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Organic meat and veggie delivery services are an excellent way to get high-quality cuts of meat, veggies, and more in your area. Not only do they save you time and money on groceries, but they also guarantee you always have healthy options available when needed.

Organic is not only beneficial to your health, but it’s also good for the environment and animals. You can find a range of organic meat delivery services online to suit any need.

Fossils Farms

Fossil Farms is an organization that offers an expansive selection of meat products from more than 200 farms. Their selection includes standard proteins like beef and lamb as well as exotic animals like elk and ostrich.

Their steroid- and hormone-free meats are all raised on privately owned farms. They only collaborate with farms that raise animals humanely, allowing them to roam free on pastures.

They offer an extensive selection of fresh meat cuts, such as beef, chicken and pork. Popular choices include Wagyu beef, Angus NY strip steaks and bison strips.

Fossil Farms exotic meats tend to be more expensive than what you’ll find at a grocery store, but they are of much better quality. For instance, one pound of wagyu beef costs approximately 50% more than what you’d pay at your local grocer’s store.

Fossil Farms offers a wide selection of organic and grass-fed meat, as well as an biweekly subscription service called Discovery Box. This package contains various meat products along with shelf-stable items like jams and honey.

This company is renowned for its exotic meats, which they source from independent farms throughout the U.S. Their wild game meats such as elk, alligator, goat, quail, venison and kangaroo are antibiotic-free, steroid-free and hormone-free; additionally their pheasants are grown to a specific weight for optimal flavor and juiciness.


Greensbury is a meat and veggie delivery service that ships humanely raised, grass-fed meat as well as sustainable and wild-caught seafood across the contiguous United States. Established in 2007, this business has built up an enthusiastic customer base who trusts their products.

Greensbury meats are always fresh due to its flash freezing process that maintains meat and seafood at a consistent temperature during transport and delivery. Furthermore, all Greensbury meats are free from antibiotics and hormones – making them ideal for families seeking healthier alternatives to standard supermarket staples.

Greensbury’s beef, poultry and pork products are made with grass-fed grassland beef that’s certified organic, antibiotic-free and hormone-free for your family’s maximum nutrition. Greensbury strives to ensure your family only consumes top-notch meat products.

Their meat is flash frozen immediately after harvesting to maintain a consistent temperature until delivery to your door. This process helps ensure all essential nutrients remain intact.

This meat is sourced from ranchers and farmers in the US who take great pride in providing their customers with high-quality organic food. Furthermore, they strive to source foods free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, as well as those which promote ecologically sound farming practices.

You have the option to select from a range of one-time orders or custom subscriptions. With the latter model, shipments could be scheduled every four, six, or eight weeks according to your preference and budget.

Porter Road

Porter Road is an online butcher shop that delivers their premium meats to homes throughout America. They provide various subscription boxes so customers can mix-and-match their favorite cuts as well as add-on items like cheeses, coffee, and drinks.

The company specializes in pasture-raised meat from farms located in Kentucky and Tennessee. The animals are raised outdoors with vegetarian feed, without receiving added hormones or antibiotics, and receive plenty of attention without any stress or strain.

Porter Road’s website is packed with entertaining and educational photos that help you learn about their various cuts of meat. From tenderloins to sausage and even whole chickens, there’s something for everyone on their menu!

Porter Road stands out from other meat and vegetable delivery services by prioritizing quality over convenience. Their meats are delivered fresh in biodegradable packaging that keeps the meats safe during transit.

They recommend freezing your meat as soon as you receive it, so that it’s ready for cooking when you get home. Doing this keeps the meats as fresh as possible when cooked.

Porter Road is an ideal option for anyone seeking healthy, high-quality meats to bring into their own home. Their beef is dry aged for tenderness and flavor, without added hormones or antibiotics in their products. Furthermore, Porter Road works closely with American farms to meet their stringent standards and animal welfare criteria – guaranteeing that every piece of meat they sell meets the highest possible standard.

Organic Prairie

Organic meat and veggie delivery services can be an excellent way to add more nutritious options to your kitchen. However, it’s essential that you do your due diligence before ordering from a service in order to guarantee they provide high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Organic certification requires that meat be raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or GMOs. Animals must also graze on grass, consume a natural diet and have year-round access to nature.

Organic Prairie offers an extensive selection of organic meats and poultry from America’s largest cooperative of organic farmers – Organic Valley. If you’re searching for sustainable seafood options as well, Organic Prairie has you covered.

Their mission is to save small family farms by producing award-winning organic products like milk, cheese, butter, spreads, eggs, produce and meat that are sold in grocery stores, natural foods markets and food cooperatives across America.

Organic Prairie’s meat comes from family farmers who practice sustainable farming and raise their livestock on organic pastures, rather than in crowded feed lots or barns. Their products include organic ground beef, jerky and other beef cuts.

In addition to meat, the company also provides organic produce like strawberries, spinach, apples, tomatoes, squash and more. You can get them in a box or as an entire meal kit. Or opt for a subscription that delivers certain numbers of meals each month.

Farm Foods Market

Farm Foods Market is a delivery service for fresh meat and produce sourced from small family farms. These farmers raise beef and pork using only 100% grass-fed and grass-finished practices, providing customers with only the freshest, premium cuts of meat.

They provide chicken raised free-range on pasture without antibiotics or hormones. Furthermore, they use minimal packaging for deliveries and don’t include any extra items in their boxes.

When searching for an organic meat and veggie delivery service, transparency about their sourcing practices should be your top priority. Make sure to get a list of all farms they work with so you can see their list of partners.

Additionally, ensure the meat you purchase is certified organic. Doing so ensures you’re purchasing high-quality organic produce instead of cheaper alternatives.

When searching for organic meat and veggie delivery services, customer support should also be top of mind. If you’re not satisfied with what you receive, contact the company promptly so they can resolve the issue and ensure a smooth transition.

Farm Foods Market may not be as well-known as some of its competitors, but it’s an excellent option for organic meat and veggies. They carry a wide selection of cuts such as beef, chicken, and pork; plus they offer value packs which allow you to order large amounts of meat at once.

Organic Valley

Organic meat and veggie delivery is an easy way to ensure your kitchen stays stocked with healthy organic ingredients. Unlike store-bought meat that may contain hormones and antibiotics, the meat from organic farms is free from these toxins. Not only is this a healthier alternative for you to purchase, but it will help maintain your overall wellbeing as well.

Established in 1988, Organic Valley is one of the U.S.’s foremost organic brands with a mission to save small family farms through sustainable agriculture. Their range of organic foods include dairy, egg and produce items which can be found at supermarkets, natural foods stores and food cooperatives across America.

Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative, meaning the 1,800 small organic family farms that make up its membership own the company. This ensures that you’re getting top quality products when you shop there.

Organic Valley offers a range of organic dairy products, such as Whole, 2%, 1% and fat-free skim milk; chocolate milk, lactose-free grass milk and buttermilk – all sourced from 121 local family farms within New York State. In addition to their famous New York Fresh milk that comes from 121 family farms within the Empire State.

Their cows receive up to 4 months of pasture time each year, and they don’t use artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. Furthermore, they supplement their milk with DHA Omega-3 for brain and retina health in children.

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