seasonal box deliveries right to your door with customized orders tailored specifically to you and offering snacks as part of their package deal!

If a co-worker’s behavior is bothersome or antagonistic, try approaching them directly about how their actions impact you and how it impedes working relationships. While speaking directly may be uncomfortable, Weisman suggests keeping dialogue relaxed and non-accusatory so as to improve future working relationships between colleagues. By doing so properly, they might respond better and work alongside you in future projects.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks can help to increase energy levels, prevent overeating later in the day and provide essential nutrients such as protein. A balanced diet requires protein for proper functioning.

Keep nutritious snacks around your house to satisfy hunger when hunger strikes quickly – especially if making meals from scratch isn’t possible. Try snacking on raw vegetables such as carrots, celery stalks, snap peas or broccoli for quick and healthy snack options.

Put together a healthy fruit-and-nut combination with natural peanut or almond butter as a well-rounded snack that’s low in calories but high in nutrients – such as nuts or seeds rich with omega-3s that may lower your risk of cardiovascular disease – for an extra dose of heart healthiness!

Find a subscription service offering minimally processed real foods, a wide variety of delicious treats, and flexible service plans for the greatest return. Some snack services even provide customized monthly plans tailored specifically to special diets or healthier eating goals.

Snack Nation provides expertly selected snacks on a budget to your office each month. Their team of specialists curate a selection of brands like Harmless Harvest, KIND Bars and Peet’s Coffee that employees will adore.

For some extra inspiration, take a look at our roundup of healthy snack recipes that are both quick and tasty! From homemade granola bars and popcorn with Sriracha sauce, to movie night treats – there is so much choice!

For an irresistibly satisfying snack, try guacamole! Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and heart-healthy fats, it’s an easy DIY recipe you’ll be devouring in no time! Simply mix in red onion to complete this tasty combination – and you’re off!

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