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organic vegetable delivery box

Organic vegetables are essential in every kitchen. But when you’re busy with work or family responsibilities, finding time for grocery shopping can be challenging.

Delivering fresh organic vegetables directly to your door with a delivery box makes it convenient to get what you need without ever leaving the comfort of home. These companies provide organic fruits and vegetables at an affordable price point.

Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You, founded in Capay Valley, California, is a family-run produce delivery service. Their business practices promote eco-friendly farming techniques such as efficient irrigation and water management, healthy crop rotation, recyclable packaging and local fertilizers.

Most of the vegetables and fruits in these boxes are certified organic, meaning they’re free from pesticides and other chemicals. Furthermore, the company supports local farmers by purchasing produce directly from them.

In addition to produce, they sell artisan products like honey and cheese. Their website offers various box options so you can customize your selections according to what works best for your family’s needs.

You can order produce by the week, providing you with a reliable supply of fruits and veggies. Plus, it’s an ideal way to try new items without having to worry about finding them at your local grocery store.

Another advantage of farm-fresh food is that it tends to be much tastier than what can be purchased at the grocery store. This is because produce is usually picked at its peak, giving it more flavor and extending shelf life beyond what one finds in grocery stores.

Additionally, many farms don’t use additives or chemicals to enhance their crops – an advantage for families looking to avoid processed foods.

Your local farm offers nutrient-rich, whole foods that are not only more delicious but healthier as well. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating an abundant diet of organic vegetables is recommended for those looking to reduce their risk for chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

Local produce tends to be more nutritious, as it’s harvested at its peak, providing greater levels of vitamins and minerals. You’ll also get a more authentic taste, making you appreciate your food even more.

As a member of SIJCC, you can take advantage of Farm Fresh to You’s fundraising program and receive 10% back on your monthly produce box orders! All that’s necessary to do is use promo code SIJCC when checking out, and your purchases will benefit the organization!

Misfits Market

Misfits Market, founded in 2018, is an organic vegetable delivery service that prioritizes less-than-perfect produce that might otherwise end up in the trash. They source their produce from regional farms and offer it at 25-40% discounts to customers.

The company has expanded its product lineup to include pre-packaged foods like crackers and snacks, as well as more traditional items like dairy and meats. Furthermore, they carry an array of organic and natural produce.

Misfits stands out among other e-grocery services by specializing in small, oddly shaped fruits and vegetables that may not be commonly found at grocery stores. This strategy helps the company reduce packaging waste since most of the items are already bruised or wilted.

It also enhances the company’s environmental credentials, as its staple fruits and vegetables can often go straight into a box without needing to be put in Styrofoam containers. For more delicate items like eggs, bespoke cardboard sleeves are used to protect them from breaking during transit.

Misfits uses industry-standard recyclable gel packs for refrigerated and frozen foods, which can be refilled. Furthermore, the company uses software to instruct employees which of its five discrete boxes they should use based on weather, delivery distance and food type.

Shop the online marketplace a-la-carte or sign up for a weekly produce box. There is an order minimum and flat shipping fee; both options offer great value!

Misfits Market not only offers fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, but it also reduces food waste through promoting circular economies and supporting farmers. According to Feeding America, 52 billion pounds of food from manufacturers, grocery stores and restaurants end up in landfills annually.

The company, headquartered in Philadelphia and New Jersey, ships to various states such as New York, Massachusetts, Washington and Oregon. Additionally, they specialize in serving those living in food deserts – areas without easy access to fresh local produce.


Riverford Farms are an established organic vegetable delivery box company run by a family-run farm that has been farming organically for over 30 years, making them one of the UK’s most reliable brands in this space. Their commitment to organic farming dates back over three decades, making them one of the oldest organic vegetable delivery box companies around.

Their produce is 100% organic and they adhere to stringent guidelines to guarantee it’s of the highest quality. As pioneers in ethical and sustainable production, they use only 100% electric vehicles for delivery; additionally, they strive to use home compostable packaging whenever possible.

Every week they bring fresh organic produce right to your door. Fruit and vegetables come packaged in recyclable boxes that can be reused up to 10 times!

It offers an expansive selection of seasonal vegetables and fruit. From potatoes and carrots to mushrooms and spinach, as well as all your staples, they have it all!

Families with food allergies or special dietary requirements will find plenty of products to meet their needs at Vital Organics. You can even order vegan, gluten free, dairy-free or paleo boxes for delivery!

You can order recipe boxes from them which come in handy if you need meal inspiration. They deliver each week and include a selection of quick and easy dinner recipes perfect for busy families.

Another advantage is their commitment to sustainability – using recycled paper packaging for all vegetables. This helps them save up to 22 tonnes of plastic annually and they even recycle any leftover plastic from deliveries!

Finally, they deliver the food directly to your door so there’s no need to worry about preparation. This is perfect for busy individuals who don’t have time to cook themselves but still want a quick and delicious meal.

They offer a milk man style service for those seeking more than just veggies and fruit. Here, you can purchase produce such as meat, fish, tinned items and more from this company which delivers to most areas in the UK.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market is a produce subscription service that sends you fresh fruits and vegetables each week. Their selection changes according to the season, with various box sizes designed for every budget. You can purchase one-time or sign up for weekly or monthly subscriptions – whatever works best for your lifestyle!

The company searches and sends you non-GMO, organic produce that major grocery stores cannot sell due to excess or scarring. Common examples include onions that are too small, carrots that twist, squash that has odd shapes or cosmetic blemishes.

Their boxes are 40% less expensive than what you’d pay at your local grocery store, and the company strives to eliminate food waste. Furthermore, a portion of its proceeds is donated to nonprofit organizations that address food insecurity.

Another option is Perfectly Imperfect Produce, which offers a monthly subscription that donates produce to those in need. Their selection of slightly imperfect but top-tier produce offers great prices on veggies while supporting farmers at the same time.

Delivered to virtually every zip code in the US, their boxes contain up to 22 pounds of produce in compostable plant-based bags, eco-friendly insulation and recycled cardboard. Plus, with their low minimum orders of only $30, you’re sure to make a purchase that meets your needs!

From the Farmer is a produce delivery brand that partners with local, sustainable and organic farmers to create healthy subscription boxes filled with kitchen essentials like garlic, white potatoes and yellow onions. Additionally, they offer regional coffee and artisan breads.

The CSA model provides assistance to small-scale family farms that are struggling to keep up with the demands of large-scale agriculture. It helps minimize risk and burden on these small operations and keeps sustainability as a viable business model.

It’s also an excellent chance to explore new foods you may not have tried before. Experimenting with various fruits and vegetables will open your palate to new possibilities, encouraging creative cooking in the kitchen.

From the Farmer is an ideal option for DMV residents seeking healthy and affordable produce. Their boxes can be ordered as either a one-time or weekly subscription, plus you’ll get additional store products like artisan breads, dairy products and meat.

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