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best veg delivery boxes

Are you searching for an easy way to stock up on fresh, organic vegetables without having to go shopping at the supermarket? Vegetable delivery boxes are your answer. Whether you need a basic box or one that includes both fruit and veggies, we’ve got everything you need here.

Misfits provides produce that major supermarkets and farms cannot sell due to being too small or damaged to meet their standards. They carry seasonal British vegetables as well as some international items like kiwis.


Established in 1987, Riverford Organic Food Delivery Service brings fresh produce right to your door. Their boxes include vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products to name a few. Plus you have the freedom to build your own custom box and choose how often you’d like it delivered – all organic!

Vegetable and meat ingredients in these boxes are grown locally and organically, then delivered directly to your doorstep within a few days after being picked at the farm. With these ingredients, you can make an array of meals from home with ease!

Riverford’s founder, Guy Singh-Watson, has long been passionate about environmental sustainability and regenerative farming methods that can improve soil health, water quality and biodiversity while increasing climate change resilience. He and his team continue to experiment and adapt their practices in order to benefit farmers as well as the wider community.

To this end, he has launched his own online magazine – Wicked Leeks – which provides recipes and other helpful advice for both growers and customers alike. Additionally, he occasionally writes blog posts that reflect his opinions on farming policy and climate change issues.

His recent writings, especially Singh-Watson’s reflection on the recent dry and hot summer on his farm, are particularly thought provoking. He remembers 10 years ago when the Met Office advised him to invest in reservoirs and field drainage to keep crops growing during extended drought conditions.

Singh-Watson is keeping an eye on his water usage and taking new measures to conserve what remains of the harvest. Additionally, he’s testing polytunnels and other techniques to increase crop nutrient density in spite of increasingly challenging weather conditions.

Regenerative farming emphasizes minimizing chemical and pesticide usage, not only increasing productivity but also helping the environment by decreasing atmospheric nitrogen and phosphorus emissions.

Riverford is an example of how a business can be run sustainably while still offering customers high quality food. They have made significant efforts to reduce their plastic waste, with all packaging either home compostable or made from recycled paper.


Oddbox is a UK-based fruit and veg delivery service that rescues produce from local farms, then delivers it directly to their customers. They offer various sizes of boxes – from extra small to large – with each week receiving an exciting selection of delicious food items.

The business is dedicated to eliminating food waste, with co-founders Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran believing that businesses can be powerful forces for good. After witnessing the amount of produce rejected before it leaves farms in the UK, they sought a sustainable solution that would allow people access fresh locally-grown food.

Their mission is to save ‘wonky’ fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, and bring them into the spotlight. Their subscription box service aims to save millions of pounds of food from going to waste.

Their product is sourced from growers, so customers can be certain of receiving fresh, high-quality produce. Their customer base is expanding rapidly, and recently they secured PS16M growth capital from Burda Principal Investments.

As Oddbox prepared for expansion into three new regions, they needed to understand consumer awareness in order to craft a marketing strategy with maximum impact for minimal expense. They used Attest’s insights into local consumer perception of their brand to craft an efficient and successful campaign plan.

Data enabled them to identify which areas experienced the highest demand for their boxes and what kind of behavioural shifts occurred due to lockdown. By understanding how customers viewed the product, they could craft a more captivating narrative and attract more buyers.

Oddbox needed a unified customer data platform to improve how they reported customer data and make it simple for their team to find and report on customer insights. Furthermore, they needed to craft an engaging brand story that could foster brand affinity and foster customer empathy with their mission.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole is one of the UK’s premier organic fruit and veg delivery companies, having been established since 1989. Its customers are loyal to the brand; estimates suggest that they account for 25% or more of all organic produce sales in the country.

Abel and Cole offers an extensive selection of vegetable boxes to suit all palates and cooking styles. Their ingredients are perfect for creating nutritious, delicious recipes that are effortless to prepare. Plus, they carry a comprehensive selection of groceries and snacks.

They offer a selection of subscriptions, such as various fruit and vegetable boxes, plus a recipe box where you can try new recipes with fresh ingredients. All their items are organic and free from pesticides or other chemicals. Furthermore, they carry organic meat, fish and dairy products for purchase.

You can order all the ingredients needed for these meals on their website or app, and they’ll deliver it right to your home. It’s an easy way to ensure you have everything needed for a nutritious meal without needing to spend time shopping around for groceries. Plus, their delivery service is great if you want to try new things but don’t have time to go shopping yourself.

The company helps their customers save money through various discounts and offers. For instance, you can get 50% off your first fruit and veggie box or 25% off second and third when signing up to their subscription service. Plus, use their coupon code to save even more!

Abel and Cole has pledged to eliminate plastics from their packaging by 2023, as well as collect hard-to-recycle flexible plastics in its Plastic Pick-Up scheme. This initiative is sure to contribute to reducing plastic pollution significantly.

Abel and Cole has achieved success through its focus on sustainability and high-quality ingredients, sourced from farms both domestic and abroad. Furthermore, they take great pride in providing top customer service; their team members are trained to guarantee food safety during delivery while using only eco-friendly delivery methods. Furthermore, Abel and Cole collaborates with charity partners to support local communities while giving back to the environment.

Milk & More

Vegetable delivery boxes are an excellent way to reduce plastic waste and get fresh, organic produce delivered directly to your home. The best ones come direct from farmers so you can be certain the produce hasn’t been treated with pesticides or chemicals. Plus, these boxes come in various sizes so everyone in your family can benefit from using them.

The good news is that there are plenty of vegetable delivery services available throughout the UK. From small subscriptions to an exotic fruit and veg selection, these boxes can be tailored to fit your taste and budget perfectly.

Vegetable delivery boxes come in many varieties, so it’s essential to find one that best suits your requirements and lifestyle. Some will only deliver fruits and veggies while others offer a wider selection of meat and fish options as well.

Vegetarians also have Milk & More as a delivery option; their mission is to offer high-quality produce at low carbon emissions. Their team of milkmen and women travel throughout the UK delivering products directly to homes as part of their regular deliveries.

For over two decades, this company has been providing food to customers’ doorsteps. It’s ideal for those living in rural areas or without access to shops; plus, signing up is free!

Every week, Fresh Direct delivers a box filled with seasonal produce from both the UK and abroad. You have the flexibility to customize your box size and add extras as desired, plus opt into their ‘Plastic Pick-Up’ scheme which collects any hard to recycle plastics from your home each week.

The site offers various veg box options, such as British seasonal produce and a Mediterranean box featuring fruit from Spain. You can also add extras like meat, fish and cheese – or mix-and-match them!

The site offers an expansive selection of products to purchase, such as dairy and baked goods. Furthermore, you can source items from an increasing number of small organic farms – making it an ideal option for those seeking organic food delivery services that also support local businesses.

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