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If you want to increase the amount of fruits and veggies in your diet but don’t have time for multiple trips to the grocery store, an online produce delivery service could be a viable option.

These companies partner with local farmers to deliver fresh organic vegetables and fruit directly to your door. Some even provide subscription box options which can save you money on groceries in the long run.

Farm Fresh To You

If you’re searching for fresh, organic produce, there are several online vegetable delivery near me options to choose from. Farm Fresh To You has been providing these services since 1986.

Organic Farm Box is 100% organic and offers customizable boxes tailored to fit your family’s needs. Choose from classic CSA-style boxes featuring locally grown organic veggies, no-cook options or vegetable of the month clubs with items like September’s kabocha squash or February’s Chinese eggplant. All boxes are certified organic by the company.

Their service boasts an impressive list of sustainability credentials, such as efficient irrigation and water management, healthy crop rotation, recyclable packaging and the use of local fertilizers. You’ll find plenty of fruits and vegetables here as well as pasture-raised eggs, dairy products and honey produced locally.

Farm Fresh To You offers several subscription benefits, such as two-day delivery in select areas and an easy cancellation policy. Plus, their app lets you track deliveries and adjust preferences easily.

Choose between fruit-and-veggie or two veggie boxes in sizes ranging from six to thirty pounds. There are also specialty boxes such as the vegetable of the month club with kabocha squash, Chinese eggplant and purple artichokes for special occasions.

Finally, they offer the “imperfect food” service – non-GMO items that major grocery stores may not carry due to visual flaws or excess supply. You’ll be delighted by how tasty many of these foods actually are!

Though not every service on this list is the best, they all deserve your consideration if you’re searching for fresh organic produce. The ideal ones will fit within your budget, lifestyle and taste buds best. Finding an online vegetables delivery near me with top ingredients for yourself and your family is one of the most crucial steps towards a healthier future.


Hungryroot is a meal kit and grocery delivery service that makes cooking healthier meals at home easy. This makes it the ideal solution for people with busy schedules who want to reduce processed food consumption.

Begin your meal planning on Hungryroot by taking a quiz. They will provide a list of grocery items and recipes tailored to fit your individual needs and goals, all free from artificial preservatives, colors, and high-fructose corn syrup.

Once set up, you’ll receive a box each week with ingredients for several chef-prepared meals as well as snacks and other groceries. You have the option of selecting either a small, medium, or large box size.

The small box comes with three two-serving meals, while medium and large boxes include four two-serving meals each. Customers have access to vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes as well.

Another advantage of the service is that you can skip a week at any time without incurring a fee. Furthermore, you have complete control over what size, frequency and types of produce are delivered to you each week as well as selecting a delivery day that works best with your lifestyle and schedule.

You can even customize the recipes for each week. This is an excellent opportunity to try new things and discover your favorites. The menus have been written with simplicity in mind, yet still delicious dishes.

For those with special dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, dairy-free or nut-free diets, this service is an ideal option. They offer a variety of products that meet these specifications such as prepared and frozen meats and seafood, eggs, pantry staples like whole grain flour or non-GMO beans and more.

This service takes a similar approach to other meal kits, but offers more customization and variety. While not as comprehensive as Thrive Market, it may be suitable for those needing to adhere to a special diet or have special dietary requirements.

Hungryroot is an ideal option for those seeking to reduce processed food consumption and stock up on healthy, nutritious groceries. Their meals are made with fresh ingredients for optimal flavor and nutritional value; plus they’re suitable for those with special dietary requirements or following a strict diet plan.

Farmbox Direct

If you’re trying to eat more veggies but don’t have time for weekly trips to the farmers market, online produce delivery services may be your ideal solution. They either deliver a box of produce directly to your door or ship it via courier – usually offering one week’s worth of produce per shipment. Plus, many offer other grocery items like snacks, pantry goods and even juicing ingredients so that you can easily meet your healthy eating goals!

Farmbox Direct is an online vegetable delivery service near me that ships produce from farms across America. Their boxes range in size from small to large and they even offer organic options for those seeking more natural foods. You can customize your box by adding artisan products from nearby producers like cheese, deli meats, breads and dairy items.

The company’s website makes it simple to select a box, size and frequency that works for you. Their offerings include an extensive variety of fruits and veggies depending on the season.

They ship locally, which helps support small family-run farms and reduce food miles. Plus, the short journey means less fuel use – beneficial for the environment.

Their boxes come in several sizes and include a range of fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, raspberries, kale, spinach, broccoli, carrots – plus much more! Their small box starts at $34 while their large one costs $49 – an excellent value! Plus they offer organic vegetable boxes which cost four dollars more than the standard small box but still provide great quality produce.

Another excellent local online vegetable delivery option is From the Farmer, which delivers freshly picked and local produce to DC, Maryland and Virginia. They partner with regional sustainable and organic farmers to build seasonal boxes of organic fruits and vegetables filled with favorites like asparagus, broccoli, lettuce heads, kale, cilantro, grapes – plus much more!

Anyone in the DMV can take advantage of From the Farmer’s produce delivery service. You have control over how much produce arrives each week and can customize your subscription according to how much produce is needed or desired. You may also opt for a box full of healthy cooking essentials, a coffee box or rotating shipments of artisan bread.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including tropical fruits and exotic roots. Plus they provide subscription add-ons like meat/fish packs and dairy grocery boxes for added convenience.

ReFED gathers produce that’s too small, shaped incorrectly or discolored from local farms and wholesalers in an effort to prevent waste. Co-founder Ben Simon stated they’re working to combat the enormous amount of edible food waste that goes to landfills annually – estimated at 30-40% of all edible items.

Although these food items may not be perfect, they’re still safe for consumption and provide a great source of fresh fruits and veggies. As an online produce delivery service, they’re able to offer these items at discounted prices so consumers can reduce their waste production.

They’re an ideal option for those on a tight budget, selling produce and pantry staples at reasonable prices. The website is user-friendly with customizable boxes to fit personal preferences.

The only drawback to this online vegetable delivery service is that it’s not available everywhere. Currently, they deliver to 36 metro areas across 41 states across America and plan on rapidly expanding their delivery area.

Another issue with this service is that product availability often changes, meaning you may not be able to get your favorites the next time around. This can be an aggravating experience if you’re following a meal plan or have specific allergies or dietary restrictions.

You can customize your produce boxes to meet your individual needs, though there may be a price adjustment per item. For instance, organic fruit will cost more than conventional options.

This eco-friendly grocery delivery service specializes in producing a wide range of fresh and local produce as well as pantry essentials. The minimum subscription price is $35, and boxes can be paused or canceled at any time.

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