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local organic vegetable delivery

Shopping for fresh fruits and veggies can be a time-consuming task that requires lots of energy and precision. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to locate items that don’t look strange or are rejected because they don’t meet supermarket quality standards.

Produce subscription services are the perfect solution. They’ll send a box of the season’s freshest veggies directly to your door each week.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a Philadelphia-based produce delivery service that strives to reduce food waste. It partners with small and mid-size farms whose “ugly” or misshapen produce doesn’t fit into normal grocery store shelves due to its shape, size or natural imperfections like bruises and blemishes.

They source their produce directly from farms around the US and abroad, usually organic and non-GMO. Furthermore, they carry pantry essentials, dairy products, and meat options.

They offer a range of box subscriptions, from the Madness Box which feeds 4-5 people to the Mischief Box which supplies enough food for one person. Plus, you have the option to customize your box contents a few days before each delivery – giving you exactly what you want in every package!

In addition to produce, they sell a wide selection of other items such as meat and seafood at reduced prices compared to grocery store prices. However, there is a minimum order amount of $30 required for these purchases.

Misfits Market typically offers produce at up to 40% less cost than what can be purchased in a grocery store, making it an ideal option for those on the go or with limited time to shop.

Unfortunately, Misfits Market does not accept EBT or SNAP benefits as payment. This is because Misfits Market is a for-profit business and would lose money if it accepted these benefits.

On the contrary, they offer a referral program where you can earn 25% off your next subscription box for every friend who signs up using your unique referral code. This is an excellent way for you to assist your friends in starting with their subscription.

Signing up for this service is free, offering discounts of up to 40% on local organic produce. Not only is it an alternative to traditional grocery shopping, but also supports your community and farmers in your area. Plus, you can shop specialty produce items that may not be readily available in your vicinity.

Farm to People

If you live in New York City and can take advantage of a nearby organic vegetable delivery service, it’s an effective way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. A poor diet has been linked to various health issues like obesity and diabetes; therefore, getting more produce into your meals may be beneficial for overall wellbeing.

Farm-to-table subscription boxes deliver fresh produce directly from local farms to your door, helping reduce food waste while saving you money on groceries.

Farm to People is a New York-based CSA-style produce service that brings the farmer’s market experience right into your home. Utilizing GMO-free, organic and regenerative farming practices, their produce is sourced from small-scale family farms.

The company places an emphasis on animal welfare and supports local growers with half of each food dollar going directly to them. They offer their products a la carte or via subscription for those following omnivore, vegetarian, or Paleo diets.

Their CSAs come in a range of sizes and options, such as the six-pound spring share that feeds three to five people for $30 or the 12-pound summer box ideal for larger families. You can customize the selection of vegetables along with adding on additional items like coffee or honey for an even better deal.

You have your pick of farms, many of which are second-generation family operations that prioritize healthy crop rotation and sustainable farming techniques. Some even hold organic certification from a third party organization.

Some of these farms donate their produce to local food banks and shelters, which often need additional resources to sustain operations. You can support them by donating a few pounds of your own unwanted produce to their community garden, giving you an opportunity to try fresh veggies before purchasing them.

Another advantage of farm-to-table produce delivery services is the access to a diverse selection of artisan foods. From baked goods and cheese, to raw foods and seafood, these services offer you the best products from New York’s small-scale producers.

Farm to People offers customers an expansive selection of organic, regeneratively grown produce. Additionally, they promote ethical animal welfare with products like organic raw and pastured meats and dairy. Furthermore, Farm to People stocks a wide variety of pantry essentials like natural wine, beer on tap and local oysters.


Oddbox is an innovative social impact business that combats food waste by delivering surplus produce directly to London homes. They partner with farmers to gather produce that doesn’t meet supermarket standards and then deliver it right to subscribers’ doorsteps.

Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran, the founders of Oddbox, were motivated to launch their business after visiting fresh produce markets in Portugal where they noticed an abundance of fruit with unusual shapes and tempting aromas. After researching how much produce from UK farms was rejected before it reached supermarkets, they realized this issue had become widespread – so they took action and set out to make a change.

Oddbox has prevented over 14 million pounds of fresh produce from going to waste by collecting excess produce and distributing it to tens of thousands of customers through weekly fruit and vegetable boxes.

Oddbox provides an eco-friendly alternative for consumers to consume healthy and nutritious food, without the need for unnecessary packaging. Each box delivered saves both energy and water – having a significant effect on our planet.

They offer an impressive range of products such as apples, golden beetroot, potatoes, pears and radicchio in various box sizes suitable for individuals, families or businesses.

Each week, you’ll receive a welcome booklet with helpful storage advice and information on preserving your Oddbox for longer. Plus, each week there will be an inspiring recipe of the week as well as other helpful hints and tips.

Your box contains only local produce that comes from sustainable and organic farms with dedicated supply chains to support small businesses while cutting their carbon footprints. Not only that, but it’s an enjoyable way to try new fruits and vegetables in season as well as discover what’s available in your region!

Oddbox is rapidly expanding and recently raised over PS520,000 to fund their new platform launch, rebrand, and optimized operations. This investment will enable them to scale and reach more subscribers with the goal of acquiring 12,500 by the end of 2020.

Farmbox Direct

One of the best ways to get local organic vegetable delivery is with Farmbox Direct. This service can be ideal if you don’t have access to farmer’s markets or CSAs near you, or just want to skip having to visit a grocery store in person for fresh produce.

Farmbox Direct is an organic vegetable delivery service that ships to most areas in the US. They offer various box sizes, such as organic and natural options, mixed produce boxes and juicing boxes. Each box can be customized with up to five substitutions; furthermore, their menu changes weekly according to what’s in season.

They offer free shipping and the flexibility to customize your delivery schedule or skip a delivery. Their online system is user-friendly, allowing you to cancel your subscription at any time.

If you’re concerned about food waste, this is an effective way to make sure none of your produce ends up in the landfill. Fruits and vegetables are packed in ice so they stay cool until you’re ready to consume them.

Farmbox Direct is dedicated to informing their customers about the nutritional benefits of each fruit and vegetable included in their boxes. To this end, they collaborate with renowned chefs who can offer recipes and information on each produce item they include, as well as nutritionists who offer tips on improving one’s diet.

Packaging is excellent, ensuring items don’t get bruised or damaged during shipment. Furthermore, they use biodegradable materials – an important step towards combatting climate change.

Farmbox Direct’s customer service team is unparalleled. They’ll happily assist with any inquiries or worries regarding your produce. Plus, when you refer friends and family, Farmbox Direct will give you $10 credit on your account!

Farmbox orders can be customized with up to five substitutions and they deliver to most US destinations. Their online system makes managing your deliveries a breeze; even skipping them if you’re taking a vacation is an option!

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