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Subzi Mandi

Subzi Mandi is a nearby vegetable shop that specializes in Indian groceries. Here you’ll find an exclusive selection of South Asian ingredients you won’t find elsewhere.

Ravinder Narula owns and operates this family-run business, working alongside over 100 employees to guarantee customers are satisfied. They also collaborate to ensure the store runs efficiently and all items are priced accurately.

In addition to fresh produce, the shop offers an impressive selection of frozen foods. There are plenty of delicious choices like chicken and fish so that you can whip up a meal quickly and easily.

If you’re looking to save time in the kitchen, investing in frozen food may be a wise move. Not only will it save you time and energy, but it will also ensure your meals remain nutritious and balanced.

Stock up on some of your favorite pantry essentials, like rice and beans for quick meals that won’t spoil. You could even purchase frozen meat to add variety and protein to any meal.

The shop provides a wide range of other foods, such as canned soups and pasta. You can even pick up some boxes of cereal to help kickstart your day on a healthy note.

Near the grocery store, there are ample parking options. You can even take the subway if you’re travelling by foot.

It’s a bustling market open throughout the day. To get the best prices on fruits and vegetables, you should arrive early.

This mandi has been around for some time and is known for offering quality produce at reasonable prices. Additionally, they sell seeds – making it an ideal stop if you’re interested in starting your own garden.

Markets are buzzing with activity, so be sure to arrive early for the freshest produce.

This market is considered one of Delhi’s largest markets for fruits and vegetables, boasting over 300 shops selling an array of fresh produce. Established in 1987, this popular spot has been serving residents in Okhla since 1987.

K&Y Fruit & Vegetable

This boutique grocery store boasts an impressive selection of fruits and vegetables from local farms, along with excellent customer service and hipster cred. Not only that, but they have a small but mighty wine section, tons of freshly baked goods, some of Brooklyn’s best fish & chips (plus one of New York State’s most impressive display cases!), all without needing to wait in line or pay for parking! Located near one of Brooklyn’s walkable neighborhoods, this is a must stop for any foodie with green fingers!

K&Y Asian Grocery

Though this humble grocer may not have the fame of some of its more renowned neighbors, it still provides fresh fruits and vegetables with owner Seuk Chung’s exceptional customer service. His produce is of comparable quality to that of your typical supermarket, yet his prices are much more reasonable. K&Y Market offers a great selection of specialty vegetables not found at your local grocery store – and they usually deliver directly to your door! With such convenient service, it’s no wonder why K&Y has become one of the area’s top destinations. The staff are friendly and efficient, the food tasty if a bit salty. The store also has plenty of kitchen gadgets and tools stocked – something rarely seen in this neighborhood. At its lowest price point, this store may not stay open 24/7 but that can easily be remedied by prepping produce ahead of time.

Asian Supermarket

Asian supermarkets are specialized grocery stores that stock goods and merchandise not normally found in Western markets. They’re typically situated near areas with high Asian immigration, such as Chinatowns or other ethnic enclaves. Due to the relatively slow turnover and small quantities of products sold at these establishments, prices tend to be higher than at Western supermarkets.

Asian supermarkets often stock items not commonly found in Western grocery stores, such as cooking oil, spices and specialty ingredients. These can be essential components of many traditional Asian cuisines.

At grocery stores, there are often several sections dedicated to specific foods and ingredients. In the produce aisle, for instance, you might find unusual vegetables such as lemon grass, snow peas, bok choy and mushrooms that cannot be found elsewhere.

Another section of the store stocks seafood, a staple in Asian cuisines. Here you’ll find tanks of live octopus and oysters as well as squid, plus many other fish and shellfish varieties.

This market offers a vast selection of meats and seafood, including pre-marinated cuts ideal for dishes like gochujang chicken or kimchi. Additionally, they stock frozen dumplings, gyozas, and other Asian snacks.

If you’re in the mood for something unique, check out their candy aisle. They offer a wide range of sweet and salty snacks from Pocky to Hello Panda (biscuit-stick things covered in chocolate with fun toppings).

At Asian Supermarket you’ll find a wide variety of fresh fruits in their produce section, such as dragonfruit and lotus roots. Plus they carry jackfruit which you won’t typically find at American grocery stores.

Asian markets not only stock a wide selection of specialty items, but they are also the go-to spot for everyday groceries like milk, rice and soy sauce. Plus they carry condiments like shoyu, hoisin and sesame paste as well as teas like soy milk and green tea.

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