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Finding fresh organic fruits and vegetables can be time consuming and daunting. If shopping is too much hassle for you or you just don’t have enough spare time for it, why not sign up for an organic fruit and veg box delivery service instead?

These services make healthy eating more accessible and economical, and all operate on sustainable farming practices and packaging methods.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a subscription-based service that helps reduce food waste by offering organic fruit and vegetables at up to 40% discounted retail prices. Misfits Market rescues produce that major grocery stores cannot sell due to scarring, surplus quantities or cosmetic blemishes; giving its subscribers access to these discounted treats without breaking the bank!

Mischief Box and Madness Box both provide a mix of produce delivered directly to your doorstep on a weekly or biweekly basis.

As well as fresh produce, they also carry pantry items like nut butters and spices as well as baked goods, meats, seafoods, dairy and eggs.

Your basket will include produce, pantry items and other groceries for a minimum order value of $30 per delivery and you’ll have three shopping days before your order will be processed and sent off to be fulfilled and shipped out.

Shipping starts at $6.99 depending on your zip code, with Misfits Market using biodegradable plant-based bags, recycled cardboard and eco-friendly insulation in their packaging to protect their products.

Feeding America reports that nearly 40% of food available in the US is wasted each year – this equates to millions of meals that could have fed hungry Americans instead.

Misfits Market is an excellent option for anyone who’s looking to reduce their environmental impact and curb food waste. Based in Philadelphia, Misfits Market rescues “ugly” yet edible fruits and veggies that would otherwise end up in landfills – so they can be delivered right to your door without incurring membership fees! Plus there’s no membership fee!

The Fruit Guys

Organic fruit and veg box delivery services are an easy and delicious way to access healthy food right at your door. Offering various sizes and varieties ranging from snacking essentials, fresh greens, exotic fruits and more; many offer free or low-cost shipping as well as additional groceries you can add on.

The Fruit Guys provide fresh produce directly from small farms without genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You’ll get organic and conventional varieties like bananas, apples, oranges, kiwis and more delivered right to your door!

They provide an array of boxes, from seasonal mixes to staples mixes, that range in price from $37 for small 16-serving boxes up to $69 for large 50-serving ones.

Since 1998, The Fruit Guys have been helping their clients live healthier and happier lives through farm-fresh produce delivered directly from family farms near regional hubs. A Certified B Corporation with 11 locations nationwide, The Fruit Guys are experts at creating an empowering company culture while paying its employees living wages.

Their website boasts many interesting features, such as a blog and community forum dedicated to their customers. Pay them a visit and learn more about their efforts to ensure safe food is produced while making an impactful statement about global environmental impact.

Misfits Market strives to reduce food waste by offering boxes with unusual-looking produce that would otherwise be discarded by grocery stores. Based in San Francisco and shipping nationwide, Misfits Market’s prices can be up to 40% less expensive than what would be offered by local grocers.

Perfectly Imperfect Produce

Imperfect Foods is a subscription service offering produce and other groceries that do not meet the stringent cosmetic standards set forth by traditional supermarkets, in an effort to reduce food waste while building an improved food system.

Perfectly Imperfect Produce sources its imperfect foods from local farms and wholesalers, as well as donating produce directly to people in need. Since 2012, Perfectly Imperfect Produce has saved more than one million pounds of food while feeding over 100,000 individuals in need.

Imperfect Foods also provides a selection of grocery items such as meats, dairy and pantry essentials at competitive pricing compared to traditional supermarkets.

Your order can be tailored specifically to meet your needs; just add or remove items as desired to create a box that best suits you. Plus, skip deliveries altogether or have less frequent ones scheduled!

Imperfect Foods delivers in insulated boxes made of paper and vegetable starch that are easily recyclable through curbside recycling programs. When necessary, polyethylene liners may also be used to keep items cold; these may be harder to recycle though.

This box offers fresh, nutritious produce at an attractive price – making it the ideal solution for busy families or anyone seeking to reduce their grocery costs without compromising quality.

Imperfect Foods stands apart from traditional subscription services by offering flexible customization and delivery. You can select the size and contents of your box as well as choose dairy, meat or snack inclusion.

Your box can arrive every week, every other week or monthly depending on your location and they will send out a reminder email a few days beforehand to remind you. Plus you can always modify them via text messaging!


Oddbox’s goal is to protect perfectly healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables from going to waste, connecting farmers and growers with food lovers who appreciate produce that would otherwise have been considered too large or small to sell in supermarkets.

Produce for sale comes from farms across the UK and beyond, working closely with farmers to collect surplus produce that would otherwise go to waste and alleviating food poverty by donating ten per cent of sales proceeds to two charities.

Simply Fresh is a subscription service where you select both size and produce you’d like delivered directly to your door each week (a small box offers eight items; large ones around 25). Weekly or fortnightly deliveries can be chosen; should anything not meet your approval, Simply Fresh will remove it permanently from future boxes.

It’s an easy and convenient way to access fresh, organic fruit and veg without ever leaving home! Choose your box from among several sizes and contents options and even add extras if desired.

Deliveries come directly to your doorstep – perfect if you have no time or patience to go out and buy fruit and veg yourself. Shopping through them is plastic-free too!

Each week brings with it a variety of fresh ingredients – the selection changes weekly! And with great customer service and an option for adding on extras like deli items or dry goods. Give this organic fruit and veg box a try; you may just find yourself hooked!

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct may provide the answer if you want an effortless way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake without breaking the bank. With their assortment of seasonal, organic produce delivered directly to your doorstep every week and even juicer boxes designed specifically to enhance vitamins and minerals intake, Farmbox Direct makes eating organic fruits and veggies simple!

Each week, log into your online account and customize your box with up to five substitutions. Moreover, if traveling becomes necessary or necessary for whatever other reason, skip or cancel at any time – giving you full flexibility!

Farmbox Direct offers families looking to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption without the time or energy to visit grocery stores or farmers markets an efficient option that meets all budgets, providing organic or conventional options depending on preferences.

They offer three box sizes – small, medium and large. A small produce box is best for individuals or couples; medium produce boxes can cater to an average family.

Farmbox Direct was established by Ashley Tyrner in 2014 when she needed a simple way to access fresh produce at an affordable cost in New York City. Farmbox Direct provides organic and natural foods at more accessible price points to everyone regardless of income levels.

This company delivers from small farms across the U.S. and offers customized boxes tailored to various budgets. In addition, their Perfectly Imperfect Produce program collects produce too damaged for sale at supermarkets and ships it directly to subscribers – saving both produce and money at the same time!

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