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veg box delivery near me

If you’re fed up with searching through supermarkets to find vegetables that look fresh, there are plenty of veg box delivery services to try. Most offer subscription-based services that deliver fresh produce directly to your door each week or bi-weekly.

The service rescues produce that’s too small or irregular to be sold in major grocery stores. The vegetables come from farms across the UK and beyond.


Misfits is one of the nation’s premier produce delivery services, providing a vast selection of grocery items sourced from farms and food hubs nationwide. It provides both organic and non-organic options.

This service helps reduce food waste by reselling items that supermarkets and other outlets might discard due to oversupply, packaging changes or approaching best-by dates. It also sells organic and non-GMO fruits, vegetables, pantry staples, dairy products, wine, and meats.

Our mission is to provide the public with fresh, high-quality foods while decreasing food waste at farms and promoting a circular economy where no food goes to waste. This helps reduce landfill food waste and save farmers money.

Misfits Market’s sustainability initiatives include donating 10% of profits to nonprofits that advocate for environmental conservation and reducing food waste. Furthermore, they encourage customers to purchase local organic produce whenever possible.

Established in 2018, this company has seen remarkable success since then, expanding rapidly to deliver to 48 states plus Washington, D.C. and prevent over 228 million pounds of imperfect produce from going to waste.

The company primarily sources produce that may have slight flaws, such as larger than usual fruits and veggies or color differences; however, the quality remains excellent. Prices on their fruits and veggies usually fall between 40%-50% off grocery store prices, making them an excellent way to stock up on produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Produce selection and availability are seasonal, changing weekly. Therefore, it’s essential to check the website a few days before your delivery in case certain items such as citrus or strawberries may not be available every week.

Aside from produce, the service also carries dry goods (like olive oil and flour), dairy products, snacks, and more. All ingredients used in the service come from farmers with sustainable practices.

The minimum order requirement is $30, which includes cold-packable items like cheese and meats. Once your cart reaches this amount, you’ll receive notification to complete your order and receive it in the mail – you can pause or cancel at any time. Deliveries are handled through FedEx or LaserShip with a flat shipping fee of $5.50; an affordable rate for this type of service.

Farmer Jones Farm

Farmer Jones Farm, located in Huron, Ohio, is a second-generation family farm that supplies nutritious produce to restaurants and home chefs alike. Their regenerative farming practices promote soil and crop health; they offer both one-time purchases as well as subscription services for customers.

From their website, you can order a box of fruits and vegetables including beets, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, iceberg lettuce, carrots, peppers and more – all delivered right to your door! It’s an ideal option if you want fresh organic produce delivered directly to your doorstep.

The service also offers subscription boxes with items such as honey, coffee, jams, kimchi and kombucha. This is an ideal way to ensure your family has access to nutritious foods while being convenient if you’re always on-the-go or don’t have time for grocery shopping.

Imperfect Foods specializes in delivering organic, certified-organic and GMO-free vegetables and other grocery items to consumers across America. They source produce that major stores cannot sell due to scarring, surplus or cosmetic blemishes and ship it directly to customers at up to 40% off its regular price – giving customers access to healthier alternatives at home.

Vegetable box delivery near me is an ideal way to connect with local farmers and promote sustainable agriculture. By joining a subscription service, farmers can sell their produce to many customers while receiving payment for each sale made.

Furthermore, these businesses can help re-build relationships with customers, creating a more intimate experience than traditional supermarket shopping. Doing this promotes brand loyalty and trust which ultimately results in more sales down the line.

Misfits Market is a local veggie box delivery service that sources organic produce from small-scale farmers who may go unnoticed by larger supermarkets. This business finds items major stores can’t carry, such as onions that are too small or squash with odd shapes, and ships them directly to you at up to 40% off their regular price – perfect for last minute holiday gifts!

The company offers a selection of meats, dairy products and specialty items such as jams, honey, hummus and teas. Their mission is to “support and grow a local, sustainable food economy.”

Farm to People

Farm to People is a food delivery service that strives to bring you fresh produce from small farms across America. You can select from subscriptions that focus on certain types of produce (like microgreens or all organic items), or create your own custom box by adding additional grocery products.

This company sources produce from nearby farms and works directly with farmers to guarantee it follows sustainable and organic practices. Their vegetables are grown without artificial fertilizers or pesticides, while they strive to minimize their environmental footprint by using solar power and regenerative irrigation methods.

Vegetables come in convenient pre-packaged boxes that are easy to open and customize, making it perfect for busy families. Plus, there’s a great selection of add-ons like honey, coffee and artisan bread to complete your meal prep experience.

Though not exclusively organic, this produce is a step above what you’ll find at your local supermarket. It has been certified organic by an external third party and farmers adhere to eco-friendly practices such as efficient irrigation, recycling and reusing plastics, and using local fertilizers.

Our testers found this veg box to be an excellent value, with fresh produce of superior quality at great value for money. Kiwis arrived in perfect condition, aubergines were large enough for veggie lasagne and grapefruit were as juicy as one would expect from a summer fruit salad. Overall, our testers were highly impressed by what this veg box had to offer at such great value.

This produce delivery service helps you save money by salvaging produce that is “imperfect.” Instead of sending you a random assortment of grocery items, the company collects all leftover produce from its network of wholesalers and farms and ships it out in subscription boxes for your convenience.

Subscription boxes are an excellent way to explore new foods you might not otherwise purchase in the grocery store and support farmers growing produce organically. Plus, for every subscription box purchased, the company donates produce to a nearby food pantry in need.

Vegetables are delivered in recyclable packaging that helps to reduce waste, and there’s a four-day window for you to customize your premade box before it ships out. You can also add on other products like local coffee or rotating artisan bread deliveries.

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is an online grocery delivery service that offers a wide range of fresh items. It’s perfect for those with little time to go shopping or living in areas where fresh produce may be hard to come by.

This company specializes in fresh, local foods and is known for their outstanding customer service. Additionally, they offer a range of discounts and promotions so it’s worth exploring their website to see what’s available.

Fresh Direct offers a wide selection of groceries, as well as prepared foods and snacks that can be eaten right away. Their fresh meats, cheeses, deli items, fruits and vegetables are always on hand for pick-and-mix adventures!

If you’re looking to save on your next fresh food purchase, Fresh Direct coupons can help! Some deals and offers have limited validity so be sure to check the expiration date before making a purchase.

Another way to save on groceries is by signing up for a produce subscription box. These boxes are carefully curated with healthy items and change each week. Some subscriptions include asparagus, broccoli, lettuce heads and grapes while others feature various fruits and veggies.

You have the freedom to customize the size of your produce box, as well as cancel it up to two days before delivery. Our veg box deliveries feature items from local farms – both sustainable and organic – plus handmade jams and artisan honey.

Many subscriptions also include items you won’t find at the grocery store, like dairy products or local coffee. Some even come with a ‘canning case’ and other essentials to help keep your pantry stocked.

In the past, some customers have encountered problems with Fresh Direct. These can range from broken eggs to spoilt fruit. If you experience any difficulties, be sure to contact customer support immediately for assistance.

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