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If you’re looking to eat healthily and deliciously but don’t have time to prepare food yourself, delivery services for vegetables might be your perfect solution. These companies source imperfect but high-quality produce from farms around the country, reducing food waste while saving you money in the process.

These women-led businesses offer both small and large fruit and veggie boxes with weekly subscription options. Additionally, they add on sourdough loaves from North Melbourne’s Bread Club, free-range eggs, Aussie wine, beer, as well as other treats.

What’s in your box?

Vegetable subscription boxes typically provide a selection of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only do they provide more produce in your diet, but they can also be an interesting way to try different kinds of foods.

Customize your box based on the types of produce you prefer. You also have control over how often it will be delivered and can cancel at any time. Many services also provide other products like meat, dairy products, snacks and jams.

When selecting a vegetable subscription service, the most essential factor to consider is one that delivers locally and organically. Doing so helps support local farmers while reducing food waste.

Misfits Market is another viable option; they select produce that has been rejected by grocery stores due to minor flaws (like scarring and discoloring) and sells it online to online shoppers. Their mission is to reduce food waste while helping those struggling to eat.

This Central California farm specializes in local, seasonal organic produce and ships to the West Coast. Their weekly produce box comes prefilled with what’s in season that week; you can customize it for $2 more for an additional fee.

They offer a biweekly option for those who want every-other-week delivery, plus you can skip a week as needed. In addition to groceries and snacks, they carry responsibly sourced meat and seafood items as well.

Their fruit or veggie box comes in various sizes, from $30 to $80. You’ll receive both conventional and organic produce, plus their menu changes weekly with seasonal options. Furthermore, they provide a free trial membership as well as a money-back guarantee.

How much does it cost?

There are several ways to access fresh produce. One option is subscribing to a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm. This is an excellent way to support local farmers and have organic veggies delivered right to your door each week.

Another option is signing up for a vegetable box delivery service. These boxes typically contain various fruits and vegetables picked from local farms throughout the week, including various greens as well as larger produce items like tomatoes, peppers, squash. You may even find some snacks you wouldn’t normally find at your regular grocery store!

Most people opt for produce delivery services out of convenience. Having your vegetables delivered directly to your door can save time and ensure you eat only top-notch produce.

Some of the most popular produce delivery services include Misfits, Hungry Harvest and Farmer Jones Farm. The former offers a rotating selection of top products while Farmer Jones Farm provides organic fruit and veggies on a weekly basis via subscription service. While there are many other smaller services that provide unique offerings, these three stand out for their convenience and value.

What’s the delivery time like?

In an effort to reduce food waste, some Melbourne-based delivery services are revamping how they source fruits and veggies. These boxes snag undersized or blemished produce from farmers instead of seeing it sold at grocery stores for less than its worth – especially important since up to 40% of Australian produce never makes it into supermarkets due to grading systems that focus on appearance rather than taste or nutritional value. Some delivery boxes donate meals to those in need while others support local farmers while reducing carbon emissions by not using fossil fuels during transport.

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