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Are you having trouble fitting enough fruits and vegetables into your diet? A produce delivery service can be the perfect solution. These services send a weekly, biweekly or monthly box of produce directly to your door.

Produce subscriptions often prioritize sourcing local, seasonal vegetables from nearby farms. Furthermore, most offer flexible memberships that allow you to pause your deliveries at any time.


Organic produce is an excellent way to improve your health, but it may be hard to locate the right variety at your local grocery store. Thankfully, there are numerous produce delivery services that specialize in providing customers with fresh locally-sourced organic fruits and vegetables at flat rate costs – saving time and money both! These companies will ship non-GMO produce right to your door at a flat rate so that you save both time and money!

Misfits Market offers up to 40% discount on non-GMO, certified organic produce that major stores can’t carry due to scarring, excess supply or simply because it looks different. With their selection of items constantly changing, you’re sure to find something new and interesting to try.

The company strives to reduce food waste by searching for unusual or small items that would otherwise go to waste, and then shipping them directly to you at a fraction of the price you’d pay in your neighborhood. Examples of rescued produce include onions that are too small, twisted carrots or squash with irregular shapes.

Your box will arrive in a recycled cardboard box, complete with eco-friendly insulation and compostable plant-based bags to minimize its environmental impact. The minimum order value starts at $30 to reduce packaging and carbon emissions, and the service delivers to nearly all US zip codes.

Farm Fresh To You is a family-run organic produce company that sources all its products from local farms. Their produce is grown using sustainable practices such as efficient irrigation and water management, use of natural fertilizers, and healthy crop rotation. You can add artisan items like handcrafted jams and honey to your delivery or customize it with dry goods, dairy or other specialty groceries to meet any dietary needs.

Full Circle Farms is a Washington state-based organic CSA farm run by family owners and operators. Their boxes of produce feature eight to twelve seasonal fruits and vegetables that rotate seasonally, as well as local honey, artisan sourdough bread and more – all organic of course!

In addition to your regular subscription, you can order one-time shipments for your fridge and pantry. Choose from six pre-made fruit and veggie boxes or customize your order. Furthermore, you have the freedom to pause or cancel your subscription at any time.


Organic produce from your favorite natural foods stores is always convenient, but what about when you need your weekly organic groceries delivered directly to your door? Thankfully, there are numerous companies that provide GMO-free deliveries of healthy food right to your door.

Up until recently, you could avoid GMOs by simply selecting foods labeled “Organic.” But this no longer guarantees that the contents are free from GMOs; organic certification only covers how a product is grown and does not guarantee that it’s free from them.

To guarantee your fruits and vegetables are non-GMO, look for a 5-digit number beginning with 9. This indicates the crop has not been genetically modified.

You can also look for the Non-GMO Project Verified logo. This organization is a reliable source for GMO-free products and conducts independent testing and verification to guarantee their safety.

GMOs have become a concern to consumers and the natural products industry due to their potential health hazards. Studies have revealed that some people who eat GMOs may be more prone to allergic reactions or other negative effects than those who don’t.

Corn and soy are among the crops with the greatest environmental impacts, so be wary when purchasing products containing these two ingredients. They often form the basis for corn starch, high-fructose corn syrup, or other processed foods.

Dairy can be a particularly dangerous area to consume. Make sure your dairy comes from rBGH-free cows, meaning the animals don’t receive growth hormone produced by Monsanto to increase milk production. Some of the safest brands include Organic Valley, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Brand milk products.

Additionally, be mindful to steer clear of foods that contain sugar (much of which comes from GMO sugar beets). This includes candy, soft drinks, baked goods and other processed items.

Be wary of anything that contains canola oil or soybeans, both heavily affected by GMOs and commonly found in products from cookies to salad dressings.

Finally, seeds are another area where non-GMO is an important consideration. While some seed companies claim their herbs and vegetables are non-GMO, it can be difficult to obtain accurate information in this area.


Shopping for vegetables at the grocery store can be a hassle and sometimes frustrating. But if you’re in need of fresh produce, there are several companies that deliver right to your door.

Local Roots NYC and Misfits Market offer a convenient selection of locally grown products in one package. These include various greens, microgreens, full-sized vegetables like potatoes and avocadoes as well as fruits like pineapples or avocadoes.

These boxes are meant to be eaten as part of a meal, not just snacks or dessert. Each box provides enough fresh greens and produce for one or two people per week at an affordable price point of $69 plus shipping.

Produce is widely recognized as one of the healthiest foods on Earth, yet it can be challenging to get enough. For many people, shopping at the market becomes an exercise in futility – taking up valuable time and resources in the process.

In an effort to solve this problem, some farmers are employing a patented delivery method that allows them to distribute their produce directly to customers. This is beneficial for both parties as it saves time, fuel and money.

This reusable box features a magnetic clasp that makes opening and closing simple. Plus, the container is recyclable and made of lightweight yet durable material for convenience.

In addition to the box, a subscription to this service includes a smartphone app that allows you to select your delivery day and time. Furthermore, you can adjust, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

This vegetable delivery service brings fresh organic produce from a network of farmers throughout the US. Their selection includes an impressive variety of fruit and vegetables as well as other nutritious treats like coffee, wine, and artisan bread.

Their website boasts the widest selection of fruits and vegetables available online, plus you can customize your shipments according to your requirements. Furthermore, their customer support team provides prompt responses to all queries in under a minute.


Are you in the mood for an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that may not be easily available at your local grocery store? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to skip shopping altogether. One popular method is through produce delivery services.

People with limited time and energy may appreciate these services. All you have to do is enter your zip code, select what types of fruits and vegetables you would like delivered each week, customize it by changing delivery frequency settings and adding or removing items from your order as desired.

The company’s variety box offers an assortment of organic and conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, and edibles each week. You’ll have a new assortment to add to your meal plan each week as well as cheese, eggs, and specialty foods.

Start ordering with the company is effortless; simply sign up for a subscription that includes weekly deliveries. You have complete control over your orders; you can make changes, pause or cancel at any time; plus, use the website to track your deliveries.

Melissa’s is unique among produce delivery services in that they focus solely on organic produce. Each week, they handpick the best organic items from various sources and ship them directly to you – such as heirloom apples, avocados, finger limes and pomegranate seeds.

You may opt to pick up your items from their stores. There are various locations across the US that are open seven days a week. The shipping fee will depend on how far away your location is from their warehouse; however, you typically save money if you order multiple boxes simultaneously.

Vegetables make meal planning and preparation simpler, as well as more enjoyable. Eating healthier and feeling satisfied for longer with the right produce at your disposal makes for a healthier you! Always have something delicious to eat from your garden with all these healthy choices at your fingertips!

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