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Organic produce can reduce your exposure to harmful pesticides. Unfortunately, however, it may be more expensive than conventionally produced foods.

But due to organic food’s rising popularity, some stores are offering affordable ways to eat clean without breaking the bank. Here are four solutions that allow people to eat nutritiously without breaking their budgets.

1. Farmer Jones Farm

Since they started their business over three decades ago, the Jones family has been cultivating vegetables for chefs all around the globe. Today they offer one-time boxes and subscription services nationwide with their expertly selected produce.

As pioneers in regenerative agriculture, they also specialize in producing some of the highest quality vegetables you’ll ever eat. Their farming practices such as planting in rotation and using organic fertilizers aim to promote soil and plant health for improved production.

In addition to The Chef’s Garden, the family owns Culinary Vegetable Institute and numerous agricultural businesses – most recently including a retail store that’s close by some of their fields where some nutrient dense artisanal vegetables are grown.

Farmer Jones Farm Market will debut this year as an exciting Saturday addition, offering food, live music, wagon rides, pumpkin painting and trick or treating among many other fun activities. Situated at the original family farm in Huron, Ohio it will offer seasonal vegetables, microgreens, teas, honeycomb and other goodies!

Are You Searching for More Experiential Learning Opportunities? Check Out Veggie U! Fourth graders will learn how to grow and harvest their own fruits and veggies at this program! Veggie U will teach them different varieties, harvest techniques and preparation methods as they learn about growing fruits and veggies from seedling.

This small ag school will introduce its students to some lesser known varieties of common veggies found at supermarkets, with particular attention paid to regenerative agriculture practices, which focus on growing produce in such a way that both it benefits the environment and your health.

Family farms face many challenges competing with large agri-businesses and lobbying efforts. By targeting specific niche markets, these family farms have developed sustainable ag businesses that can scale to support their family needs.

2. Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a produce delivery service offering organic and sustainably sourced products at up to 40% below grocery store prices, while helping reduce food waste by salvaging edible items that would have otherwise been discarded.

Food Rescue Inc. sources its supplies from partner farms and food hubs across the U.S. Typically, Food Rescue purchases items which have expired best-by dates, are surplus in production or packaging issues; as well as fresh produce there is also organic grass-fed beef available as well as free range non GMO chicken options available through their service.

Misfits Market boasts that their products are affordable and suitable for individuals following gluten-free, vegan, keto or paleo diets as well as those living in areas classified as food deserts. Additionally, this company can be an excellent option when living in areas considered food deserts.

Misfits Market allows customers to place grocery orders by creating a free account online and signing in. Once done, a 3-day shopping window opens each week for you to add items to your cart; when your cart reaches $30 it will be processed for shipping.

Misfits Market provides most of its produce as certified organic; however, to increase variety the service also occasionally obtains conventionally grown or shipped internationally foods that have been labeled with an “Organic” tag to make their identification easier for customers.

Misfits Market offers a vast array of fruits and vegetables as well as pantry staples and specialty items, cheeses, meats and dairy products.

The company’s website states it strives to offer seasonal produce; however, this may differ depending on availability and supplier supply. While many customers praise the quality and selection of its produce on Facebook pages like this one, some may be dissatisfied with price and selection options available.

Misfits Market’s website claims it works with farmers and producers to reduce food waste. While its source for imperfect foods remains unknown, it likely comes from farmers who have identified potential issues and reached out to Misfits Market directly for help reducing food waste while creating more sustainable systems of agriculture.

3. Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You offers consumers an easy and convenient way to access fresh, local, and healthy produce directly at their door – customizing a subscription box according to your preferences and dietary needs is also possible.

Capay Valley Produce, located in California’s Capay Valley region, specializes in producing certified organic fruits and vegetables using environmentally friendly farming practices like efficient irrigation management, using local fertilizers for crop rotation purposes, and healthy crop rotation.

Farm Fresh to You offers an assortment of organic products, such as fresh pasture-raised eggs, dairy and local honey – you can customize your Farm Fresh to You box to include these or add them later.

Signing up for a subscription service doesn’t take long, and you can even customize its size. They’ll send an email reminding you when it’s time to make your selection, letting you add or remove items as necessary.

Produce aside, they offer an array of farm products such as handcrafted jams and small batch honey. You can even opt for their specialty box which highlights one particular ingredient each month – be it kabocha squash or Chinese eggplant!

Refer your friends to their website, and get rewarded with a complimentary veg box! It’s an effective way of helping them start their produce journey while saving them money at the same time!

Farm Fresh to You’s Workplace Wellness program provides businesses with an opportunity to provide healthy organic breakfasts and other wellness perks for employees to boost productivity while creating a healthier workplace culture.

Farm Fresh to You offers an amazing referral program, rewarding you with $25 credit when someone signs up using your promo code. That makes Farm Fresh to You one of the best value subscription services offering fresh organic produce and other goods delivered right to your door!

Organic meal delivery services offer an ideal solution for those who desire organic eating but lack the time or desire to visit the grocery store themselves. It is especially useful in busy cities where finding time to go grocery shopping may be hard.

4. Garden of Eve Organic Farms

Garden of Eve Organic Farms in Riverhead on Long Island’s East End is one of the premier places for fresh organic fruits, vegetables and flowers. Offering family-friendly attractions at 50 acres in size.

Chris and Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht opened this farm in 2001 as their labor of love; today it offers a vast array of flowers and produce, as well as hosting numerous children’s programs and exciting seasonal festivals. There’s also a massive beer garden on site; for something more substantial visit their cafe for grass-fed sliders, ice cream treats, hot dogs or grilled cheese sandwiches!

Foodies will love visiting this farm to discover its delicious products! Their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program makes getting access to advance shares easy while supporting your local community at the same time!

Garden of Eve offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription service, where members pay for weekly boxes of freshly picked organic produce delivered right to your door. In addition to vegetables, Garden of Eve also sells its produce at farmers markets on Long Island and Brooklyn.

Garlic Festival on the North Fork is an early fall festival showcasing garlic-themed foods, Long Island wines, local organic agriculture products, craft market, family activities, and fun family entertainment for its guests. Don’t miss this must-attend event to usher in autumn on the North Fork! It is truly unforgettable for garlic enthusiasts everywhere!

The Farm boasts many exciting sights to see, such as its tractor-powered pedal cart track, array of animal play fields and working beehive. Party packages for birthdays or other special events – featuring hayrides and admission to playfields – can also be found here; in springtime there’s even a Tulip Festival and Strawberry Festival which provide extra fun-filled events!

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