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Fresh produce can be delivered to your grocery store in several ways. Direct from the farm, through a grocery distribution center or by ship.

One popular way to get local, farm-fresh veggies delivered directly to your door is with a vegetable box delivery service. These services offer boxes of healthy, farm-fresh produce at a fraction of the cost of regular groceries.

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You is an organic produce subscription box that brings fresh produce right to your door. Not only is the service convenient and affordable, but you have complete control over what goes in each box by eliminating items not on your list or adding ones you enjoy.

Since 1976, Capay Valley and Bardsdale farms in California have been growing the foods delivered to you. To stay connected with their farm and company, Capay Valley also hosts tours and farm events for subscribers.

The company’s website is user-friendly, allowing you to customize your subscription according to your needs and preferences. You can alter the frequency, quantity and content of your box at any time; additionally, you may pause your subscription at any time in order not to receive unwanted goods.

There are six specially designed boxes to choose from, each featuring seasonal produce. Small is ideal for 1-2 people, regular is suitable for 2-4 people, more is ideal for 4-6 or more people, monster can accommodate 6-8 people and fruit only offers an extensive selection of organic fruits.

These boxes contain only the freshest organic fruits and vegetables, so you can feel good about what you’re consuming. Plus, each box comes with a recipe card so you can try out the ingredients to create an enjoyable healthy meal or snack.

You’ll find plenty of details about your products and the farmers who grow them in the newsletters that come with every order. They even provide helpful hints and delicious recipes using items in your box.

Eating locally-grown produce is an effective way to increase your intake of vitamins and minerals. Plus, since you’re getting them directly from the farm, these items are likely organic or sustainable – which can have a major impact on your health. Eating nutritiously plays an integral role in maintaining good overall wellbeing; eating well-maintained meals promotes longevity and well-being.


Hungryroot is a grocery and meal kit delivery service that provides thousands of nutrient-rich meals and ingredients that are easy to prepare at home. Each week, you’ll receive groceries tailored to your preferences – fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, proteins, ready-to-heat foods and other staples to cook with at home.

Signing up for Hungryroot requires taking a brief online quiz that details your food preferences, dietary restrictions and household size. After that, the service will generate an extensive list of suggested dishes and recipes you can select from.

Once you’ve selected your grocery items, you can add them to your meal plan. The meal plans are created based on the questions answered in the quiz but you have the freedom to edit them at any time if you would like to switch up your meals.

These recipes are simple to prepare and can be completed quickly. Perfect for those who want to follow a healthy eating plan but don’t have the time or desire to spend hours in the kitchen, these recipes offer an easy solution.

You can customize your meals by adding other ingredients if desired. There are various breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks to choose from; including “Roast + Ready” entrees, salads, pastas and veggie bowls.

If you’re on a diet, the site offers meals that are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free and more. Plus there’s an allergy filter so that those with specific dietary needs can easily determine which meals are suitable.

Overall, Hungryroot met our dietary requirements perfectly, making it one of the most flexible meal delivery services we’ve tested. Furthermore, they have a strong commitment to sustainability and reducing food waste.

Another thing we appreciated about Hungryroot was their variety of vegetarian and plant-based options, especially helpful if you’re new to plant-based eating or want to give it a try for yourself. Furthermore, they provide gluten-free products as well as organic and non-GMO items.

Farmer Jones Farm

Farmer Jones is part of The Chef’s Garden, a regenerative agriculture farm that supplies high-quality vegetables, herbs and microgreens to chefs nationwide. Established over three decades ago in Huron, Ohio by Farmer Jones’ father-and-son team, this regenerative enterprise uses innovative farming practices such as rotational field plantings and multi-species crops for soil health.

In 2020, The Chef’s Garden opened Farmer Jones Farm Market to bring fresh produce directly to customers for the first time ever. Additionally, they have a farm stand located close by where regenerative farming techniques are applied to cultivate nutrient-rich artisanal vegetables.

Farmer Jones Farm stands out from other food delivery services by curating their produce. Customers receive a box full of vegetables, herbs and microgreens directly from the farm that is shipped straight to their homes.

The farm is dedicated to eco-friendly practices, such as efficient irrigation and water management, healthy crop rotation, and recyclable packaging. Furthermore, it follows the National Organic Program guidelines and pays its workers fair wages.

Produce boxes are offered in a range of sizes, from one-time deliveries to comprehensive subscription plans. Select your package according to your preferences and add on farm products like honey or coffee for an even better experience.

Donating fresh vegetables to local food banks is also an option; this is an excellent way to support local farmers and give back to the community.

Farmer Jones Farm, founded by a second-generation farmer, is an extension of The Chef’s Garden in Huron, Ohio and dedicated to regenerative farming and environmental sustainability. Their farm serves as a model for family farms and the future of agriculture.

In addition to The Chef’s Garden and Farmer Jones Farm, the family owns and operates the Culinary Vegetable Institute – located near their farm market and garden – where they conduct research on vegetable varieties.

In 2020, The Chef’s Garden released “The Chef’s Garden: A Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables–With Recipes.” This invaluable resource brings together years of expertise from the Joneses and other esteemed vegetable authorities.

Farm to People

Farm to People offers a more sustainable alternative than Fresh Direct, Instacart, Peapod and Wholefoods by prioritizing regenerative and organic farms. Much of their food is sourced within 300 miles of New York City and all packaging is compostable. Furthermore, they offer free community fridges for those in need.

Farm to People not only delivers fresh produce and pantry essentials directly to customers’ doors, but they also offer subscription boxes with carefully curated ingredients. These CSA-like boxes are an excellent way to support local farmers while saving you time shopping for groceries.

Established in 2012, Farm to People is managed by father-son team David and Michael Robinov. As foodies, they are passionate about fostering a more transparent and personal food system. Their mission is to connect small family farms and producers with consumers who appreciate wholesome foods made with traditional techniques.

Farm to People offers a selection of locally and ethically sourced products in addition to their subscription subscriptions. These include artisanal cheeses, smoked fish, and handmade charcuterie. Furthermore, the company provides home-cooked meals as well as carefully curated gift baskets.

The company is a pioneer in bringing the best local foods to a national audience. Through their online market, users can explore an exclusive selection of independent food makers, discover unique and creative products, and make their food purchases part of a more thoughtful and sustainable lifestyle.

Its website makes creating a recurring subscription easy, allowing customers to customize their box as needed and even pause or cancel deliveries without incurring fees or penalties. Furthermore, they offer an updated version of the traditional CSA model, enabling customers to edit their orders in real-time by adding or changing ingredients as desired.

To get started with Farm to People, head over and create an account. Then use code NYSHUK25 for a complimentary Small Seasonal Produce Box or $25 off any other box!

At Farm to People’s Kitchen & Bar, opening this weekend at 1100 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, guests can find premium organic foods and wines as well as an extensive selection of local beers on tap such as KCBC, Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co., and Hudson Valley Brewery.

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