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organic vegetable box delivery

For an easy way to stock up on organic produce, consider signing up for a vegetable subscription box. These shipments of fruit and vegetables are delivered straight from local farms right to your door.

These services often save non-GMO produce that major stores and farmers cannot sell due to surplus, scarring or being “imperfect” in size or appearance. By selling these items online, shoppers are directly supporting local organic farms.


Organic vegetable box delivery makes it easy to get the freshest fruits and vegetables without ever having to leave your home. These services are ideal for those who are dedicated to eating healthier while saving money in the process – many even offer discounts to customers who sign up for a subscription plan.

One of the greatest advantages to these services is that they often collaborate with local farmers to handpick produce for your box, helping avoid waste caused by closure or unusable produce due to other reasons.

Another thing to look for when researching a company is their commitment to sustainable farming practices. This could include things like using efficient irrigation techniques, minimizing pesticide usage and recycling packaging materials.

Farm Fresh to You is a second-generation farm that practices eco-friendly farming techniques to grow its produce. Their mission is to promote local and organic production for both the environment and customers’ health.

This CSA-style service offers weekly and monthly subscription boxes in various sizes. You can select a small, medium, or large box prefilled with what’s in season that week. Plus you have the option to customize your box by adding on items like honey or coffee for an added touch!

From the Farmer is a DC, Maryland and Virginia-based produce delivery service that partners with local farmers to create customized vegetable boxes tailored for your needs. Their boxes include seasonal fruits and veggies like broccoli, spinach, kale, radishes and more; plus they offer regional coffee boxes and rotating artisan bread deliveries.

When selecting a vegetable box delivery service, there are plenty of options to choose from. To offset the higher costs associated with organic produce, some companies will even include non-organic items in their boxes for added convenience.

Misfits Market strives to reduce food waste by offering boxes of produce that major grocery stores cannot sell due to scars, surplus, or cosmetic blemishes. They save these items and offer them at up to 40% off store prices for customers to take home.


Vegie box subscription services offer a selection of organic vegetables to choose from, such as leafy greens, watermelon radishes and zucchini. Some even include additional items like cheese or chocolate! However, each box’s scheme may differ so it’s worth exploring each option before signing up.

Misfits Market is another option; they specialize in selling non-GMO produce that major stores cannot carry due to scarring or lack of conformance. Their produce comes from small farms across America, helping sustainable farmers stop losing money on unsold items.

Misfits Market is the ideal option for those who want a wide variety of vegetables without breaking their budget. Their prices are guaranteed to be up to 40% lower than at grocery stores nationwide, making them an affordable and convenient alternative.

Misfits Market not only offers produce boxes, but they also carry pantry staples, meats and dairy, as well as snacks. Plus, customers have the option to create their own customized box without any minimum order requirement.

For those who don’t need a wide variety of foods, vegetable box delivery companies that focus exclusively on fresh fruits and veggies may be suitable. These boxes come in various sizes but typically contain 12-14 varieties – enough to satisfy most families’ requirements.

There are also companies that specialize in vegetables, such as Imperfect Foods. Their boxes change weekly and typically include microgreens, spinach and kale, lettuce, beets, squash and asparagus.

While this service may not be available to everyone, those living in Washington DC or Maryland have a great alternative. Additionally, residents from other parts of the US can take advantage of it by choosing their delivery date and time.

Many Americans turn to Abel & Cole for their grocery needs, as it sources produce from local farms and offers an expansive selection of vegetables, bread, dry goods and wine. On their website you can customize your order with add-on items like dry beans or rice as well as recipe kits designed to make meal prep simpler.


Organic vegetables are an excellent way to promote a healthy lifestyle, and there are plenty of options available. You can choose from box delivery services, online grocers, or local farm stands for your organic veggies needs.

Some services allow you to customize a box of produce according to your preferences, while others are more limited in what they provide. Some boxes only carry certified organic items, while others contain both organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables in mixed bags. Furthermore, some offer an array of artisanal goods like bread, dairy products, and honey.

Many of these service providers also provide subscriptions, so you can expect your box at regular intervals — weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This ensures you never run out of fresh and nutritious food items.

Misfits Market is another noteworthy vegetable-related service, offering a selection of organic produce that major grocery stores often can’t carry due to excess supply or scarring. All items come packaged in fully recyclable boxes with eco-friendly packaging for delivery convenience.

Established in 2008, this California-based company has been providing customers with fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are as beneficial to your health as they are delicious. Their latest offering is called the Freshbox, which features an assortment of locally grown items that are currently in season. You can subscribe to their service on their website to have a box of seasonal goodies delivered right to your door every month.

The company’s primary selling point is its dedication to reducing food waste. For every order placed, they donate a portion of the money received to local food banks and farmer’s markets.

The company’s patented technology can detect non-GMO produce that is in short supply or has been damaged and deliver it to you in an environmentally friendly and convenient way. This enables them to provide quality organic fruit and vegetables to those who might otherwise not have access to them, or just prefer having their produce delivered directly to them.


Organic vegetable box delivery is an effective way to support small food growers and family farms. Farms facing huge obstacles in the current food system have found new revenue streams through veg box schemes without needing high advertising budgets, head offices, land purchases or longer food miles.

Vegetable boxes not only support smaller farmers, but they also contribute to decentralising the food supply and cutting down on how far food has to travel for marketing. By buying directly from a small local grower, vegetables don’t need to travel far, saving on fuel emissions as well.

Organic produce also offers several advantages over supermarket-bought options, such as being naturally sweeter and containing more nutrients. Furthermore, it lasts longer in storage compared to store-bought fruits and vegetables.

Riverford, founded in Devon, is an association of small organic farms that provides fresh produce throughout the UK. Their farms do not use pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals on their land and a significant percentage of their produce is organic.

Their weekly veggie box selections change, offering seasonal salad greens, herbs and microgreens. You’ll find a wide range of ingredients in their boxes – such as chard, kale, beetroot, spinach and radishes – that you won’t find elsewhere.

They specialize in heirloom varieties, so you’re guaranteed the freshest produce. You can order a box for one person or the entire family and add extra items if desired.

If you live in the north-west, East Coast Organics is an excellent option for organic produce delivered right to your door. This farm has been operating for two decades and employs biodynamic methods in their crop rotation, composting and animal feeding processes.

You can select from a range of box sizes, starting at PS11 for couples and up to PS22 for families. Leftover produce is donated to non-profit organisations fighting food poverty in the UK.

Misfits Market locates and purchases produce that major grocery stores cannot sell, then ships it directly to you at a 40% discount. They use compostable plant-based bags, eco-friendly insulation and recycled cardboard in order to reduce packaging waste and carbon emissions.

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