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Produce delivery services allow you to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables while saving time, money, and energy. They reduce food waste while simultaneously supporting local farms.

Farm Fresh to You delivers 100% certified organic produce and specialty farm products right to your door, following sustainable farming practices such as efficient irrigation management, healthy crop rotation practices, recyclable packaging materials and local fertilizers.

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You offers an easy and cost-cutting way of eating healthier by providing organic fruits and vegetables directly to your doorstep. Customize your subscription package according to the needs and preferences of you and your family, and choose from among their variety of box sizes available.

This service has been in business for more than four decades and partners with more than 80 local farms to deliver produce to consumers. Their organic produce is grown using eco-friendly practices such as organic farming, crop rotation and efficient irrigation systems.

As well as their produce, they also carry an array of artisan products from local farmers, such as pasture-raised eggs, dairy, honey and olive oil. Furthermore, they provide recipes, cooking tips and other useful information to assist customers in making better choices.

They work with small-scale family farmers to cultivate their produce, with the ultimate aim being to encourage consumers to support sustainable agriculture by paying fair prices for goods purchased.

At present, they offer three subscription options for produce delivery: Mixed Fruit & Veggie Box, Veggie Only Box and Traditional CSA Box with seasonal picks. In addition, there is also the Snack Pack box which provides healthy snack alternatives to supplement your diet.

Farm Fresh To You stands out as one of the only certified organic food delivery services, providing fresh produce grown without pesticides, chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Their selection is vast.

According to the Mayo Clinic, organic produce is more nutritious than its conventional counterparts and contains less pesticide residue, making an organic diet ideal for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market offers produce delivery at up to 40% cheaper prices than you’d find at grocery stores, offering fruits and veggies with cosmetic flaws or that otherwise would have been wasted. Working in partnership with regional farms to rescue surplus inventory, Misfits Market then delivers it directly to your door!

According to Feeding America, approximately 40% of food waste goes straight into landfills without ever being donated or sold; that’s where irregular food companies like Misfits Market come in handy.

At Home Grocer, they offer fresh organic fruit and vegetables as well as pantry staples at prices far less than your local supermarket or farm market. It is an ideal solution for those looking for convenient home shopping who do not have time or funds for multiple trips each week to the supermarket or farm market.

They offer gluten-free, keto and vegan products in various sizes to fit the needs of every family member, with weekly boxes including 18-22 pounds of produce for 3-5 people.

Misfits Market offers an assortment of pantry items and baked goods in addition to produce. In addition, Misfits offers meat, seafood, eggs and dairy products as well as beverages and other snacks – perfect for snacking!

Set your preferences easily on our site for items, which will take effect during a 3-day shopping window. Feel free to add as many or few items as you’d like and receive your package once your window ends!

Misfits Market offers an online shopping cart where you can peruse all their available products and add any item from your list before your shopping window closes. Once selected, they’ll process and ship out your order within two to three business days.


Oddbox is a produce delivery service dedicated to saving fruit and vegetables considered “wonky” at supermarkets from becoming food waste, such as bulbous peppers, misshapen apples or bananas without curves. Co-founders Deepak Ravindran and Emilie Vanpoperinghe are committed to combatting widespread food waste across the UK; three million tonnes of fresh produce is wasted before it even leaves farms each year!

Oddbox takes steps to combat this by connecting with local farmers every week and collecting any surplus food that would otherwise be wasted, then delivering it directly to subscribers. Furthermore, Oddbox helps people understand the impact their choices are having on the environment through its “personal impact dashboard”, which shows them the amount of energy, carbon emissions, and water saved with each subscription box purchased.

Since 2016, this London-based startup has experienced sixfold growth thanks to its unique social impact model. Certified as a B Corporation, each fruit and vegetable box sold contributes directly to creating a better world.

Oddbox’s social impact philosophy involves donating surplus produce to charities battling food poverty in the UK, thus helping reduce food waste while simultaneously combatting food insecurity across the UK.

