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local fruit and vegetable delivery

Fruit and vegetable delivery services provide an efficient way to meet your daily fruit and veggie intake without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Plus, it can introduce you to fruits and veggies you may never have considered eating before!

Local Farmer’s Market

Farmers markets offer fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms as well as meat, eggs, dairy products, jams, nuts, honey and many other treats – not to mention being more relaxed than grocery stores so you can chat with farmers directly about their produce!

Farmers markets can also be an excellent way to discover foods you might have never seen at your supermarket – like kohlrabi, for instance – that you wouldn’t normally consider before visiting one.

People tend to mistake farmers markets as places that only offer fruits and veggies, but in reality these markets offer an array of other products as well. Some even sell fish and meat!

Are you looking to reduce the frequency and length of your grocery store visits? Consider using a local fruit and vegetable delivery service instead; these businesses will deliver fresh-picked produce directly to your doorstep.

Farm2Market is an increasingly popular solution, connecting users with farmers and local vendors in their area. The platform offers fruit and veg boxes, meat packs, general groceries, as well as health and beauty items.

Farm2Market allows you to search by postcode and see which vendors are available in your area. From there, you can subscribe for regular deliveries from farms near your location.

This company offers an assortment of fruit and vegetable boxes, both organic and conventional, suitable for subscription services. Their subscription plans range from half to full bushels of produce depending on your needs, with up to five substitutions possible so that you are guaranteed exactly what you are searching for.

SLO Veg is another fantastic option that provides fresh local fruits and veggies delivered right to your door or a pickup location. Subscriptions begin at just $31 with options to customize your box by choosing ingredients of interest each day – and don’t forget about customizing with ingredients that speak to you on specific days!

Outside their ability to help individuals eat healthier, these businesses also play an integral role in supporting local communities. Danielle Luipersbeck, a health and wellness coach, states that spending money at a farmer’s market helps sustain local agriculture which in turn creates jobs in your neighborhood.

Online Subscriptions

If you want to try the farmer’s market but don’t have time or inclination to visit one directly, there are online subscription services that deliver fresh, local produce directly to your door. They make shopping much simpler while giving you access to quality produce without breaking the bank!

Some of these subscription services only cover produce while others provide more diverse foodstuffs – for instance Thrive Market provides meat, dairy, and other product subscriptions so you can have all your grocery needs delivered directly!

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) clubs provide produce deliveries at regular intervals for a set fee, typically weekly or monthly deliveries to members.

Subscription services provide an easy way to support local farmers while getting fresh organic produce delivered right to your door every week. Plus, many clubs give members access to unique vegetables that might otherwise not be found locally!

Subscription services like this not only help people eat healthier, but can also reduce food waste and pollution. Companies specializing in this service source produce that has been rejected from supermarkets due to shape, size or other characteristics and sell it directly into consumers’ boxes.

Perfectly Imperfect Produce offers produce subscription boxes that include “ugly” fruit and vegetable options that most grocery stores won’t sell; as well as meat, seafood, dairy products and dry goods.

Ethically sourced products also take care to use only recyclable and paper materials for packaging, and compost the items once finished with. If this type of subscription interests you, be sure to visit their site for more details about how it works!

Produce subscriptions offer many benefits, one being that you can select the frequency and duration of your delivery. Most allow you to choose either weekly or monthly deliveries while others even allow cancellation or postponement if necessary. In addition, items in your box can be altered at any time.


Misfits is a new service that delivers local fruit and vegetables with the aim of reducing food waste by taking advantage of produce rejected from grocery stores due to being misshapen, too small, or otherwise unfit for retail shelves. By doing this, Misfits allows farmers to earn extra income while consumers save money while simultaneously decreasing waste in landfills.

The company claims it purchases this “ugly” produce from farms and sells it at discounts of up to 40% to customers at significantly cheaper rates than grocery stores. According to them, this offers customers quality produce at more cost-effective rates than going straight to grocery stores.

Misfits Market stands out from traditional fruit and vegetable delivery services by its commitment to preventing food waste. By delivering groceries rejected from supermarkets due to being too small or ugly, Misfits Market hopes to reduce landfills waste while simultaneously improving consumers’ diets.

At “misfits,” they provide an assortment of produce considered unsuitable for normal sale such as damaged or diseased produce at reduced costs. Most produce is certified organic and comes with low prices.

Provider of fresh fruits and vegetables such as sweet peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms carrots potatoes at about 40% below their retail prices.

Misfits Market also provides its customers with other types of goods for purchase at their market, including non-produce items like granola, chocolate and spices. These products are sold first come, first serve at an additional cost – these add-ons can be easily added onto any box!

Misfits provides weekly deliveries of delicious produce. Simply choose a subscription plan and customize your order to ensure a timely and delicious treat every week!

Misfits offers many additional products that you can add to your order, from pantry essentials and protein to specialty items like mushrooms and fresh dill. Plus, their website allows you to choose when and how often your groceries will arrive!


Home cooks know the difficulty of procuring fresh produce in an orderly fashion can be overwhelming; especially when your schedule requires you to balance work and family commitments.

An effective way to save your sanity and reduce hassle is subscribing to a local fruit and vegetable delivery service. The top ones source fresh produce directly from farms or orchards nearby and deliver it straight to your door with minimum hassle and maximum savings – and the key to finding one with both familiar favorites as well as some surprises you haven’t tried before is finding one with plenty of variety that meets your preferences and offers some surprises of its own!

Vegul has been operating since 2011, yet in 2018 has made strides forward. Their website features an app that lets customers order groceries via text messaging or voice commands and select their pickup time and place; you can subscribe to a vegetable or fruit box starting from $30 a pop!

Vegul has also introduced an assortment of tech-themed gift bags designed to delight foodies. Each includes exciting items like a T-shirt, book and wine glasses.

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