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If you’re in need of fresh fruits but don’t have time to go shopping, there are several services that offer delivery of them right to your door. Some services provide weekly fruit deliveries while others let you choose individual varieties when desired.

One popular option is ordering a fruit box online. These boxes include various fruits picked at their peak ripeness and then delivered right to your door.

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is a local online fruits near me business that pioneered the fruit bouquet industry, but now offers an array of healthy and gourmet grab-and-go items. Their menu includes fresh fruit arrangements, chocolate dipped fruits, party platters, and more to enjoy anytime!

Established in 2001 by Tariq Farid, Edible Arrangements uses a franchise system to manage their stores. Their software keeps track of sales, inventory, production efficiency and profitability.

Edible Arrangements’ success can be attributed to its adaptability and ability to create new products that appeal to a shifting market. During the recent coronavirus outbreak, for instance, their innovative offerings proved vital in helping them remain viable, according to Forbes.

Edible Arrangements offers a selection of fresh fruit bouquets and other grab-and-go treats like smoothies and donuts that can be delivered to offices or homes as part of employee wellness initiatives.

They offer a selection of dessert-themed items for parties, such as trays with dipped strawberries, pineapples and cantaloupe. These make great alternatives to flowers and are suitable for any event or celebration.

Ordering a fruit bouquet through Edible Arrangements is easy–either online, through their app, or visiting one of their 1,200 independently owned and operated locations nationwide. No matter where you live, there’s sure to be an Edible Arrangements location near you!

The company provides a wide selection of birthday and anniversary gifts, as well as business and corporate items. You can even create your own gift baskets with personalized messages for an extra special touch.

Another popular item is their fruit boxes, which look like floral arrangements and include a selection of fruits and other snack favorites in a container. This is an adorable way to surprise your loved ones on any special occasion.

For an even more stunning presentation, consider their gourmet chocolate dipped fruit bouquets. Dipped in luxurious chocolate and featuring fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, and apple wedges – these decadent treats will surely impress your friends, family members or business associates!

Harry & David

Harry & David has been America’s go-to for premium fruit and gourmet gifts since 1934. Their selection includes orchard-fresh fruits, gourmet food gift baskets and other items perfect for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or sympathy.

They produce a wide selection of food products, such as pears and fruit, chocolates and sweets, baked goods, wines, meats and pantry goods. Their items can be sold both online through their website and at retail outlets.

Harry & David offers an impressive selection of high-quality foods at prices ranging from $35 to over $100. Plus, you can take advantage of deals and coupons which could save you money on your order.

Since 1934, this family-run business is still located in Medford, Oregon. Its fruit is grown across 19 orchards throughout America and abroad, while they also produce other gourmet foods and treats for customers.

Fruit from this company is sold through its stores and website, but they also market some products through catalogs. Furthermore, the company runs several wholesale warehouses where it supplies goods to other retailers and distributors.

In a recent interview with CO–, Harry & David CEO Steven Lightman expressed his pride in the company’s customer loyalty and digital transformation. He mentioned that their team strives to keep customers engaged even if they don’t place orders directly from them.

He pointed to the fact that his employees send reminders to customers to reorder for special occasions. Additionally, he stated, their customer service team makes an extra call when a product arrives to ensure the recipient is satisfied with it.

He explained their business model as an effort to move away from the mail-order model which had driven their initial success. While they still ship products via mail, most orders are placed online or through their new mobile ordering system introduced in 2017.

Harry & David offers a wide range of kosher-certified products, all guaranteed not to contain any non-kosher ingredients during preparation. To guarantee this, all equipment used in production has undergone inspection and evaluation to prevent cross contamination with non-kosher foods at any point during processing.


Instacart is a grocery delivery service that partners with several major supermarket chains to bring you fresh fruits, vegetables, and other goods. You can shop for your items using the Instacart app, set a delivery date, and have them delivered directly to your home within an hour.

Instacart provides same-day and next-day delivery services, earning revenue by charging a fee for each delivery. They also partner with retailers who pay them to promote their goods on Instacart.

Some of these retailers are local businesses, while others are national chains with stores across different locations. You can view the pricing policies for each store on Instacart’s website or app.

On Instacart, prices may appear higher than at a store nearby; however, these costs are determined by the average price in your area and could change depending on the store’s sales.

Many shoppers who work for Instacart are independent contractors, meaning they can earn more money if they put in effort and ensure customers enjoy them. Recently, the platform introduced features designed to boost earnings and expedite tip earning.

Instacart’s shopper rating system rewards those who receive positive ratings, and it has recently adjusted its algorithm to give customers with high ratings priority access to batches.

As an Instacart shopper, the best way to maximize your earnings is by staying in high demand zones and getting orders there quickly. These areas appear as red rectangular areas on the map; those who shop there quickly will receive bonus payouts.

You can increase your earnings by haggling with store managers for special discounts or deals. You may do this in person or via email, and if successful, you’ll likely be rewarded with a lower delivery rate.

Instacart is an ideal solution for those who want to skip the stress and hassle of grocery shopping while still getting fresh produce. Additionally, it may be suitable for people with health conditions that make going grocery shopping challenging.

The FruitGuys

Twenty years ago, Chris Mittelstaedt launched The FruitGuys as a service to office workers in San Francisco’s dot-com bubble. To combat stress and replace unhealthy snacks with something healthier, he set out to create something better.

Today, this company delivers seasonal fruit to offices around the country in two boxes: a “mixed fruit and veggie” box with various fruits and veggies; and a “Harvest” box featuring both conventional and organic produce.

The “mixed fruit and veggie” box offers a selection of items such as apples, oranges, bananas, and kiwis. On the other hand, the “harvest” box offers something special; it includes both organic and conventional items to give your region’s flavors a unique flair.

Each week, The FruitGuys team collaborates with over 200 independent farms to curate an exciting selection of regional and seasonal mixes. Additionally, there’s a new TakeHome product which brings organic produce directly into your home while encouraging wellness at the same time.

In addition to delivering farm-fresh fruit to businesses, The FruitGuys also sells an assortment of artisan snacks on their website. Whether it’s chocolate, coffee or a dry good, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for there!

They operate a community fund that grants small grants to farmers and agricultural nonprofits that have significant positive effects on the environment, food systems, and farm diversity. This year the nonprofit awarded 15 grants totaling $53,480 to support small farms and other sustainable initiatives.

It’s beneficial for both parties: Fresh produce is delivered, and you get to support small farms in your community. Plus, it’s an excellent way to save money on fresh produce!

Unlike some other online fruits near me services, you have the freedom to customize your order. Select just fruits or just veggies, and even have them delivered weekly or biweekly!

You have the choice of organic or non-organic produce, all locally sourced. Plus, you can save money on shipping by signing up for a subscription plan.

FruitGuys is a B corporation, meaning that it uses its profits to benefit both its communities and the environment. Furthermore, the company donates visually imperfect or excess produce to local charities and food banks.

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