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Vegetable food delivery services have quickly become an increasing business trend, offering fresh organic produce directly to customers’ doors and serving as an effective means to combat food waste while supporting local farmers.

Some of the top vegetable delivery services specialize in serving small growers, providing boxes full of vegetables and fruits from small farms as well as other food items like quinoa and salad mixes.

The Farmers On Wheels

The Farmers on Wheels program brings fresh, locally-grown produce directly to Bay Area residents. By connecting small family farms with buyers for their produce, it helps reach more people and reduce waste while giving those without time or access to community farmer’s markets a way to enjoy fresh vegetables at any given time.

Carla Bayot, a mother of four who wanted to ensure her children had access to healthy food but couldn’t make it out to farmers markets due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Judy Valvillo (a Watsonville farmer) created a grocery delivery service together in response to this need.

Farmer’s on Wheels operates differently from traditional truck-based distribution, operating instead out of an old school bus that pulls up to various parking lots during the week at various times to accept orders and have volunteers load them onto customers’ cars – customers have the choice between pick-up or home delivery for just $15 donation; as long as demand continues this program will run.

Consumers benefit from an abundance of vegetables delivered directly to their doorstep while farmers earn more in profit due to avoiding online grocery delivery costs and advertising costs. Packaging and transport costs are reduced or eliminated entirely for farmers. This model has been replicated across the country including St. Louis MetroMarket’s mobile market in a retired city bus; Washington D.C’s program as well as Atlanta’s farm to door delivery service.

Farmers on Wheels is expanding its online market beyond Greater Bay Area families to increase market share for smaller farms by keeping their products visible to more people, particularly important for smaller farms that rely heavily on in-person sales for revenue generation. Furthermore, Farmers on Wheels helps eliminate barriers for those unable to travel for various reasons – be it disability, car trouble or simply not wanting to do the shopping themselves.


Instacart is a grocery delivery service that collaborates with supermarkets, pharmacies, supercenters and wholesale club stores to offer convenient orders directly to customer’s homes. Customers can shop and select their delivery time via the Instacart app – then Instacart personal shoppers will pick up and deliver items at their designated delivery timeframe.

Instacart services were essential during the COVID-19 lockdown for millions of people. Overall order volume increased more than 300% while average customer baskets rose 25%. To meet growing customer demands, Instacart added gig workers as new shoppers joined its community; additionally its Fast & Flexible feature enabled faster deliveries with more windows open up for pickup.

To take advantage of Instacart’s service, it is necessary to open an account with them by providing your name, address, phone number and payment information. In addition, you must agree with their terms and conditions that can be found within their app and check delivery status online to make sure your groceries have arrived and that their shopper has arrived at your house.

Instacart requires its shoppers to adhere to a comprehensive food safety protocol in order to guarantee your groceries arrive fresh. They must inspect each item prior to being delivered, check expiration dates and wear protective clothing such as gloves and masks while handling products; in addition to this they are required to wash their hands after handling each product and use hand sanitizer before and after collecting and delivering your groceries.

Instacart’s shopper network consists of independent contractors hired as personal shoppers for the company and paid according to each order cost; their earnings are calculated based on this cost, with earnings often being higher than traditional grocery store employee wages. In addition to these earnings, Instacart charges a flat delivery fee. Based on your purchase, additional charges may apply such as heavy or high priority products as well as alcohol service fee which covers ID verification and compliant delivery services.


Misfits Market is a food delivery service offering conventional and organic fruit and vegetables as well as pantry items, meat, fish, and dairy products to customers across over 20 states in America – including many “food deserts”. Based out of Pennsauken in New Jersey, Misfits Market serves customers from more than two dozen locations.

Misfits Market was established with the goal of reducing food waste. Its founders were inspired by a visit to a farm where produce rejected because of cosmetic imperfections such as blemishes or bruises was being wasted, yet perfectly edible and ready for consumption despite not meeting grocery store or farmers market aesthetic criteria. Misfits Market works with local farms to purchase these rejected fruits and vegetables at discounted rates before selling them back at retail to consumers.

Misfits Market stands apart from its competition by not charging for either products or delivery services, although there is a minimum order requirement and flat shipping fee of $4.50. Subscription boxes are distributed each week between Tuesday and Saturday – customers can choose the day that they would like their box delivered when signing up or alter it later.

Misfits Market sources their food from partner farms, typically organic. Their meat selection features grass-fed beef and free range non GMO chicken. In addition, Misfits Market provides information on each farm or company from which it sources its animal products.

Misfits Market competes with similar food waste reduction services such as Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest in offering “ugly” produce at discounted rates, though their offerings do not compare with Misfits Market’s breadth of selection and delivery coverage in rural areas. Furthermore, Misfits Perks – their loyalty program offering rewards based on purchases – gives members incentives for shopping there!

Fresh Direct

FreshDirect operates as a grocery delivery service from distribution centers rather than retail stores. Their offerings include meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables from local farmers, as well as packaged foods. Fresh Direct offers various delivery options such as same-day deliveries across New York State as well as parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. Furthermore, through a partnership agreement with Whole Foods customers can purchase items directly without incurring shipping fees.

Jason Ackerman, David McInerney and former Fairway CEO Joe Fedele established this company in 1999 in Long Island City, New York. Since then it has expanded into seven states with its delivery service offering high-quality food at competitive prices as well as flexible delivery schedules and payment methods.

FreshDirect stands out from its rivals by operating a centralized distribution center where orders are processed and packaged before being sent out for delivery. Furthermore, FreshDirect’s mobile application enables customers to easily select products and schedule deliveries – an ideal solution for people without enough time or energy to shop themselves. With such convenient services available online or at stores nationwide, freshDirect stands out as an attractive alternative choice.

FreshDirect has struggled to compete with Amazon in the past, but recent improvements are helping it regain market share. They’ve adjusted their delivery schedule while improving their customer service department – now offering free delivery on orders of $35 or more and even offering hotel deliveries where allowed. They have implemented an item replacement system so customers can report missing items immediately and have them replaced quickly.

As part of their brand refresh, FreshDirect has repositioned itself around “the joy of good food.” Their new campaign showcases urban families enjoying quality, speed, and convenience thanks to FreshDirect – with digital out-of-home and direct mail supporting it in its core New York City market.

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