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If you’re in need of fresh produce delivered right to your door, there are plenty of services that offer same day delivery. Just be sure to do some research so you can find the best option for your needs.

These companies send you produce that traditional stores won’t carry due to its mishaps, flaws or general unappealing appearance. Furthermore, they benefit farmers by helping them repurpose excess produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Garden Gourmet Market

Garden Gourmet Market has been around for some time and they offer an impressive selection of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, they carry an impressive range of wines and spirits to choose from. The website is user-friendly and the customer service team are more than willing to assist with your order. Same day delivery is their specialty – typically arriving within two hours of placing it! They boast an expansive selection of fruits and vegetables, so you’re sure to find what you need quickly. The site offers a wide range of food items to choose from, such as frozen and chilled meats and seafood, dry goods like pasta and rice, snacks, baked goods and household supplies. Plus they often run promotions to keep your budget in check. What’s more? They take pride in their environmentally friendly policies which include recycling and composting among other things as part of their standard operations.


The Mercato grocery delivery system is an online marketplace that connects shoppers to local independent grocers. It also offers customers the convenience of ordering produce that can be delivered same day or scheduled up to 30 days in advance.

City of New York has selected Mercato as its online marketplace to connect underserved communities to local grocery stores in their neighborhood. As part of its effort to bring fresh food to these areas, Mercato will partner with select stores from each borough, giving them access to a new platform where they can sell their merchandise both online and through delivery services.

Merchants on Mercato benefit from an existing inventory library that’s easy to upload and sync with the store’s point-of-sale (POS) system. This enables merchants to build out their product catalog in 24 hours or less and quickly start using the platform.

Furthermore, Mercato’s customer relationship management and fulfillment capabilities make it simple for merchants to manage their customers. They can receive orders via email, text message or even robo-phone calls directly from the platform and fill them with products as promised.

Though Mercato’s online marketplace is relatively new, it has already developed an established relationship with numerous independent grocers and specialty food retailers across America. This has made Mercato an ideal option for small to medium-sized businesses whose sales may otherwise go unnoticed by larger supermarket chains or local Instacart partners.

The company’s success has been driven by the surge in online grocery shopping, which TechCrunch anticipates will grow 21.5% by 2020 and nearly double by 2025. The Mercato platform was created to make onboarding merchants easy, providing them with new opportunities at a time when customers demand convenience.

Mercato has demonstrated its success in onboarding merchants with minimal training, enabling stores to be up and running within 24 hours or less. Unlike Instacart or other online grocery services that send shoppers directly to the store for pickup, Mercato works directly with merchants to handle deliveries through national or regional couriers. Furthermore, Mercato helps merchants collect data that helps them better understand their customers and create targeted advertisements; its platform also features inventory management, price management, product analytics capabilities – the list goes on!

Farm Fresh to You

If you want fresh vegetables delivered directly to your door each week, same-day delivery services are an ideal choice. They’re cost-effective, convenient and you have complete control over what arrives each week. Plus, they send recipe ideas and information about where the produce is grown so that you can learn more about your food sources.

Farm Fresh to You sources fruits and vegetables from its own family farm in California, as well as working with other organic farms across the U.S. It strives to offer customers the highest quality organic produce while employing sustainable farming methods and reducing food waste.

Box sizes vary based on the season, and you have complete control over what goes inside them. Substitutions or changes can be made at any time; you can even add specialty farm products like handcrafted jams, pasture-raised eggs, local honey or artisan olive oil!

Imperfect Foods is another organic and sustainable farming option that practices organic farming techniques. They save produce that major grocery stores would otherwise discard. Their specialty lies in rescuing non-GMO items with unusual shapes or imperfections like bell peppers, carrots twisted upside down, and onions too small to be sold.

They offer a wide selection of fruit and vegetable boxes, such as mixed fruits and veggies, traditional CSAs and snack packs. Plus, you can customize your box before each delivery by adding other farm products.

This same-day delivery service will bring fresh produce straight to your door. Each week, they’ll send a different selection of vegetables that you can customize before it ships out.

Their boxes come in three sizes, and you can customize which type you get or skip a week if you’re away on vacation. Plus, you have the freedom to substitute up to five items before your weekly order ships out.

Their boxes may be pricier than some on this list, but it’s worth the money for their high-quality produce and artisan farm products. Plus, you can customize it according to your needs by adding grains, nut butters, dairy, or meat into the box!

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a Philadelphia-based startup that strives to reduce food waste by salvaging “ugly” produce. They offer items that may not make it onto grocery store shelves, such as bruised and crooked fruit, along with some items past their sell-by date.

In addition to cutting back on food waste, the company hopes to serve those living in food deserts by providing them with fresh produce. This is especially important for those who reside in places where grocery stores are unwilling to open their doors.

This service offers discounts on organic, non-GMO products like fruits, vegetables, dry goods (like olive oil, coffee, cereal), meats and more – all at discounted prices.

Though the selection is limited, this store offers some great fresh produce at lower prices than traditional grocery stores. Plus, many items fit into popular diets like vegan or paleo so it’s a great place to start!

Misfits Market partners with farms nationwide to offer customers a fresh selection of vegetables and fruits. It also stocks other healthy items like snacks, grains, and beverages for customers on-the-go.

Misfits Market’s produce may be slightly damaged or misshapen, but it’s still delicious and nutritious. Prices are often more reasonable than you’d think, plus the company strives to source as much of their product from local farmers whenever possible.

The company provides a range of other healthy food items, such as whole-grains and nut butters. This makes them especially suitable for vegans or gluten-free dieters.

Ramesh Saigal, the company founder, says they’re on track to achieve $1 billion in sales within 18 months. As a young company, they’re already doing great work to reduce food waste and promote healthier diets.

Misfits has a free membership, and customers can select their delivery day. After making their selection, they have three days to select items for their Misfits box; once they spend $30, their order ships.

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