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Gardening can be fun and satisfying work, but finding quality seeds on a tight budget may prove daunting. That’s why we compiled this list of organic vegetable seeds shops near me that sell heirloom and certified organic garden seeds – both large and small companies alike!


No matter your gardening expertise, finding an organic vegetable seeds shop near me is an ideal way to begin cultivating your home garden. These stores carry various seed types and varieties as well as catalogs you can order either online or by mail for free.

Burpee Seed Company was founded over 140 years ago by Washington Atlee Burpee. Their vegetable and herb seeds can be purchased both on their website as well as through various retailers like Amazon and Home Depot.

They are pioneers in plant hybridizing, with numerous successful hybridized seeds well adapted for American growing conditions. They offer an impressive selection of non-GMO and certified organic vegetable, fruit, flower and herb seeds that meet this standard.

Seed Savers Exchange is one of the premier sources for rare and heirloom seeds, collecting, conserving and regenerating thousands of rare and heirloom varieties. As a nonprofit organization they collect, conserve and regenerate thousands of rare and heirloom varieties – an unrivaled collection.

Over 20,000 varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs make up their extensive heirloom seed collection, with a fantastic website providing easy browsing. You can request a free catalog on their site; surely you will find something here you like!

Vermont Seed Depot provides an impressive selection of organic, non-GMO vegetable seeds at reasonable prices while supporting a local family business.

They offer an expansive website and blog with plenty of useful information for both novice gardeners and experienced ones, from how to identify pests and weeds, all the way through growing your own herbs.

This major organic seed company was established by a plant geneticist from Utah State University and is known for their specialty of finding varieties that thrive in high-altitude climates. They offer an impressive selection of heirloom, open-pollinated, non-GMO vegetable and herb seeds.

Peaceful Valley

When it comes to finding organic vegetable seeds near me, I like supporting local companies who work directly with farmers and growers. They offer better prices as well as personalized attention tailored specifically for my garden’s needs.

Peaceful Valley Seed Company is a family-owned seed business dedicated to helping people cultivate healthy food using organic practices. Their selection includes seeds for vegetables, herbs, fruit trees & berries, wildflowers, potatoes & onions along with gardening tools, pest control supplies & season extending products as well as composting supplies – as well as special pricing programs for farmers, school gardens and landscaping businesses.

They carry an excellent selection of rare heirloom seeds that cannot be found elsewhere, offering unique varieties of peppers, tomatoes and flowers not available elsewhere.

Cottage Grove Seed Company is run by a husband-and-wife team who live a simple yet sustainable life together, selling over 600 varieties of heirloom, open-pollinated and hybrid vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

Peaceful Valley may not offer as large of a selection as Botanical Interests, but they do have several unique varieties to offer. Their packet fronts feature drawings; however, there’s not as much information provided compared to Botanical Interests’ packets.

Kitizawa Seed Company in California offers another wonderful option for shopping: America’s oldest Asian seed company and boasting an expansive selection of traditional Japanese heirloom vegetable varieties renowned for their high success rate and beautiful catalog photographs.

Some of the companies on this list also work to preserve heirloom seed varieties from extinction, acting either as non-profit organizations or small businesses with expertise in archiving historical seeds in North America.


Johnny’s is a 100% employee-owned company and one of the best places to purchase organic vegetable seeds. Their selection includes heirloom, organic and hybrid seeds to meet both home gardeners’ and professional growers’ needs.

This store also provides an impressive variety of gardening supplies and tools, and boasts an incredibly useful grower’s library section. Their seeds boast excellent ratings while bulk purchases can be had at reasonable rates.

Heirloom or heritage seeds are open-pollinated varieties passed down from generation to generation rather than commercially developed varieties, and often possess unique and valuable genetic diversity for your garden. Heirloom varieties offer great ways to preserve this diversity.

Seed catalogs will tell you whether a particular seed is hybrid or heirloom, making a critical distinction for any gardener. Hybrid seeds have been bred under controlled conditions in order to select for desirable traits like disease resistance, uniformity, sweetness or color – something heirloom seeds cannot do.

GMO seeds, or genetically modified (GMO) seeds, have been genetically engineered to increase resistance against pests and herbicides. Though GMO seeds might not necessarily offer superior performance to heirloom varieties, they may prove more convenient if you plan to grow the same variety year after year.

Harris Seeds offers a selection of seeds recognized as All-American Selection (AAS) winners by an independent testing organization, making them easy to locate by checking product photos.

Seeds are essential in building any garden, so selecting quality ones will save both money and time in the long run. Take the time to carefully read labels before making your decision!

True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market is an organic vegetable seeds shop near me that offers an incredible selection of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds for gardening. Their website is user-friendly, while their products are reasonably priced. Furthermore, True Leaf Market also has tools and supplies available to assist your garden growth successfully.

Seeds can help kickstart a home garden and bring fresh produce directly into your space. Not only are they cost-effective and easily ordered online, they come packaged for convenient growing. But it is essential to locate high quality organic vegetable seeds with proven success as an organic grower.

Heirloom varieties make an excellent selection for home gardens because of their longstanding existence and breeding practices that preserve genetic heritage. Furthermore, open pollinated varieties remain true to the variety they came from and breed true offspring each time around.

True Leaf Market provides many heirloom seed varieties grown and processed using natural, non-toxic methods.

Gardeners love this local seed company for many reasons. They have pledged their adherence to The Safe Seed Pledge and only sell GMO-free seeds. In addition to that, they offer organic growing tips, planting instructions and garden guides.

This website offers a selection of vegetables, flowers and herbs suitable for different climates and planting cycles, in addition to tools and gardening supplies sold at reasonable prices.

As well as offering an impressive variety of heirloom seeds — including veggies that are native to their region — they also carry cover crop and grass seeds for landscaping use.

Their website features an impressive array of tools and gardening supplies as well as organic pest-control solutions, plus they sell microgreens – young plants that can be grown indoors.

Dirt Works

Dirt Works provides organic vegetable seeds at competitive prices at their local store in your area, with helpful information and advice for gardeners and farmers alike on their website.

Fill dirt is ideal for creating sturdy foundations for planting, improving soil fertility and raising plant beds or leveling off properties. They offer various grades of fill dirt to meet any need you might have.

Territorial Seed Company of Cottage Grove, Oregon is run by a husband-and-wife team who are striving to live an earthy and self-reliant life. They carry an assortment of heirloom and organic garden seeds that suit varying climates – many are especially well suited to Pacific Northwest climates and similar regions.

San Diego Seed Company is another local business specializing in organic and heirloom garden seed varieties tailored to SoCal climates, as well as gardening supplies such as soil. Their social media pages make connecting with them and staying informed easy – you’ll always know what’s happening there!

When purchasing vegetable seeds, it is essential that you are aware which ones are safe for your family and the environment. Some seed companies use pesticides on their crops, so be sure to read and follow label instructions carefully. Also look out for vendors certified by an official certification agency such as Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies.

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