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Home chefs, foodies who can’t get enough of a Thai curry or those looking to reduce supermarket trips should all find success with veggie delivery boxes as an easy way to add fresh produce into their weekly diets.

Organic delivery companies in the UK provide fresh seasonal veg in a convenient bag to your door, making healthy eating at home easy and budget friendly. Here is our selection of the best veggie boxes to suit every taste and budget – no matter your preference or preference!

Riverford Organic

Riverford Organic delivers around 70,000 organic vegetable boxes each week across the UK to people who share its environmental and ethical principles. As one of the first veg box companies in the UK, they have been employee owned since June 2018.

Riverford Organic strives to minimise its environmental footprint, cutting plastic usage by 21 tonnes annually and using either home compostable or paper-based packaging instead of any other type of plastic. Furthermore, all delivery drivers employed by Riverford Organic will all drive 100% electric cars by 2025.

Riverford Organic’s Impact Business Model strives to achieve positive outcomes for its stakeholders – employees, customers and the community. This is done through initiatives such as sustainability education and guided tours at its Wash Farm in Buckfastleigh, which allow students to experience what it’s like working on an environmentally friendly farm firsthand.

This employee-owned company boasts two-star Best Companies accreditation, B Corp certification and a place on this year’s Escape 100 list. Furthermore, they are proud members of the Sustainable Business Network.

Buckfastleigh-based company, currently employs 867 personnel with an increase of 21% over last year’s staff level. Its adjusted EBITDA stands at PS13M.

Keveral Farm

Keveral Farm is an organic farmers’ cooperative in St Martin-by-Looe, Cornwall that delivers veggie boxes to residents throughout South East Cornwall. Established in 1997, this community-driven initiative continues to thrive today.

This business is run by a small team of self-employed growers and offers an impressive selection of produce – vegetables, fruit, soft fruits, herbs and more. You can select from various boxes with varying amounts of veggies included; some offer more vegetables than others.

Keveral Farm was established in 1997 with a passion for environmental preservation and an ambition to live more sustainably. Nowadays, they boast numerous eco-friendly technologies like solar panels, wind turbines and biogas digesters.

They boast some remarkable innovations, like a vertical garden that allows farmers to grow more crops using less water.

According to the company, “The veg box scheme has been an incredible opportunity for our local organic farmers to reach those in the community who might otherwise not have access to their produce. This is particularly helpful for those living in rural areas who face difficulty accessing nutritious food on their doorstep.”

Keveral has been a top seller for several years now, and their recent redesign made ordering easier than ever.


Natoora is a produce delivery service that sources from small-scale growers in New York and New Jersey. They provide seasonal subscriptions for fresh produce, sustainably produced dairy, and charcuterie with minimal packaging while adhering to environmental principles.

The company has become a leader in the vegetable box market and offers various boxes. Their main focus is organic produce. You can also subscribe for recipe boxes where you get to select recipes using ingredients included in your box.

There are plenty of options to choose from, and you have the power to veto up to 10 items if not satisfied. The app features a ‘newsfeed’ which displays what’s available each week; additionally, you can view the weight of each item in your box.

We were particularly delighted with the quality of the produce. Unlike some other veg boxes, this one does not use plastic packaging and the vegetables were fresh and vibrant.

Established in 2003, Natoora has since blossomed into an esteemed produce company that supplies restaurants and supermarkets throughout London and Paris. Their app allows users to choose from an extensive selection of fruits, vegetables, deli items, as well as dry goods.

If you’re looking to try some of these innovative vegetable boxes, Turnips Essentials Box is a great option from family-run wholesaler and retailer Turnips of Borough Market. Not only does this box contain an impressive selection of vegetables fit for an elite restaurant, but you won’t find many unusual ingredients at your local supermarket either.


Oddbox is a social enterprise on a mission to prevent perfectly healthy fruits and vegetables from going to waste. Statistics show that an incredible 33% of food produced in the UK is wasted before it even leaves the farm, simply because it doesn’t ‘look right’.

Odd Box is a subscription service that delivers rescued fruit and vegetables to its subscribers. They source produce from farms in the UK that would otherwise go to waste, then deliver it in boxes to their customers.

Its mission is to reduce food waste and assist British farmers in making a living from their produce. Furthermore, the company makes an environmental impact by reducing CO2 emissions and conserving water when it delivers boxes overnight.

Oddbox, a food waste fighting startup that is expanding rapidly, is supported by Mercia and the Northern Venture Capital Trust Funds (VCTs). Their business model utilizes technology to identify farmers in the UK who have excess produce that would otherwise go to waste.

The company strives to offer customers a diverse selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, offering seasonal British staples, trial varieties and excess produce. All orders are delivered directly to customers’ doors in boxes that can be either weekly or fortnightly depending on availability.

Employers can benefit from this program by purchasing fruit and vegetables in bulk for their employees to enjoy at work. Not only does this reduce food waste, but it also enhances team satisfaction levels at the same time.

Milk & More

Milk & More is one of the UK’s largest doorstep milk delivery services, owned and operated by Muller since 2015 when they acquired Dairy Crest. Their national team of milkmen and women deliver more than 100m pints of fresh milk in glass bottles every week across England.

In an effort to meet consumer preferences, the service has introduced oat, almond and soya milks. Furthermore, it offers organic groceries, artisanal bread as well as fruit and vegetables from small suppliers.

Vegetarian delivery boxes are an excellent way to encourage healthy eating and meet your five-a-day requirement. These boxes come with various tastes and diets in mind, which can be tailored according to individual preferences.

Natoora offers a weekly box of hyper-seasonal produce that changes each week, featuring delicious ingredients like showy pink radicchio, purple sprouting broccoli and blood oranges.

Fine Food Specialists provides an appealing and varied selection of seasonal vegetables, including some unusual quality organic items that our panel was particularly pleased with. Unlike many veggie delivery boxes which arrive loose on a wooden crate, this offering is securely packed inside a sheep wool liner to maintain freshness until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Milk & More has joined forces with cleantech startup Again to enable up to three million items to be reused. The collaboration aims to make recycling packaging items that would otherwise go waste easier and more convenient for consumers.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic is the UK’s largest organic supermarket chain. With an expansive e-commerce department and staff of approximately 420 people, their mission is to promote healthy living and nutritious food.

Planet Organic offers a vast selection of products, such as natural food and drinks, health and beauty items, household goods, and more. Furthermore, Planet Organic provides subscription options so customers can stay organized with their grocery shopping and have organic groceries delivered right to their door.

Fruit and vegetable boxes are an effective way to save money, reduce carbon emissions and minimize plastic waste. These services source fresh produce from various farms that have all been certified organic by a third-party organization.

Misfits Market, for instance, rescues imperfect or cosmetically blemished produce that would otherwise go undetected by mainstream stores and offers it directly to customers at up to 40% off the regular price.

Oddbox is another veggie box service dedicated to minimizing food waste. They ethically source fruits and vegetables from hundreds of fairly paid farmers and suppliers across America, with deliveries made overnight in recyclable packaging for maximum environmental impact.

In addition to their range of fruit and vegetable delivery boxes, the company also offers a juicing box that contains farm-fresh organic fruits and vegetables for those looking to juice. This product includes nine different organic produce items that have been sustainably sourced.

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