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Introducing more fruits and veggies into your diet has never been simpler with produce box delivery services! They bring fresh, locally-grown produce directly to your doorstep for easy shopping experience.

Misfits Market is a fresh food subscription service dedicated to combatting food waste in America by salvaging produce left behind at grocery stores due to cosmetic blemishes or irregular shapes, offering it for deep discounts at deeply discounted rates.

Misfit Markets

Misfit Market offers fresh organic fruits and vegetables at discounted prices with their produce box delivery service, launched in Pennsylvania in 2018. Since then they have expanded throughout the US providing produce deliveries.

This company purchases produce from farms and food hubs around the country that would otherwise go to waste, before sorting, storing, and shipping it directly to their customers’ doorsteps. With both small and large boxes available at reasonable rates and flexible delivery schedules.

Save money while helping the environment with this simple strategy for saving on grocery costs while combatting food waste – an issue which contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Your box size and contents vary based on seasonal availability; most produce is certified organic to ensure high-quality products at an exceptional value.

Misfit Market goes beyond providing fruit and vegetable subscription boxes by also offering sustainably-sourced meats, dairy products, grains and pantry staples. Their website details where these ingredients came from so that customers can feel good about purchasing their purchases.

Misfit Market takes great care in selecting produce from farms and food hubs across the U.S. for quality assurance purposes, thus helping it lower its carbon footprint by not transporting faraway produce.

Misfit Market offers a free trial that lets you explore their service. Once signed up, they send out a monthly box full of fresh fruits and vegetables for only $30; cancellation or skipping orders can be done at any time; preferences can also be modified whenever desired.

Recently, this company experienced rapid expansion. After successfully raising an $85 million Series B funding round, this money will be used to expand geographically, add products and services, and double delivery capacity.

Service like Hello Fresh’s is ideal for people who are trying to live healthier lifestyles but lack the time or energy for grocery shopping. Additionally, families or those beginning a healthier diet could find this an invaluable option.

Raw Generation

Produce delivery services are an ideal solution for those looking to cut back on shopping time and create delicious new recipes – these companies source their produce directly from local farms before delivering it straight to you doorstep, saving both time and money!

Raw Generation is a Philadelphia-based company offering locally grown fruits and vegetables, nuts, herbs, and snacks delivered right to your door. Offering weekly, bi-weekly, monthly subscriptions as well as one-time orders with boxes containing fruit, veggies, snacks or customized boxes tailored specifically to individual needs – you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for at Raw Generation!

This company sources its produce from small family farms nearby regional hubs to offer customers the highest variety and quality. Customers also have the flexibility of choosing whether their box contains exclusively organic produce, conventionally grown items or both varieties.

Boxes from Harvest Mix feature non-GMO produce such as apples and pears while Staples Mixes provide fresh and dried fruit, veggies, staples like asparagus potatoes cucumbers. Each small, medium or large box costs approximately $56; small costs $67 while medium costs $72.

Imperfect Foods provides another viable solution by recycling produce that has fallen out of favor with supermarkets by sending it directly to its customers in produce boxes – saving both on groceries while being eco-friendly!

They source from sustainable family farms and use eco-friendly techniques to reduce water and energy consumption when shipping their products directly to customers. Furthermore, they offer customizable options tailored specifically to fit your lifestyle – like an organic juice box with ingredients for several cups of freshly-pressed juice!

Hungry Harvest, located in San Francisco, provides both organic and conventional produce directly to customers in certain zip codes across the U.S. Their boxes also make an ideal solution for those seeking dairy and pantry staples, although Hungry Harvest does not carry as many items than Misfits Market does.

This service may be pricey, but it could be well worth the investment for anyone living in San Francisco who’s interested in making their diet as organic as possible. Produce is certified organic by third parties and boxes are highly customizable so you can select items to meet your particular dietary requirements. Plus, its eco-friendly packaging – 100% recyclable! – adds even further appeal.

Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You offers organic, local produce deliveries near me through its Community Supported Agriculture service in Capay Valley, California and provides it both residentially and commercially.

Fruit & Vegetable Box Delivery service of Northern and Southern California offers fruit and vegetable boxes directly to households and offices throughout both regions, connecting communities to sustainable farms through an accessible food system.

Subscribers of this service will receive a weekly produce box featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables in various sizes, as well as organic options. Customization features allow users to remove produce they don’t like or are allergic to, while extra items like dairy products and artisanal food products can be ordered if something special piques their interest.

Your order of any one of our six boxes is custom made and delivered right to your doorstep, perfect for single people or groups alike, with customizable delivery dates. Choose between any combination of organic produce to meet the needs of all age groups! The service offers six box types available on their menu.

With a CSA, you can reduce grocery costs while eating healthier while supporting local farmers. Plus, you have the option to donate part of your order to those in need!

One great feature of this service is their referral program. By sharing a unique referral code with friends who sign up for it, you could earn $15 off of their first box order or earn $25 account credit that can be applied toward future orders.

Farm Fresh to You makes shopping fresh easier than ever by giving you the power to customize your order exactly how you like it, from selecting food types you’d like in your box, and altering it up until 48 hours prior to its scheduled delivery time.

Additionally, this site provides an abundance of recipes and helpful hints for creating delicious meals. Plus, stay informed about upcoming farm events or find ways you can be involved with the company!


Oddbox is a UK-based food waste reduction service dedicated to combatting food waste by salvaging fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. They source these vegetables from farms across the country before providing them to subscribers as part of their subscription boxes – subscribers can select their preferences in terms of fruit/veg choices, frequency of delivery as well as whether overnight delivery is desired.

Supporting local farmers has never been easier with this social enterprise’s rescue of over 1.9 million pounds of unwanted fruit and vegetables from farms around the UK that is used as weekly deliveries to customers across the UK.

The company is working to enhance employee financial wellbeing by implementing a pension and financial planning platform through their partnership with Mintago. Employees now have access to tools that enable them to track pension losses and manage contributions as well as benefits and training that support reaching their financial goals.

According to the company, their platform enables them to reduce risks related to pensions, save money, and create a solid financial foundation – especially helpful for staff experiencing uncertainty during an economic downturn.

They currently employ around 100 staff and are rapidly expanding. They plan on venturing into new areas while increasing employee share options.

Oddbox Community also launched their inaugural TV ad campaign and will utilize out-of-home advertising to reach their target market. This effort aims to promote their cause while inviting more individuals to become members of Oddbox community.

Oddbox was established to reduce food waste. They work closely with multiple growers in order to rescue any fruit or veg they cannot sell themselves, in an effort to make this waste less of an issue.

Foodwastereductionmodel.org’s food waste reduction model is revolutionising how we view and consume food, as it provides an ideal way to save money, reduce carbon emissions and support small farmers while saving money themselves. They have already achieved impressive reductions of waste while raising over PS19m funding to further their impact.

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