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If you’re craving fresh, local produce, why not subscribe to a farm vegetable box subscription service? These subscriptions offer weekly or monthly deliveries of fruit and veggies straight to consumers’ doors.

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) refers to an agricultural program in which farmers sell a share of their crop directly to consumers who agree to purchase it each season from them.

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You, located in California, provides an organic produce and artisan products subscription service that delivers seasonal selections of 100% certified organic fruits, vegetables, and specialty farm products directly to your doorstep. Their simple subscription program lets you set frequency, quantity, and content of boxes according to your preference.

The company provides six customizable boxes, perfect for tailoring to individual tastes and dietary restrictions. Options range from fruit only, mixed vegetable, veggie and meat boxes, egg and dairy boxes and cheese and charcuterie platters; each comes in small (ideal for one or two people) to monster size (6-8 people).

Farm Fresh To You offers more than affordability and convenience – its customers can donate their produce box directly to a family in need, plus receive a referral credit of $25 when recommending this service to others.

Farm Fresh To You offers its customers a school fundraising program to raise funds for their schools while enjoying delicious, nutritious produce. Furthermore, customers may opt to donate a box to a food bank of their choice and set a recurring donation through this company.

At Farm Fresh To You, the quality and culture of their team and culture are crucial elements to consider. According to 4 employee reviews, employees give leadership an F grade while their work environment was negative.

Farm Fresh To You team members were generally dissatisfied with their compensation, stock and equity ownership and benefits; in fact, they rated them lower than similar-size companies on Comparably.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a Philadelphia-based subscription box service offering fresh organic produce. Established by Abhi Ramesh, Misfits Market aims to eliminate food waste while fighting against its crisis and supporting organic farmers.

Misfits Market makes shopping easy! First, create an account. After that, your location will determine when delivery occurs and then a 3-day shopping window allows you to add items directly into your cart before the order will be processed and sent off for shipping.

Your order will arrive in a recyclable cardboard box that’s fully curbside-recyclable, featuring insulated padding to protect produce from hot and cold temperatures. Plus, its outer bag can be recycled at plastic film recycling drop-off locations!

Misfits Market boxes typically feature organic produce, though you may occasionally come across conventionally grown food. These products usually include those which have seen changes to packaging designs or have excess inventory that’s nearing expiration dates.

However, Misfits Market clearly labels all its organic produce. Furthermore, Misfits Market prioritizes sustainable packaging by using compostable clamshells, protective dividers, and ice packs for packaging their produce.

Misfits Market provides more than just produce; its selection of pantry staples, meat, and dairy items as well as organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients can save customers up to 40% over grocery store prices.

Misfits Market was launched by Abhi Ramesh in 2018 after realizing that farmers often discard produce that doesn’t appear perfect. He founded this company to fight food waste and support organic farmers – helping save our environment while changing how people think about food consumption.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct offers an innovative subscription-based service that brings fresh fruit and vegetables directly from farms right to your door. They offer different seasonal box types to meet varying customer preferences.

This company specializes in providing farm-fresh produce to households across the U.S. Its boxes are hand packed by local farmers and delivered straight to your door every week.

Farmbox Direct delivers organic fruits and vegetables from small-scale farms every week, keeping the menu exciting with something new every time! Don’t get stuck eating the same things over and over; join Farmbox Direct now to experience something truly rewarding!

Their goal is to make it simple and affordable to purchase nutritious, delicious food that meets both criteria. Their boxes are packaged using biodegradable and recyclable materials that protect the environment while saving on packaging costs.

They use insulated biodegradable bags and ice packs to keep produce cold during delivery, offering various box sizes to meet family needs at competitive pricing with other produce subscription services.

Farmbox Direct currently delivers to most zip codes within the contiguous U.S.; however, some areas may incur a shipping fee.

The company provides three organic veggie boxes, with small and medium sized options suitable for single families or average-size households respectively.

Your Farm Vegetable Box allows for up to five substitutions each week, plus skip deliveries if going away on vacation or cancel your account at any time as long as it’s done by 12 PM EST 7 days prior.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Farm vegetable boxes provide an easy and hassle-free way to access fresh, locally grown produce without going to the store. Packed full with seasonal harvest produce from farms around you, these deliveries arrive directly at your door step!

One effective way of helping local farmers is through Community Supported Agriculture programs, commonly known as CSAs. By joining, you commit to buying some of the farm’s produce during winter and spring seasons at an agreed upon price, helping the farmer purchase supplies early while starting crops early resulting in high quality, nutritious food that you receive as part of this arrangement.

LFFC sells more than just produce; they offer meat, dairy and herbs from certified organic farms that employ sustainable practices like composting or integrated pest management to keep costs down and ensure quality production.

LFFC is a non-profit cooperative comprised of over 100 family farms located throughout Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Committed to bringing you only the highest-grade organic produce and pastured animal products, their goal is to bring their members the very best organic offerings possible.

LFFC’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program provides a great way for families to eat locally grown produce that’s free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers, while at the same time supporting sustainable practices. In return, members of LFFC receive weekly or biweekly deliveries of locally harvested goods.

Wrightstown Township provides small, medium, and large vegetable and fruit shares, an egg share, build-your-own veggie options, seasonal fruit shares and herb and vegetable shares in their CSA programs that run from mid-May through late November – they’re available to residents as well as nearby communities.

Dig Acres

Dig, a restaurant chain that sources produce from small-scale farms, recently introduced a farm vegetable box available at both its restaurants and FreshDirect. Customers can select one or more boxes: Home Delivery Box for prepared foods; Roasting Box with seasonal veggies; Soup-Salad-Side Box with toppings and recipes; Personal Box designed specifically for one person/couple shopping needs – it provides the opportunity to stock up on seasonal veggies.

Dig goes beyond local and organic purchasing when they source their food from farms who have historically been underrepresented in agriculture. This includes BIPOC, Queer and Women farmers; last year they made efforts to increase their commitment by allocating 17% of their purchases towards these groups. Furthermore, DIG ran a donation matching program with Rocksteady Farm’s Queer Farmers Apprenticeship program in June 2021.

Ten senior recipients from East Harlem Food Pantry recently embarked on a harvesting expedition to two Dig Acres farms located in upstate New York as part of AAFE’s efforts to create an accessible local food system for their clients.

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