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best veg boxes

For a fresh, tasty and affordable way to stock up on organic fruits and vegetables, consider signing up for a produce box subscription. These subscriptions arrive at your door on either a weekly or fortnightly basis and provide an easy solution so you never run out of produce again.

Offering an array of organic, British-only and other options, there’s something here for everyone. Plus, each veg box sold donates a portion of produce to charity partners such as Felix Project, Dons Local Action Group and School Food Matters.

Abel & Cole

The ideal veg boxes are those that deliver healthy, organic produce directly to your door. They provide a range of seasonal options so you can enjoy delicious produce all year round, and allow you to veto up to 10 items each week if you’re uncertain about something.

They collaborate with organic farmers to source as much produce from the UK as possible, meaning your fruit and vegetables will be fresher than if purchased from most supermarkets or online shops. Furthermore, they reduce unnecessary plastic packaging which helps save the environment.

There’s also a helpful tool to log any unwanted items and they donate part of the profits from each box to local charities – an incredibly nice touch!

Another great reason Abel & Cole is a great option is their customizable boxes. They offer various combinations of vegetables and vegan options, making it simple to find one that meets your requirements.

I have been using their vegetable boxes for many years and am always satisfied with the selection and timely delivery. Additionally, they are very eco-friendly in that they deliver on a round basis and use fewer deliveries in each area of the country, so there’s no need for them to make multiple trips across town.

I’m delighted to say Abel & Cole is one of the most eco- and customer-friendly companies I’ve come across, and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to reduce their impact on the planet. Furthermore, their customer service is outstanding – whether customers are just ordering their first veg box or have been customers for years!

Milk & More

Milk & More is the UK’s leading doorstep milk delivery service. However, its decision to become an online-only business has drawn criticism from elderly and vulnerable shoppers who fear they may lose out on essential support services.

The firm, owned by German dairy giant Muller, is sending letters to UK customers informing them that its door-to-door delivery service will cease after 24 April unless they create an online account. Furthermore, the firm plans on increasing the range of its electric vehicles by using GPS and onboard diagnostics to enhance fuel economy and range.

Vegetarian Society’s vegetable boxes come in three varieties, offering fruit and veggie options for small families or those needing an extra push to reach their five-a-day targets. You can select from weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries.

Oddbox is on a mission to reduce food waste. They collect produce that would otherwise go to the bin and deliver it to you in an easy-to-use box with recipes for each ingredient – saving it from being thrown out.

Our testers were delighted by the Oddbox’s selection, which included an intriguing variety of vegetables we hadn’t encountered before as well as plenty of useful ingredients like carrots and parsnips, tomatoes, blueberries. Plus there was even one surprise item – a giant aubergine which made for delicious veggie lasagna and kiwis that smelled delectable.

This organic, seasonal spread will feed a small family for one week. Packed full of delicious, nourishing and nutritious produce, it’s ideal for those looking to reduce their grocery spending each week. Ingenious sheep wool liners keep the box warm until you’re ready to eat and can even be composted after consumption.


Eversfield Organic is a family-run business that delivers organic produce such as meat, fruit and veg, dairy products, bread and store cupboard staples throughout the UK. You can choose to get their pre-made box or customize it according to your needs – from one-off deliveries to regular deliveries.

Vegetarian Box’s vegetable boxes are sourced from small farms and certified organic by the Soil Association, helping to support local economies while cutting down on carbon emissions.

For those wanting to eat more organic foods but don’t have much time for shopping, this is an ideal solution. It comes in various sizes from small to extra large and contains different vegetables and fruits.

For an additional fee, you can add on deli or dry extras (like wine and chocolate). The company strives to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible by using recyclable cardboard packaging.

The vegetables were packaged in a variety of formats, some loose in a cardboard crate and others in smaller Natoora-branded cardboard punnets. Included among the produce were potatoes, carrots, onions, leeks, cauliflower and cucumber.

Though the vegetables were generally fresh, some items such as sweet potatoes and fennel showed signs of wear and tear. Overall, however, we were satisfied with our purchase.

Overall, the vegetables were of high quality and plentiful. The company did an admirable job of keeping prices down by providing free delivery as well.

Pikt is an eco-friendly company that provides a wide selection of fresh, organic produce without the hassle or extra money spent. Like going to the supermarket without all the extra steps – they deliver directly to your doorstep so there’s no need to leave home! Additionally, this service is carbon neutral.


Over the past year or so, an array of high-end veg boxes has hit the market. With so many choices to choose from, a bit of research is necessary to find what’s best for you. Most likely, your veggie enthusiast wants quality and an easy checkout experience. After researching several top contenders, Turnips’ large-scale bespoke veg box stands out as one of our top picks. With over 30 years of expertise in produce sourcing and supply chain management under its belt, Turnips provides both big and small boxes designed with freshness in mind that offer free delivery or pickup in most locations across UK.

Fresh Direct

Fresh Direct is an online grocery store that stocks a wide range of fresh produce, meats, seafood and prepared meals. Additionally, it sells frozen foods, beverages and other products. They offer various delivery options like same-day or express delivery; you can order up to one week ahead to guarantee your time slot or edit your order until the day before you want it delivered.

This site prioritizes high-quality, wholesome food sourced directly from farmers and producers. The company assigns daily quality ratings to fruits and vegetables, while ensuring products are in season for your convenience.

Its website is user-friendly and organized into distinct sections such as seafood, bakery and deli. Plus, there’s a convenient reorder feature which helps save you time and effort when ordering items previously.

This family-owned business is dedicated to providing organic and sustainable foods that are ethically sourced. To minimize its environmental impact, they utilize efficient irrigation, water management and crop rotations as well as recyclable packaging, reusable boxes and other eco-friendly practices.

For example, its partnership with Hepworth Farms allows it to offer organic produce grown on 550 acres of biodiverse and nutrient-rich soil in the Hudson Valley. Established in 1818, Hepworth Farms is one of New York’s oldest and most esteemed organic farms.

Oddbox, a certified B Corp, ethically sources its produce from dozens of fairly paid farmers and suppliers throughout the US. Their weekly sustainable produce boxes start at PS11 for couples, while families-sized boxes are available for PS22.

Girl N Dug grows produce that’s off the beaten path, including Argentina’s yacon water root and Andean pichuberries. Their seasonal boxes and monthly theme boxes offer something new for chefs every week; Girl N Dug makes it fun to experiment in your kitchen!

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