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local fruit and vegetable delivery

If you’re looking for a way to get fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables in your home, you’ll want to subscribe to a local fruit and vegetable delivery service. You can choose from services like Farmbox Direct, Farmers Market Home Delivery, or Misfits Market. All of these services are ethically-sourced, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the freshest produce possible. To learn more about local fruit and vegetable delivery services, read on.

Farmbox Direct

One of the best ways to support local farmers is with a local fruit and vegetable delivery service, such as Farmbox Direct. This local food delivery service ships produce from midwestern farms, but also delivers to most parts of the country. The service also offers recipes and a referral program, which earns you $10 credits for every person you refer to the service. You can sign up for both subscription boxes or select a varying number of items to receive every week.

Misfits Market

With its online marketplace, Misfits Market is combating the problem of food waste by providing access to affordable, nutritious food. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 30 to 40% of our food supply goes unused every year. And according to the company’s website, wasted food makes up the largest category of materials found in landfills. The company’s mission is to help people make better choices by giving them easy access to locally-grown fruit and vegetables, which is what they call “the misfits” in the name.

Farm Fresh to You

If you’re looking for a local fruit and vegetable delivery service, Farm Fresh to You may be the perfect fit. This company’s commitment to sustainability and high-quality produce means that the fruits and vegetables you receive are always fresh. Not only does Farm Fresh to You deliver certified organic fruit and vegetables, but they also offer grains, dairy, meat, and fish. They even sell local honey and handcrafted jams.

Farmers Market Home Delivery

For more than a century, Anthony Battaglia has been selling wholesale fruits and vegetables in the Capital District Regional Market campus in Menands. Last year, Battaglia launched Farmers Market Home Delivery of fruit and vegetables, which includes hundreds of local products and delivers them to your home two days a week or six days a week. Field Goods is another option. These online markets deliver locally sourced produce right to your door.


If you love fresh local fruit and vegetables but are fed up with the same old grocery store produce, Farmigo has a solution for you. The Brooklyn-based company has a software solution for CSA members, and it has partnered with farmers to launch this new model. The software will help farmers update their member accounts, track their sales, customize emails to members, and even take payments. The founders chose to focus on the software rather than on the delivery, because they recognized the strengths and weaknesses of both. If the delivery side was their main focus, Farmigo would have needed constant funding.

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