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Produce shopping can be an exhausting, time-consuming task. Juggling different produce types and navigating unfamiliar items, while dodging crowds of customers, is enough to leave one feeling defeated and frustrated.

These services bring fresh produce from nearby farms directly to you, acting like your personal produce shopper. While some services offer full CSA experiences, others simply act as your one-stop produce shop.

Edible Uprising Farm

Edible Uprising Farm is a small scale family farm situated in Troy, New York that specializes in growing nutritious produce while enriching soil fertility, offering food access within the city without needing a car, and supporting sustainable agriculture practices. Farmers Ben Stein and Alicia Brown are committed to land stewardship and ethical agriculture practices as they aim to produce delicious yet beautiful and ethical produce for their local community.

From June to November, they offer a 24-week Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Depending on the size of your share, eight to 10 vegetables and herbs will be delivered weekly; there’s also a weekly newsletter filled with recipes. They use organic methods when producing their food – they are certified by Organic Growers Association of North America as well as following USDA standards.

Farm’s Online Store Where Can I Purchase Produce

If you want access to some of the freshest fruits and vegetables available, consider joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). It will teach you what’s in season at any given time while exposing you to unfamiliar flavors and foods. Furthermore, supporting local farmers reduces overcommercialization of fruit and vegetables; there are various resources online which can assist in finding one in your area.

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh to You provides fresh fruit, vegetables and organic farm products directly to your home in California. Their customisable boxes allow for personalization to meet the needs and preferences of every member of the household; you can select size, frequency and type as well as pause/skip deliveries at will. At present this service is only available there.

This company works with several local farms to offer customers an assortment of fruits, vegetables, snacks, chocolate and coffee delivered directly to homes, offices and restaurants across New England. Any visually imperfect or excess produce donated back to local food banks and charities.

Farm Fresh To You offers customers 14 subscription box options on its website, such as mixed fruit and veggie boxes, vegetable-only boxes, traditional CSA boxes (seasonal selections), snack pack boxes and no-cook options. Customers may also add specialty farm products like handcrafted jam or small batch honey.

As a family-run operation established in 1976, this business operates two farms to produce organic produce in Northern California’s Capay Valley and Bardsdale. Now run by its second generation, their goal is to connect people to their local producers through newsletters offering recipes and care tips, as well as farm tours.

Farm Fresh To You’s pay-by-the-month option allows you to test out this CSA without the commitment or upfront payments that other CSAs require, making their online tools easy for managing delivery schedule and customizing box contents as well as cancellation if it turns out not being for you.

Contrary to other CSAs, this service offers delicious high-quality produce year-round. In addition, it supports local economies by helping reduce carbon emissions while supporting farmers who strive to preserve land while growing nutritious crops.

Farm to People

Fresh, locally-grown produce tastes much fresher than grocery store varieties, but that doesn’t have to be the case any longer thanks to farm fresh vegetable delivery services that bring the farm fresh goodness right to your door at a fraction of the cost. Here are the 10 best fruit and vegetable delivery services allowing you to access farmer’s market-quality fruits and veggies at your convenience at an unbeatably reasonable cost!

Food waste-reducing delivery service that works with local purveyors to offer customizable subscription boxes of fruits, berries and herbs as well as greens, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other produce – from fruit to greens!

Imperfect Foods donates all visually imperfect produce to local food banks and charities, with an aim towards building a more sustainable and effective food system that does not necessitate perfect products in order to sell them.

To ensure its customers get the maximum out of their deliveries, this company uses an innovative cold-storage system. This innovative method reduces energy consumption while keeping its products’ temperatures constant for six days after being sent out. Furthermore, the company employs eco-friendly practices like using recyclable cardboard and using contactless delivery systems for home deliveries.

Since 2011, this company has collaborated with farmers in the DC area to bring a farmer’s market straight to your door. Their partner farms supply only fresh and locally sourced produce – all delivered fresh every time! Their founders understand the significance of providing local, high-quality produce while at the same time being environmentally-conscious by developing their own reusable packaging to minimize environmental impact.

Produce box offerings are tailored around what’s necessary for cooking an individual meal, plus other grocery items and artisanal food products. Delivery service currently extends across Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia but the company plans on expanding further soon.


This UK-based subscription box service seeks to combat food waste by providing boxes filled with misfit produce that doesn’t meet supermarket standards. Emily Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran were inspired by visits to Portuguese fresh markets where they witnessed many unusual fruits and veggies that weren’t sold at British supermarkets; according to WRAP (Waste Reduction Action Program), three million tonnes of edible fruit and vegetables are wasted before leaving farms due to aesthetic requirements that require aesthetic perfection.

Each week, this company contacts UK farmers to see what produce could fit its boxes, purchases them from them and delivers them directly to subscribers who pay monthly fees for delivery. In addition, this company calculates carbon emissions reduction and water savings per box so customers can see exactly how their purchases help protect the planet.

Subscribers to The Box can select from an extensive range of sizes ranging from extra small to large boxes and add or exclude items as desired. Each box is filled with seasonal British fruits and veggies as well as rare treats like kiwis or blueberries from abroad, making for an exciting delivery service with rapidly increasing coverage in England.

Employers can utilize Oddbox to offer their employees healthy treats while fighting food waste. Employees can sign up for weekly or biweekly boxes and manage their accounts whenever it suits them; users can even enter their postcode to determine whether Oddbox delivers in their area.

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