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Online fresh vegetables near me offer an easy and hassle-free solution for meeting your weekly produce needs, providing non-GMO and organic options right to your door step.

These services operate like community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, only they deliver produce directly to your doorstep and offer customized produce boxes tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You is a family-run vegetable delivery service. This enables busy people to experience all the advantages of eating fruits and vegetables grown naturally without leaving home.

This service offers an impressive variety of produce and artisan farm products not found in grocery stores, such as eggs, dairy, handcrafted jams, honey and more. Their boxes are fully customizable without long-term commitment or membership fees required – perfect for gift giving!

Your box will also include news from the farmers that grow your fruits and veggies, recipes from their kitchens, storage tips and notifications of events they organize – as well as a $25 account credit for every person referred.

Farm Fresh To You (or Full Circle if outside California) could be the perfect grocery box option for those who appreciate cultivating relationships with their farmers and are comfortable paying what it actually costs to grow certified organic, sustainable food.

Over 100 specialty farm products await you here, including pasture-raised eggs, dairy, handcrafted jams, local honey, artisan olive oil, dried fruit and much more! They also carry meal planning essentials like rice, pasta cereal condiments coffee & more for easy planning of mealtimes!

Produce boxes are available in three different sizes to meet the needs of individuals, couples and small families alike. In addition, no-cook options make these convenient meals an easy solution for busy households who don’t want to sacrifice nutrition while out and about.

Farm Fresh To You stands out from other produce subscription services by procuring its produce directly from Capay Organic Farm in Northern California, making a contribution towards local agriculture while enjoying some of the freshest organic fruit and vegetables available.

Price-wise, subscription boxes are very reasonable and you can cancel at any time to prevent getting too much or too little food. Furthermore, giving a subscription as a present is an effective way to encourage healthier eating practices among friends and family members.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct offers fresh vegetable delivery directly to your home, offering organic and natural produce from small local farms so that you can eat healthier without compromising flavor or quality. With several boxes to choose from, Farmbox Direct makes finding healthy eating solutions convenient and enjoyable!

Farmbox Direct provides an effective solution for anyone looking to improve their diet, particularly those without access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Their subscription boxes offer an assortment of seasonal products, providing the chance to explore new tastes.

This company was started by a single mother who struggled to feed her family healthily within their budget. She wanted other people to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables just as she did.

Farmbox Direct not only delivers organic and natural produce directly to homes nationwide, but it also offers an innovative subscription box called Farmbox Rx that delivers free condition-specific fruit and vegetable boxes directly to Medicare and Medicaid members based on social determinants of health considerations, using food as medicine as a strategy to combat barriers that impact nutrition.

Farmbox Rx was recently launched, and has already established partnerships with 50+ national healthcare plans, with plans expected to rapidly expand over time. Farmbox Rx works to make it easy for healthcare providers to prescribe Farmbox Rx to customers struggling with diet-related diseases in order to kickstart healthier eating practices and help people transition away from unhealthy habits.

Another advantage of using this service is their offer of recipe suggestions to accompany their deliveries, while they allow you to swap out produce before it ships to you to prevent wasteful practices.

One drawback of this service is keeping up with its deliveries; however, this shouldn’t be too difficult if you make a plan and set reminders on your phone to visit the site every week and purchase produce.

At its heart, this service is affordable, offering you significant savings on produce purchases. They have a selection of boxes to choose from with prices that compare favorably with grocery stores; additionally they accept both SNAP benefits and EBT cards as payment, making this an excellent solution for those living on low incomes.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is an online fresh vegetable delivery service offering a selection of fruit and vegetables as well as other groceries at competitive prices, making shopping with them an economical alternative to regular supermarket trips.

The company offers an expansive selection of produce, such as organic fruits and vegetables free of pesticides or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). They also supply meats and seafood sourced sustainably. Furthermore, there are pantry essentials and other grocery items.

Produce is sourced from farms across the country and many of their suppliers have been operating for more than three decades – this helps ensure their products remain high-quality without being altered by industrial farming techniques.

Misfits Market provides more than just produce. Their vast selection of food and supplies includes meats, dairy, wine and pantry staples – available to customers all across the U.S. with most zip codes being covered by their services.

Produce from farms committed to sustainable practices is also provided, making sure you’re getting top quality food while helping reduce landfill waste.

To take advantage of their services, create an account on their website and choose from among two subscription plans that suit your needs – weekly (which automatically fills your cart with items they think you will like), or an a-la-carte plan where you can tailor each box individually each time you place an order.

Produce from them is certified organic and they work with farms with stringent organic standards that only use natural fertilizers and pesticides to grow their crops, strictly prohibiting GMO use.

Misfits Perks offers fresh produce that’s always ready to enjoy, plus an incentive program with discounts for future orders.


Fresh Direct is a grocery delivery service serving New York, New Jersey and other parts of the United States. Their website emulates an actual supermarket by offering everything from fresh produce to ready-made meals.

DeliveryPass is an effortless and time-saving shopping solution, offering simple signup for a free trial of their program and giving a voucher worth $50 off on first order! Get shopping!

FreshDirect provides more than just groceries; they sell pantry essentials and home goods as well. Making it an excellent solution for large families or people needing multiple products for their home.

This company provides a selection of fresh food, from meat and seafood, dairy and deli products, as well as dairy and deli products from local farms and fishermen. Their offerings can be found throughout California.

Your food purchase from Sun Basket will be fresh and organic, coming from a short supply chain to ensure that its source is not far away. Furthermore, Sun Basket provides nutritional information as well as transparent sourcing practices with their food while guaranteeing customer happiness with each purchase.

FreshDirect is offering a limited time discount of $50 off your first order with code EXCLUSIVEDC50! Plus, sign up for their DeliveryPass membership and save more with unlimited free deliveries and timeslot reservations!

Emails may also provide discounts and promo codes that can help save even more money, with these coupons available both to new and existing users.

FreshDirect provides an expansive selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in various sizes and colors, as well as canned goods, juices and spices to meet all your fresh vegetable shopping needs.

Ready-made meals and kits can make meal prep much simpler, offering a wide variety of proteins, vegetables and vegetarian/gluten-free recipes for convenience. There may even be tailored kits designed to cater specifically to certain dietary preferences or tastes.

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