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If you want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, there are a variety of subscription services dedicated to providing fresh produce right to your door. Some offer more customization than others but all provide fresh fruits and veggies delivered right when they need it!

Abel & Cole offers one of the top organic veggie boxes on the market, providing local produce from small farms while employing sustainable farming practices – both environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient!

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole are one of the UK’s premier providers of organic, ethically sourced food. Offering products ranging from fruit & veg, meat & fish, dairy products, bakery goods & drinks through to house hold goods; Abel & Cole offer something for every meal and occasion!

This business model enacts sustainability into every facet of its operations, such as minimal packaging and low carbon emissions. Their goal is to make sustainable shopping easy for consumers, offering superior quality products at low prices.

Abel & Cole offers weekly fruit and veg box subscriptions filled with produce from reliable growers, offering both versatile staples as well as seasonal delights such as star fruits or leafy greens that might otherwise go unseen. Plus, their innovative Fruit & Veg Box Swaps make it easy to customize your box so that it contains even more of what makes you happy!

Abel & Cole stands out among their competitors by prioritizing environmental conservation and sustainability in everything they do. Ample evidence of their dedication can be seen through their One Box, One Portion initiative where a portion of produce from each sold box goes toward supporting local charities in need.

These facilities use renewable energy sources and collaborate with suppliers to reduce waste production, all with an aim to provide their customers with organic food of superior value and quality at the best possible value.

Abel & Cole offers convenient and cost-effective services that are great for busy families. Plus they have special deals to help save you money, such as free recipes or multibuy offers that help cut costs or money off certain products!

Make shopping easier with Abel & Cole by leveraging their app. With it you can add items, pause or skip orders, create favourites and browse their company blog to gain inspiration and learn about organic foods’ many advantages.

Abel & Cole pride themselves on operating sustainably, and their commitment to protecting the environment is one of the primary reasons that they remain so popular among their customers. Abel & Cole are members of the Climate Emergency Project and continuously work on ways to enhance their environmental practices; one such effort includes using less delivery vehicles and shipping products in boxes rather than plastic bags.

Milk & More

Milk & More is one of the UK’s premier milk delivery services, providing homes and businesses across the UK with access to products including oat, almond and soya milk as well as organic groceries, artisanal breads and fruit and vegetables from small suppliers.

In 2015, Muller purchased Dairy Crest and successfully returned it to profitability. They successfully revived a business that had been on decline for four decades and signed up 175,000 new online customers drawn by their offer of having 90% of pints delivered in glass bottles.

Customers of Target are shifting towards more sustainable shopping habits, with sales of plant-based milk growing by 33% year over year. Oat milk in particular has become immensely popular; representing 75% of non-dairy sales.

Cleantech startup Again’s partnership with dairy suppliers promises to reduce shoppers’ consumption of plastic packaging while strengthening their environmental credentials. Again will sort, clean, de-label and dry the material that would have otherwise gone directly to landfill – before sending it back for refilling and reuse by brands.

Again is working with Milk & More to increase its zero waste packaging offering, which currently accounts for 80% of items they sell, making it easier for consumers to switch over to reusable bottles and containers. The partnership also serves to meet the government ban on single-use plastics which takes effect October 1.

Milk & More will expand their existing zero waste packaging range, including glass milk bottles and reusable coffee cups, with this partnership. Furthermore, there will also be food wraps to extend shelf life for sandwiches or snacks that need wrapping up for easier transporting.

Since the government’s recent ban of single-use plastics from shops, restaurants, and schools, it is vitally important for shoppers to seek ways to limit their usage of this material. Milk & More have joined forces with Again so as to repurpose up to three million pieces of packaging – saving millions from going straight into landfill!

Earth & Wheat

Earth & Wheat, the world’s first “wonky bread” subscription business, recently unveiled their brand-new wonky biscuit box to further their mission of food rescue and reduce waste. Working alongside Amazon allows Earth & Wheat to expand their reach worldwide so people from every corner of the planet can taste more of what Earth has to offer!

Earth & Wheat was established by 21-year-old James Eid in March 2021 as a response to the rising number of wonky items being discarded, offering various bread and veg boxes including their Wonky Bread Box that includes crumpets, tortillas and other bakery goodies that would normally have been binned due to strict supermarket standards.

Wonky Vegetable Box was also introduced as part of their range to give customers access to delicious seasonal vegetables from sustainable farms throughout the UK, while helping cut plastic usage whilst still enjoying delicious meals!

Treetop Biopak, which specialises in compostable packaging, has joined forces to make their boxes as sustainable as possible. Their new bags are water resistant and will disintegrate after 12 weeks before fully biodegrading into carbon dioxide (CO2), water, and biomass – they are certified according to OK Home Compost and EN/13432 standards, so will biodegrade in your own compost pile!

The company is also unveiling a brand refresh, including a new logo and website, to keep their customers abreast of what’s new. Veg boxes will now be offered weekly, fortnightly and every three weeks; any subscription can be paused or cancelled at any time.


If you want to support local farmers while also reducing waste from unfit produce, a veg box may be the perfect way to do both. By cutting out middlemen and supporting smaller farms with limited funds or resources who struggle to market their produce directly themselves.

Riverford has been offering organic vegetables and meat boxes since 1987. Their service works by connecting customers to local farms to give them fresh, organic produce that they can order whenever they choose; small, medium, large boxes as well as meal recipe boxes are available so you can cook delicious organic meals!

Vegetables come packed in sturdy boxes, while meat comes insulated to remain at an ideal temperature until you can place it into your fridge. In addition, you have the option of selecting either a reusable carrier bag or plastic for delivery.

Riverford has long been one of our favourite food companies because they show such dedication to supporting local farmers. Furthermore, Riverford works closely with food charity FareShare SouthWest to offer free veg boxes to struggling families – an incredible idea and one which provides essential support to farmers coping with rising living costs. We applaud Riverford’s ongoing dedication in this way!

Contrary to other box schemes, ours doesn’t impose a minimum order and you can customize your selection from items in season at the time of purchase. It’s an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with new vegetables while finding what works for your body!

If you haven’t experienced it already, check it out if you haven’t. Their fresh produce and meat last about five days in your fridge before going bad, making this an economical option that doesn’t worry you about them spoiling!

Riverford stands out amongst competitors because of their commitment to helping reduce waste in supermarkets, and I applaud them for this noble cause. Not only can people save money while eating healthier, but reducing plastic usage helps make our world better for future generations.

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