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Shopping for vegetables online can be a great way to save time and money while adding more fresh produce into your diet. But finding produce online may prove challenging, particularly if you live in an area with limited selection or don’t know where to begin.

But we’ve identified plenty of solutions that make healthy eating both convenient and cost-effective. Here are our top picks for delivery of fresh produce right to your door.

Farmer Jones Farm

The Jones family, located in Huron, Ohio, began their 350-acre farm back in the 1970s. Today they provide chefs worldwide with specialty vegetables, herbs and microgreens grown using sustainable farming practices.

Recently, they’ve expanded their business to include The Culinary Vegetable Institute – a plant-forward think tank and recipe development center – as well as home delivery service. Through it all, The Joneses have earned a reputation as some of the world’s foremost authorities on nutrient dense, artisanal vegetables.

Their regenerative farming techniques involve rotating their fields to maximize soil health and mineral content, which also helps crops withstand drought and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, they only use animal manure on a small portion of their land which creates green manure for the fields and benefits soil biota.

The farm also offers vegetable boxes starting at $69 each, delivered in recyclable cardboard and packaged using eco-friendly materials.

They offer several vegetable boxes, such as powerhouse vegetables, high-nitrate fresh greens and a mixed veggie box. Plus they provide subscriptions and give customers a five percent discount when ordering on a regular basis.

At their weekly market, I’ve had the chance to sample their vegetables and was absolutely amazed by their flavorful offerings. Their heirloom tomatoes are stunning – not only beautiful to look at but packed full of vitamin C as well. Choose from lipstick red to garnet purple-red, pinkish-yellow, peach green or striped varieties for maximum enjoyment.

I particularly admire the cut flower garden outside their institute’s entrance. It may be a small plot of blooms, but it demonstrates their commitment to both aesthetics and public relations.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is a female-founded produce delivery service that brings the farmers market right to your door! Their boxes include fresh, organic, natural and GMO-free vegetables sourced from nearby farms in several sizes; customers can make up to five substitutions for items they don’t like or are out of season.

Farmbox Direct’s website is user-friendly and straightforward, making it a great choice for those new to online subscription services. You can select the size and type of box you’d like, and they’ll send you an email each week informing you what’s inside each box for that week.

They offer two sizes of box: small (about 11 items, 15 pieces of produce) and medium (24 items, 46 pieces). Each box contains either fruit or vegetables in either a mix or all-fruit/all-vegetables format; with both organic and non-organic options available.

Although this produce delivery service may not be the cheapest, you get good quality produce and are supporting local family farmers and businesses. Plus, you have the flexibility to skip deliveries if you need to take a vacation or put your order on hold due to illness.

You can add on artisan items to your box, like a bottle of locally sourced honey or package of handcrafted jams. Full Circle Farms in Washington is an excellent option for those seeking produce delivery that feels more like a community supported agriculture program than standard grocery store subscription. Here you get to pick your own fruits and vegetables varieties; plus they ship to most US states without worrying about shipping fees.

Girl N Dug

Girl N Dug is one of the most impressive companies to emerge in recent years. Their bespoke produce boxes, featuring ingredients like Andean pichuberries, Argentine yacon water root and KinderMix greens have gained them a devoted following among Michelin-star chef connoisseurs.

As their name suggests, Good Natured Products is a second-generation family business that grows specialized fruits and vegetables. Through an eco-friendly partnership with good natured Products, the makers of eco-friendly packaging solutions, they were able to achieve their sustainability objectives while still providing top customer service.

Customers can expect the highest standard in packaging efficiency and performance from Instacart. Furthermore, their site carries some of the most beautiful vegetables on the market, making them a must-buy for any serious foodie. Instacart’s ecommerce platform provides customers with several options like monthly themed boxes or build-your-own. Plus, there’s an extensive library of recipes for their produce as well as helpful shopping guides and the option to earn cash back with Instacart on purchases.

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys began as a small dot com company that delivered fruits to Silicon Valley companies; today it provides seasonal produce nationwide through partnerships with more than 200 independent farms. They offer weekly, biweekly, monthly and one-time shipments through weekly, biweekly or monthly shipments.

Their produce boxes offer a diverse selection of fresh fruits and veggies, including organic options. You can customize your box according to any dietary needs or restrictions as well.

They offer boxes for just fruit or a combination of both, as well as Staples Mix and Harvest Mix options. No matter which option you pick, you’ll get the freshest produce at prices lower than your local grocery store.

This company donates all visually imperfect produce to food banks and charities, making it a great way to support your community. They’re also dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint by using recyclable packaging and ice packs for keeping products cool.

Sign up for a monthly subscription or order whenever you need it, and they’ll deliver it within two days after harvesting. They guarantee the quality of their produce, offering replacement or credit if it isn’t up to par.

For over twenty-eight years, The Fruit Guys have been a reliable source for fresh produce. Offering both organic and conventional options, they work directly with growers to guarantee you receive only top-notch produce.

They also offer a limited-edition Gravenstein apple box to support Sonoma County farmers who grow this delectable heirloom variety. At checkout, they’ll donate 16 percent of the proceeds back to these growers in order to continue supporting their efforts and enable them to stay in business.

Harry & David

Harry & David is a company that sells fruits, gifts, and other fine foods. Its selection includes cheese, fruit, baked goods and wine; additionally it provides meat baskets and Moose Munch premium popcorn.

Since 1934, this family-run business has been offering mail order pears from its Oregon orchards. Soon, it expanded into gourmet gift baskets and other specialty items as well.

Today, the company is a division of Medford’s Bear Creek Corporation. Its products are sold both through retail stores and through its mail-order catalog – which remains the primary source of revenue for the business.

CEO Jeff Lightman states that Harry & David’s “iconic customer” is over 60 years old, but the company is working to attract new customers from the digital world – particularly younger individuals who enjoy entertaining at home.

He noted that communication is a key element in maintaining customers’ loyalty to Harry & David’s brand. During the ordering process, representatives send reminders to people who place an order for special holidays or anniversaries and then contact them once the items arrive to confirm they’re satisfied with them.

The company’s website allows users to filter products by price range and select specific items that fit within their budget. Customization of a gift is also easy by selecting the type and quantity desired. Furthermore, there are pre-made gift baskets available for those who want to give something special but lack the time or know-how to assemble one themselves.

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