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Odd Fruit and Vegetable Box is a London-based home delivery service on a mission to prevent perfectly healthy and delicious produce from going to waste. They partner directly with farmers to rescue supermarket-rejected produce.

They work with small farmers around the UK and abroad who have had their produce rejected due to its unappealing appearance or inability to be sold. This saves 28,383 tonnes of food from going to waste each year!


Fresh fruits and vegetables are often a great source of nutrition, but they can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are various subscription fruit and veggie boxes that let you get the most for your money without breaking your budget.

Oddbox is a UK company that ethically sources fresh surplus produce from local farms and suppliers, packing it into boxes for delivery right to your door. This reduces their carbon emissions while leaving any leftover produce with organizations fighting food poverty in the UK.

Fruit and veg boxes are a popular option in London, and there are plenty of options to suit different budgets. From a small box with just fruits to larger family-sized boxes that contain both.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, the company also offers pantry items, dairy items, and meat products. Furthermore, they have a wide range of organic options as well as zero-waste options available.

Some companies provide free delivery, which is an added benefit. They also make customizing your order effortless so you can be certain to receive only top-notch produce.

These subscription boxes typically source their produce from small, family-run farms. While the quality may not always match what you would find in other subscription boxes, the produce tends to be fresher than what can be found at supermarkets.

These boxes are an excellent way to stock up on fruits and vegetables before they’re in season. Typically, you’ll find strawberries, raspberries and oranges among other seasonal produce.

Unfortunately, these boxes may not last as long as their supermarket counterparts due to being packed in plastic and lacking an efficient air circulation system.

Avoiding waste can be accomplished in several ways, one being purchasing produce when in season instead of waiting until it becomes unavailable. Meal planning also plays an important role here by helping ensure that you eat the same thing each week.


A fruit and veg box is an incredible value, delivering fresh produce right to your door for a fraction of what you’d pay at the supermarket. You have three size options to choose from – small, medium or large – depending on your needs; each week’s selection will change according to availability.

Odd Box is an innovative home delivery service that rescues produce that would otherwise end up in the garbage, saving it from landfill and getting it out of your kitchen for good. Their mission is to make a difference by connecting farmers directly with consumers.

Ravindran and Vanpoperinghe founded Fruit Basket Delivery Co in 2016 to save fresh seasonal surplus produce from being wasted and deliver it directly to their customers’ doorsteps at reasonable prices. Their main focus is on being environmentally friendly; decreasing calorie consumption for UK consumers while saving water and CO2.

Their produce is of the highest quality, free from any nasty additives or chemicals. Furthermore, they strive to keep costs down by using recyclable packaging where feasible and offering a generous refund policy if you’re not satisfied with your order.

With Oddbox membership, you’ll also receive an informative booklet outlining all the fruits and vegetables included in your box (including their farms of origin, storage tips and recipes). Plus, their website allows for free trials so that you can explore their offerings and learn more about how they’re changing British food waste by saving fruit and veggies from landfills.


Odd fruit and veg boxes are an effective way to reduce food waste by salvaging produce that would otherwise go to waste. They work directly with farmers to save produce that has been rejected by supermarkets due to its incongruity or doesn’t meet their stringent quality requirements.

Food production requires a great deal of time and resources – not to mention energy, water and fuel. That’s why it’s so important to know where your produce comes from; Oddbox ensures that their farms use fair wages as well as environmentally friendly methods of cultivation.

They source from a network of suppliers, such as G’s Fresh, Produce World and Thanet Earth, then package it for delivery in various boxes. Furthermore, the company donates leftover produce to organizations in the UK which assist those suffering from food poverty.

The odd fruit and veg box is a popular way to have seasonal produce delivered right to your door. From small local farms, you’ll get the freshest selection possible.

Each box comes with a selection of produce tailored to your preferences, with the option to pick just fruit or vegetables and add on extra items as desired. As part of their mission to promote sustainability and combat food waste, the company has worked hard to reduce packaging in their boxes as much as possible.

Along with your produce, you’ll also get a recipe for the week and some tips on cooking it. Each item of produce comes with its own leaflet that details its origin and provides storage advice.

This box was of excellent quality, and the service was top notch. It was worth paying a bit extra for both items since it saves so much food from going to waste and reduces CO2 emissions and water use. Furthermore, it’s good for the planet since it reduces water use and conserves resources.

Customer service

Odd Fruit and Vegetable Box is the UK’s first delivery service that combats food waste. They partner directly with farmers to rescue produce that may seem odd at the supermarket, then deliver it straight to your door.

Oddbox believes that an alarming amount of produce never leaves the farm: either surplus or it doesn’t ‘look right’ and ends up in landfill, taking up space and causing pollution. This is a major problem, but one which can be solved by altering our mindsets.

Food not only gets rejected at supermarkets, but the energy and water that goes into growing it too – all too often going to waste. Oddbox’s 70,000+ community of food lovers work to prevent this from occurring by cutting emissions, conserving water resources and finding consumers for rescued fruits and vegetables that might otherwise go uneaten.

Their mission is to prevent food waste, by saving it from farms and delivering it directly to customers’ doors. Furthermore, they’re a Certified B Corporation which means they meet stringent social and environmental responsibility criteria.

So far, they’ve prevented 28,383 tonnes of fruit and vegetables from going to waste – enough food for 61,701 people for one year! Not only that but the water they conserved as well as CO2 emissions they avoided are worth noting.

They accomplish this by purchasing surplus produce from farms and packhouses that may not meet the supermarket’s stringent standards, which they then sell to customers in various boxes (small, medium, and large sizes). And their customer service is excellent too: you can reach out with any issues at any time and they’ll be more than happy to assist.

Their website is packed with useful information, from the produce’s origin and storage to recipe inspiration and tips on preserving it for maximum shelf-life. Furthermore, any leftover products are donated to charities like FareShare, City Harvest and Kind – all dedicated to aiding vulnerable and disadvantaged people around the world.

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