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spinach seedlings for sale

If you’re growing spinach this year, be sure to stock up on the right seedlings. Spinach seeds can easily be planted in pots, terrace gardens or backyard gardens.

Start with a quality blend of potting soil and organic compost, then sow seeds approximately half an inch deep. You should see germination occur within five to fourteen days depending on the variety.


This semi-savoyed hybrid spinach is slow to bolt and resistant to downy mildew. It features cupped, oval baby leaves in dark green that add an interesting texture to salads and sandwiches.

Acadia’ is a prolific variety that grows evenly and is easy to harvest. Plus, its resistance to downy mildew and bolting make it perfect for growing in either your garden or in containers.

Southern gardeners will appreciate this variety, as it thrives in warmer soil temperatures and can handle hot weather. Seeds can be planted early spring for a spring crop or late summer for a fall harvest.

Plant this type of spinach in a sunny spot with well-drained soil that contains plenty of organic matter. Not only is it ideal for vegetable gardens or container gardens, but it’s also an excellent way to add fresh produce into your diet!

‘A La Carte’

If you’re a fan of spinach but can’t seem to get it to grow, this hybrid might be the answer. It’s resistant to downy mildew and can handle hot weather conditions, making it ideal for areas where other varieties of spinach cannot thrive.

By 25 to 55 days, this plant will have semi-svoyed leaves on upright stalks and an impressive germination rate. Shop Burpee for 250 seeds today and bring some beauty into your garden!

For optimal results, sow spinach seed directly into your soil 4-6 weeks prior to the average last frost date in your area. You may also choose to plant it later in summer for a fall harvest.


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‘Red Cardinal’

Red Cardinal is a fast-growing variety, ready for harvest in 40 days. This flat-leaf type is resistant to downy mildew and bolting and can be used as baby greens or as an entire leaf.

For British gardens, this perennial plant is an ideal choice as it’s well adapted to our climate and can stay green well into autumn. Its semi-savoyed leaves are deliciously flavorful – ideal as baby greens or as a salad garnish.

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Riverside’ is a semi-savoy hybrid cultivar that resists downy mildew and boasts upright, uniform leaves. Ready for baby leaves in 25 days and fully matured after 40, this variety makes an excellent choice for growers who require minimal upkeep.

If you’re searching for an exquisite spinach seedling, this variety is one of the top choices. It boasts large, deep green leaves with a gently pointed tip and vibrant red stems.

You can purchase this variety at your local nursery, garden center, or online. It grows quickly and is resistant to downy mildew. It makes an ideal container plant where there’s full or partial sun as well as being tolerant of hot weather conditions. This versatile variety makes it suitable for both new gardeners and experienced ones alike – the possibilities are endless!


Seaside’ is a dark green baby leaf spinach variety that’s slow to bolt and resistant to downy mildew. This high quality variety makes it ideal for market gardeners or home gardeners who require spinach during the warmer months.

It is an upright baby leaf spinach variety with a moderate growth rate and dark green, thick leaves – perfect for beginner baby leaf growers!

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Viroflay is an ancient French heirloom spinach cultivar, developed before 1866. It boasts a robust production that resists downy mildew and bolting.

It has a strong, upright growth habit that makes it simple to harvest and bunch together. Its large, deep green leaves are arrow-shaped and mature plants can be harvested after 25 days or 40 for younger ones.

In conclusion, ‘Viroflay’ is one of the most reliable spinach varieties you can grow. It germinates quickly, has resistance to downy mildew and bolting, as well as being highly cold tolerant.

‘Viroflay’ spinach can be purchased in eight-gram, 15-gram, four-ounce, one-pound and five-pound packets on Seedz. You may also find it at Burpee and Home Depot stores. With such an easy to grow spinach variety like this one, Viroflay makes for a great starter crop for gardeners.


Teton spinach is one of the fastest varieties to mature and resistant to downy mildew, making it one of the most heat-tolerant varieties available.

Seeds or pre-planted seedlings that can be planted directly into your garden require patience to establish. With proper care and consideration for weather patterns, however, you could have this cool weather favorite in your garden within a few weeks after sowing.

Spinach seeds can be planted in either early spring or fall for consistent harvests. However, if your climate has longer winters, it’s best to sow the seeds in late summer for an earlier fall harvest.

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