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veg boxes near me

Vegetables are an integral component of a healthy diet, packed with essential fiber, vitamins, and minerals that may also help protect against free radical damage that causes diseases.

Vegetable boxes offer an easy and cost-effective way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, without needing to go out and buy them individually from a supermarket. Plus, it adds variety to meals!

Farm to People

Farm to People is an online grocery delivery service in New York that supports non-GMO regenerative farming practices and animal welfare. Their wide range of organic, artisanal products is devoted to these efforts with half of each food dollar going directly back into farmers and makers’ pockets.

Produce CSAs from these providers come in all shapes and sizes, and are delivered throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Their offerings include organic local produce as well as meat and dairy. In addition, they carry specialty products like baked goods, cheese, condiments, cooking ingredients, deli meats/charcuterie/beverages.

As well as their veg boxes, they also offer a Tasting Box which brings monthly packages of artisanal products from independent producers ranging from baked goods, nut butters, cheeses, honey/maple syrup/pickles/granola and much more – perfect for sampling!

On weekends, Farm to People will open its new restaurant in Bushwick offering food focused around local, regenerative and organic produce; along with natural wine, dollar oysters and craft beer on tap. The space formerly home to Brooklyn Cider House opens for business this weekend with reserved seating on Friday & Saturday from noon-3 PM as well as open seating Sunday through Thursday (or earlier for members only).

At first glance, this space may look like just another warehouse; but on weekends it comes alive as an intimate kitchen and bar where customers can sample carefully selected food and beverages that have an intriguing backstory.

Bushwick Daily readers can take advantage of this special package to receive either a complimentary Small Seasonal Produce Box, or $25 off their regular box with code THRIVE in their order to take advantage of this deal.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole is a UK-based organic food delivery service offering weekly vegetable and fruit boxes as well as bread, milk and meat products to thousands of homes nationwide.

Organic ingredients provide customers with something delicious to explore every week, while the company is very conscious about environmental concerns, with initiatives in place to encourage people to tread more gently on our planet.

Their goal is to encourage individuals to make healthy lifestyle decisions for a more sustainable world, with organic principles being at the core of everything they do; employees and suppliers can rest easy knowing all their produce is 100% certified organic.

Since Abel & Cole began business in 1988, they have taken great care to source and produce food ethically and sustainably. They do this by working closely with suppliers to promote organic methods while simultaneously reducing waste production and packing products in ways that support the environment.

In January this year, Abel & Cole introduced its Club Zero initiative whereby all single-use packaging from select pantry items has been eliminated – such as plastic bags – in favour of refillable pots known as VIPs for your convenience.

VIPs (Reusable Individual Plastic Packagings) can be returned at any time for reuse and are an effective way to reduce single-use plastic. Abel & Cole has already reduced the amount of single-use plastic they use during deliveries as a result, so these reusability bags make an excellent way to minimize environmental impact.

Milk & More

Milk & More, an online supermarket, has expanded their core milk offering with fresh groceries and pantry essentials. Furthermore, they are an industry leader when it comes to selling artisanal bread, organic groceries, household products and artisanal bread.

While their primary product remains milk, the company recently expanded their offerings with plant-based dairy alternatives such as oat and almond milks to meet increasing consumer demand for plant-based milks. Furthermore, they aim to minimize plastic waste by collecting glass bottles collected from doorsteps for reuse in its CleanCell micro-cleaning process.

Boxxfresh helps reduce plastic waste by offering customisable vegetable boxes tailored to meet your individual needs – choosing from 13 items (PS17), 60 portions (PS33), seasonal offerings from local farms or both!

Your apartment complex also offers delivery boxes of groceries at PS12 per week – however you need to plan for any waste of food as this service requires meal planning in advance.

This service is ideal for anyone wanting to consume more fruits and vegetables but struggles to obtain them because of limited time or transportation availability. Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries; even add on ready meals and crisps if you desire an additional food boost!

Organic produce is provided, and they pride themselves on offering an innovative veto system allowing up to ten items from each box to be removed for fresher produce and greater choice. They also offer a plastic pick-up service which collects hard-to-recycle plastics such as baby wipe wrappers from customers’ homes for recycling.

Turnips of Borough Market

Markets are bustling hubs of activity, particularly early in the morning when traders sell wholesale produce and meat to traders selling fresh local food such as delicious burgers or curries. You’re sure to find your perfect bite in there too.

Turnips of Borough Market, a vegetable-focused restaurant from longstanding fruit and veg trader Turnips, recently made its debut in Borough Market culinary scene. Open weekly from Thursday to Sunday for dining purposes at Turnips’ stall location, Turnips of Borough Market serves up fresh vegetables daily to all who visit it!

Tomas Lidakevicius, former executive chef at Jason Atherton’s City Social restaurant in London, oversees the kitchens here – operating out of an upcycled shipping container kitchen. Each evening he serves small plates as well as an elegant six-course tasting menu (PS65 per person).

This restaurant specializing in vegetarian cuisine serves seasonal modern dishes inspired by microseasonality and British produce.

Food here is delicious and there’s a lovely atmosphere at this restaurant, not to mention that staff members are friendly – truly an unforgettable experience to dine at such an iconic location!

Turnips’ chefs are passionate about their ingredients and service is impeccable! I had an unforgettable tasting menu lunch experience and highly recommend it to all my friends; and plan to return soon myself.

Tomas Lidakevicius, former Executive Chef at Jason Atherton’s London restaurant City Social, will open a vegetable-centric eatery at London’s historic Borough Market with Turnips owner Charlie Foster as his partner.


Eversfield Organic is a family-run farm in Devon, England that delivers locally produced organic meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy to homes throughout the UK. Established by Mark Bury and his children Hamish and Anna, Eversfield Organic prides itself on producing high-quality produce in an environmentally responsible manner.

Eversfield offers an assortment of boxes to meet all of your needs, including essential, variety and artisanal bread boxes. Additionally, there’s even a wonky veg box which offers the chance to rescue odd bits of produce that would otherwise go to waste by traditional supermarkets.

Wonky vegetables are packed in plastic-free, compostable boxes that are recyclable at home or sent back to Eversfield. Once delivered to you, these compostable and recyclable bins can then be recycled at Eversfield or recycled as part of recycling initiatives in your neighborhood.

They offer mixed veg and meat boxes, making shopping easier without making an additional trip to the supermarket. These are especially helpful if you’re flexitarian as they allow you to reduce meat purchases while emphasizing more vegetables instead.

Their selection of fresh produce is equally impressive, boasting seasonal varieties that are firm and delicious. If you require additional goods they offer cheeses, dairy products and pantry essentials as well.

Riverford organic veg boxes are highly sought-after for their seasonal selection and wide range of boxes; each made of recycled materials. Food certified organic by Soil Association can also be found here, while there’s even an option without plastic, saving 21 tonnes yearly! Their prices are competitive while delivery service extends across many areas – plus, Riverford offers multiple boxes so customers can mix-and-match selections according to season!

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