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If you’re vegetarian or vegan, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the same food options as your meat-eating friends. Though dining out may seem intimidating at first, there are plenty of excellent places around Boston where you can satisfy your appetite – from Newbury Street ramen shops to locally sourced tasting menu destinations in Harvard Square.

Subzi Mandi

Subzi Mandi in Jackson Heights is the perfect vegetable shop near me to stock your pantry with essential ingredients for delicious Indian dishes. They offer an impressive selection of samosas, khamun dhokla and other fresh Indian snacks as well as farm-to-table vegetables.

At this store, you’re sure to find all of your cooking needs – from spices and oils to drinks! Stop in today to stock up on essential items!

At Subzi Mandi in Jackson Heights, the staff is the most important aspect of any grocery store – friendly and helpful! That means you’ll receive excellent customer service every time you shop there!

Another advantage of this veg shop near me is its ideal location. It’s within walking distance from the metro station, as well as numerous restaurants and shops in the surrounding area.

If you’re searching for the cheapest vegetarian shop with the widest range of products, Subzi Mandi is your go-to! Here you’ll find everything from chapati flour to rice flour, curry powder and other essentials at unbeatable prices.

At Indian Food Exchange, you’ll find some of the best deals on Indian cuisine and specialty items like fresh samosas and khamun dhokla – making your next dinner party even more unforgettable!

Aside from the extensive produce selection, you’ll also find frozen foods and convenience items like milk, juice and pasta. Furthermore, there’s an impressive range of coffee and tea choices so that you can stay refreshed while on-the-go.

Subzi Mandi offers the widest selection of vegetables near me, but none quite compares to its selection at Subzi Mandi. Here, you’ll find unique and one-of-a kind food and drink items – make sure you stop by soon to check it out!


Grasshopper has been a beloved staple in Boston’s Allston community since 2009. They offer a meat-free pan-Asian menu with dishes like crispy taro nests or fried eggplant with chilies and green chiles – making it an ideal destination for families seeking an alternative to fast food.

In addition to its extensive menu of vegetarian dishes, Grasshopper also offers vegan soft-serve ice cream and an impressive selection of drinks – from coffee to beer. It’s the perfect spot for a casual lunch or an evening out with friends.

Though Grasshopper is user-friendly, the service may not be perfect for all businesses. That being said, Grasshopper remains a good choice for small businesses searching for an inexpensive yet straightforward phone system.

Web-based interface makes it simple to add or remove extensions and customize plan features from any modern browser. Plus, you can manage call forwarding, customize greetings, and configure users with their roles.

You can use the mobile app to make and receive calls through your Grasshopper line, as well as view call history. It’s an efficient way to stay on top of who’s calling when so that you don’t miss any important conversations.

Finally, both Grasshopper’s web and mobile interfaces are free to use. That means you won’t be charged extra for support or training – although having that feature still provides a nice benefit to have.

Grasshopper offers a mobile-first learning approach to programming, and was one of the first apps designed specifically for iPhone users. It’s an ideal option for those interested in programming but aren’t quite ready to enter formal classroom settings yet.

Dosa House

Dosa House is a great vegetarian shop near me that offers mouthwatering South Indian food at great value. Their sambar and masala dosa are particularly satisfying, while they have other Indian options like idli, vada, rice, and more to choose from as well.

Dosa is a traditional South Indian pancake made with fermented rice and lentils. It’s served with various chutneys and side dishes, making them popular in India for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This vegetarian shop near me offers an expansive menu, featuring various varieties of dosa such as idli, sambar, chaat and more. They also carry an impressive selection of desi drinks and desserts to finish it off.

We love this restaurant for their generous, buttery dosas. Made with only fresh, high-quality ingredients, they are perfectly crispy and cooked through.

For vegetarians, try the potato or rava dosa with black mustard seeds. Our favorite is the podi-dusted rice-and-lentil dosa; it is filled with soft masala potatoes and generous dollops of podi on top, giving it an irresistibly tasty interior.

Pondicherry Dosa: This spicy dish is packed with potatoes, green chilies and boondi (powdered rice). It may not have the same taste as your typical curry dosa but it still provides plenty of satisfaction.

We enjoyed the dosas with an array of chutneys, especially the tamarind and coconut varieties.

This veggie shop near me is a must-stop for anyone searching for an authentic Indian restaurant in Bellevue. They have an array of dosa items and you can order them with various chutneys; they also make delicious rice pudding and sambar dishes.

Taco Party

Taco Party was the brainchild of a group of foodies. Established in 2015, their physical location offers vegan-friendly tacos with plant proteins like seitan, tempeh or tofu as well as rotating specials like nachos, Mexican brown rice, chips and guacamole.

This vegetarian shop provides a one-stop shop for quality grub with friends and family. Utilizing the latest kitchen appliances, they’re able to craft delicious dishes. Plus, they have an impressive selection of craft beer as well as a no-booze bar that has plenty of seating for everyone. So if you’re searching for the best veggie shop in Salt Lake City, look no further – this is it!

Koshari Mama

Koshari Mama, a vegan-leaning Egyptian street food shop near me, may seem like an oddity, but this mother-daughter team is passionate about their cuisine. Opened last November at what used to be Moroccan Hospitality Restaurant in an inviting and homey space, the fusion eatery offers vegan-friendly Egyptian street food that won’t break your budget.

Ahmed and her daughter Dina are bringing a bit of their family heritage to Boston through food. Already, the mother-daughter duo has operated popups around town, but Koshari Mama will be their first full-blown brick-and-mortar venture.

On the menu are eggplant rice bowls and sandwiches; mushroom shawarma sandwich in a pita wrap with tahini sauce; salads; lentil soups; as well as an array of sides. In addition, there will be be beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and tea served at this establishment.

Koshari (also spelled ko shary or kushari) is an easy, affordable way to enjoy a nutritious and filling meal. Egypt’s national dish, known as koshari (also spelled ko shary or kushari), is made with lentils, macaroni noodles and rice and topped with cumin-scented tomato sauce and fried onions in various flavors.

If you’re new to Egyptian street food, I suggest starting with a Koshari bowl. They come in sizes from eight to 32 ounces and the dish is best enjoyed with their Spicy Mama sauce – an intense vinegar-based condiment packed with garlic.

This delectable combination of sauteed mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions seasoned with in-house shawerma seasoning is served on a sub roll or as a pita wrap at Lggy’s Restaurant.

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