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Odd veg Box is an innovative subscription service based in London that tackles food waste by purchasing fresh, slightly misshapen surplus produce. As a result, there’s something for everyone – budgets and tastes catered to – with boxes delivered right to your door.

Produce from small farms may not meet supermarket standards, appearing ‘odd’ in appearance. Nonetheless, it remains fresh, ripe, and of excellent quality.


Odd veg box is a social impact startup that partners with local farmers to rescue ‘wonky’ and surplus fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. They then curate seasonal boxes from this fresh produce, reducing food waste while having an eco-friendly impact on water use, carbon emissions and the environment.

In the UK, an astonishing 20-40% of fruit and veg is wasted before it ever leaves the farm – so Oddbox is on a mission to rescue this from going to waste. Unlike other box services, Oddbox works directly with growers to take excess produce and transform it into healthy produce for their customers.

SeasonalBox.ie offers a selection of seasonal boxes tailored to meet your individual needs, from small one-person boxes to larger family sized options. Each box contains both British and international produce.

For instance, you might receive a mix of UK vegetables such as sweet potatoes and fennel or some exotic international ingredients like kiwis. Although the contents vary week to week, you can always expect seasonal British and international produce that’s both delicious and nutritious.

The service is free with no minimum order requirements or delivery fees. Furthermore, it donates a portion of its boxes to various charities.

Girl N Dug specializes in specialty vegetables, bringing gourmet ingredients like Argentine yacon water root and Andean pichuberries straight to your kitchen. They offer various boxes with various themes – perfect for those who want to mix up their regular menus by adding a new ingredient into their weekly meals.

Each box is carefully curated by the company’s team of food experts, who are available to answer any queries you might have. You can also log your preferences in the app so they know which items you like and don’t like so your next box contains exactly what you desire.

Saving money with this simple organic fruit and veg box that can be delivered each week is a great option for those seeking to save money. It makes for an ideal family choice, available as either a one-off purchase or monthly subscription.


Odd veg box is a sustainable delivery service for fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. It aims to reduce the UK’s 20-40% food waste rate by connecting farmers directly with customers for produce that doesn’t meet supermarket standards.

Oddbox works with a network of small farms across America to guarantee you get the freshest produce each week. Each week, they buy seasonal fruit and vegetables and package them into boxes for delivery overnight – helping reduce emissions while finding new customers for food that wouldn’t otherwise reach market.

Each week’s box features an assortment of fruits and vegetables, such as staples like tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes. You’ll also find less common items like heirloom peaches, cranberries, and starfruit.

You have the freedom to customize your box’s contents by choosing delivery frequency, adding or removing items as you please, and selecting whether you would rather receive fruit or vegetables exclusively – or both!

For those who would prefer to eat more fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables but don’t have the time to shop daily, this is an ideal solution. You can order as many boxes as desired, with delivery arriving weekly or fortnightly at your door.

It’s also a great chance to explore high-quality vegetables you might not have tried before and gain more knowledge about what goes into your meals. Our box was filled with delightful delights – testers reported them as tasty and flavorsome.

The company provides two sizes of box: a small one for one person and an expansive large one that can accommodate up to two. They also provide various add-on items like cheese or deli ingredients.

In January, Oddbox unveiled their inaugural TV campaign featuring two neighbours bonding over their odd vegetable boxes. This advert was produced in collaboration with social impact start-up Hell Yeah and showcased Oddbox’s innovative approach to food waste reduction.


Odd veg box is a mission-driven startup that rescues odd-shaped, over-sized and misshapen fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. By working directly with growers to recover these items and deliver them directly to customers across America, Odd Vegetable Box creates an measurable positive impact on water use, carbon footprint reduction and waste reduction.

The company provides a weekly fruit and veg box that changes each week, sourced from an international network of suppliers that includes some of the biggest names in produce. These businesses are located both within and outside the UK.

Oddbox vegetables are much fresher and healthier than supermarket produce, which may have been exposed to chemicals or grown under difficult conditions. The fruit in particular is of superior quality with plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre packed in.

It also provides recipes for various fruits and vegetables, as well as tips on how to store and prepare them properly. They’re very open about their sources, including which farms they source from and what happens to the veggies once they leave their hands.

Though only two years old, this service is rapidly gaining traction in London. It already delivers 25,000 boxes to homes and offices around town, with plans to expand operations by 2021.

Value-wise, the company claims to have saved its customers PS19m in 2020 through reducing pre-farm gate waste (food that cannot be consumed or sold). They deliver overnight to reduce traffic and emissions, saving up to 10% on energy costs – making them an environmentally friendly winner.

Aside from saving money, the company is also doing its part for the environment by donating any food that it cannot sell to local charities. This reduces food waste and helps combat hunger at the same time.

Odd veg box has consistently been voted as the best fruit and veg box in the UK, offering various sizes for both produce items as well as customers to customize their boxes according to preferences or budget. Plus, their friendly customer service team are happy to answer questions and help select the ideal size box for your requirements. It’s no wonder then why odd veg box has been named the best fruit and veg box provider in the UK!

Customer service

Odd Veg Box is a food waste prevention subscription service that brings fresh seasonal produce directly from farms to doorsteps all across London and the South East. They collect the produce directly from farms to guarantee it’s in peak condition, pack it into boxes for customers’ convenience, and deliver them directly to their door.

Oddbox was established in 2016 by Emilie & Deepak, who were inspired to start the company while on holiday in Portugal. While there, they noticed local produce being discarded due to its ‘odd’ shape, size or colour. After learning about this problem while away, Emilie & Deepak decided to do something about it – thus founding Oddbox!

Their mission is to revolutionize this by salvaging discarded food and delivering it directly to thousands of customers each week in fruit & veg boxes. This helps reduce food waste on farms while cutting greenhouse gas emissions and saving water in the process!

Rescued food is then packaged and delivered to customers with recipe cards to inspire new dishes. Furthermore, they offer discounts for returning customers as well as donating 10% of the proceeds to charities fighting food poverty.

Oddbox was rapidly expanding and needed a software partner who could help them optimize plans and manage deliveries efficiently. After reviewing the market, they selected PODFather’s fleet management and electronic proof of delivery solution as the ideal solution to accommodate their rapid expansion.

At the core of their customer service strategy is a team that logs complaints and collaborates with third-party providers to resolve issues promptly and accurately. Retool collects a lot of data which allows the Oddbox team to assess how rapidly their third-party suppliers are improving over time.

To better deliver improved user experiences to their customers, the team needed to streamline their feedback collection process. This meant replacing a 5-page Google Form and spreadsheets with an automated, data-driven system that can proactively address issues in real time.

This process is a major win for both the company and customer service team, as it saves them valuable time and resources. Furthermore, the improved quality of data collected allows them to provide accurate and timely customer service while increasing overall efficiency of their processes.

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