Oddbox goes above and beyond providing food deliveries for its customers; it also works with its farmers to ensure they receive fair compensation for their produce. Oddbox also offers flexible subscription plans with weekly or biweekly deliveries available.

Deepak Ravindran and Emilie vanpoperinghe are at the helm of this startup’s growth, having launched it from Parkhall Business Centre in West Dulwich nearly one year ago. Parkhall Business Centre serves as home for an assortment of companies such as coffee roasters, jewellery makers, fashion designers and more.

Farm to People

Farm to People is a produce delivery service dedicated to supporting non-GMO farming practices, animal welfare standards and organic seasonal food sources within 300 miles of New York City and delivers it in compostable packaging.

Shop individually or subscribe to a seasonal Farm Box subscription – both offer items from local makers tailored specifically to fit your lifestyle needs. No hidden fees apply when modifying or cancelling subscriptions!

From the Farmer is known for offering fresh fruits and vegetables delivered straight to your door, but they also offer healthy subscription boxes with produce, grains and pantry essentials – as well as regional coffee deliveries and rotating artisan bread deliveries!

California Association of Food Banks’ Farm to Family program connects growers and packers with food banks that need produce to stock their shelves, before repackaging and distributing it directly into communities where it will have the greatest impact.

Food banks frequently receive produce that doesn’t meet their stringent beauty, size or shape standards for beauty or size. That is why Farm to Family’s mission is so vital–ensuring this nutritious food reaches those in need.

Farm to People can be found online via its website. Unfortunately, their FAQ page doesn’t offer much assistance; however, most questions can be found answered via social media channels.

This company represents 150 farms and delivers boxed produce to over 20,000 customers. Recently, they opened up Kitchen & Bar warehouse cafe in Bushwick which serves hyper-local cuisine grown within 300 miles of NYC.

Menu highlights include The Sumac Smash Burger from Happy Valley Meat Co. with pasture-raised ground beef, caramelized and fresh onions, house-made pickles and celery dijonnaise on a Bread Alone brioche bun; Little Gem Salad featuring Lancaster Farms Gem lettuce from Lancaster County Growers Co-op Farm, Hawthorne Valley Biodynamic Buttermilk from Hawthorne Valley Organic Dairy Farm and an everything bagel seasoned She Wolf Sourdough Crumble ($15); Yuzu Tarragon Potato Salad features fingerling potatoes dressed with fingerling potatoes dressed with fingerling potatoes dressed with Yuzu Kosho Tarragon Mayo; finally there’s also the Yuzu Tarragon Potato Salad featuring fingerling potatoes dressed with Yuzu Kosho Tarragon Mayo dressing them all up perfectly to complete their menu offerings!


New York City’s Department for the Aging has joined forces with youth from the NYPD Explorers program to assist low-income older adults purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at local farmers’ markets by exchanging vouchers with them; then deliver it right back home!

Explorers provides a selection of organic, natural grocery staples and unique artisanal products at reasonable prices – something for everyone at every price point. Their service offers various boxes that can be delivered weekly based on each customer’s preferences.

The Explorers offer families on a budget an affordable dining option by offering free boxes with every order placed within 10 miles of customers’ homes.

To join the Explorers program in NYC metro area Co+ops, just bring your child along with you and register at one of these stores – they’ll receive their very own Explorers badge with card-carrying capability!

Each child will also receive an Explorers treat from the produce department! They’ll get one piece of fruit to enjoy while shopping!

When you’re ready to order, enter promo code EXPLORERPRESCHON at checkout – 10% of your order will go directly towards supporting our school!

The Law Enforcement Explorers program provides young men and women from diverse communities an introduction to law enforcement careers through mentoring programs such as Law Enforcement Explorers. Explorers learn the importance of education, self-discipline and respecting diversity – typically leading to strengthened ties between police officers and their communities.

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