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Online companies offering fresh fruits and vegetables that can be delivered directly to customers’ homes are growing in popularity. These items are typically sourced from sustainable or organic farms, though some also feature meats and dairy products.

Misfits is one such company, specializing in selling fresh certified organic produce that major supermarkets and farmers cannot carry due to being damaged or scarred. They source from both the UK and abroad.


The Veg Box Scheme is an excellent way to get fresh vegetables without the hassle of driving. Produce is typically local and organic, with boxes changing each week according to what’s in season.

The Organic Family Box is an ideal option for families who want a wide variety of veggies in their meals. It includes 17 pounds of produce, such as greens like kale and chard plus zucchini and broccoli.

Oddbox, a certified B Corp, sources fresh produce from hundreds of fairly paid farmers in the UK. Their weekly sustainable produce box starts at PS11 for couples and can be tailored for larger households (PS22).

It also donates leftover food to organizations fighting food poverty. Furthermore, the company takes an innovative approach to packaging with recyclable paper and compostable plastic for delicate foods.

They use biodegradable bags and insulated packaging to minimize their environmental impact. You have the flexibility to skip deliveries, pause, or cancel your order at any time.

Their mission is to break the cycle of food waste by saving non-GMO produce that big stores cannot sell due to its odd shape or minor flaws. It’s beneficial for everyone involved; you get to try new fruits and veggies you wouldn’t otherwise come across, while farmers who supply them get paid so they can continue growing their farms.

There are various box schemes available, so it’s worth taking the time to find one that best meets your requirements. Some are seasonal, allow for extras and others let you pick the contents yourself.

Chef’s Garden, for instance, is an Ohio farm that supplies ingredients to Michelin-starred restaurants. They offer various boxes with items like baby vegetables and microgreens in them.

Our box was small, but it contained an impressive variety of veggies – broad beans, turnips, gem lettuce and cherry tomatoes were all included. The carrots and kale were firm while the apples had a pleasant tart flavor.


Are you looking to save time on your weekly grocery shop, add some creativity to meal planning or just make healthier eating easier? Produce delivery services can help. From local farmer’s markets to online subscription services, these companies deliver fresh produce right to your door.

One of the greatest advantages to these services is that you have complete control over your delivery schedule and dietary preferences. You also have the option to skip deliveries, change your order from week to week or cancel it altogether if you’re not satisfied with what the company has to offer.

A nutritious seasonal produce box should include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, from greens to reds to root crops. The ideal selection will be fresh, nutrient-rich, and packed with flavor.

This is the ideal way to get all the fruits and veggies you need without having to drive around town. The produce in this box has been grown using sustainable practices like crop rotation, organic fertilizers and low-impact pest control which benefit both the environment and your health.

In addition to produce, you’ll find other food and drink related goodies such as a regional coffee box, rotating artisan bread shipment and handcrafted jams and jars. Plus they even have an app so you can stay updated when your shipment is on its way!

This company searches the country to locate the freshest fruits and vegetables, then carefully ships them directly to you. They take great pride in donating up to 30% of their revenue to organizations helping disadvantaged communities around the world. Their website features a handy map showing where you can find produce that’s likely close by.


Delivering produce directly to your door is an excellent way to support local farmers and ensure you eat seasonal, fresh produce. There are various produce boxes available, each offering something different so it’s worth researching what each one provides before signing up for any subscription.

Abel & Cole is a vegetable delivery service that sources organically grown produce. Customers have the option of selecting either one box or an ongoing subscription, plus they can add-on items like fish, meat, cheese and other perishable items like fruits and vegetables for additional cost savings.

This box’s contents change weekly based on what’s in season, but they’re all organic and include a mix of seasonal fruit and veggies. Some items, like potatoes and carrots, are staples while others are more seasonal like apples.

Oddbox is a B Corporation and sources its produce from hundreds of fairly paid farmers throughout the UK. They offer weekly sustainable fruit and veg boxes starting at PS11 for couples or large family-sized boxes for PS22 each.

Milkmen is a vegetable delivery service that sources produce from independent suppliers throughout the UK with no minimum spends or delivery fees. You can order one-off or subscribe to their mailing list; their website clearly outlines what you’ll receive.

Our box was packed with an assortment of French, Italian and British fruit and vegetables. There was plenty of pears, potatoes and carrots as well as apples and golden beetroot. All the veggies were fresh-picked – firm yet ripe upon delivery!

Dig Acres, located behind Dig restaurants in Upstate New York, produces produce with sustainability in mind. Their farm share box offers a smaller format than standard CSA subscriptions and comes complete with recipes created by their chefs.

The company uses organic and regenerative farming practices, which they claim promote better flavor, texture, and nutritional content in their products. They offer one-time purchases as well as various subscription plans with discounts on some items.


Vegetable boxes are an excellent way to stock up on fresh, local produce that’s in season. Not only that, but they’re also convenient and budget-friendly.

Vegetable boxes are the best for providing a variety of vegetables that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Common vegetables in these boxes include lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus and more – all customizable to your liking! You can even add meats, snacks and dairy products to complete the package for extra nutritional value!

Healthy Fresh Food is a sustainable box delivery service that brings organic produce right to your door. Each week, they send an exciting box filled with delicious foods straight to your home.

Each weekly box offers a seasonal selection of fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, squash, onions and avocados. These items are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients while being low in calories.

This family-run business is committed to sustainable farming practices. They collaborate with second-generation family farms to cultivate produce that’s primarily certified organic, and they employ environmentally friendly techniques such as efficient irrigation and crop rotation.

Families will love the company’s large boxes, which come with enough fruits and vegetables to feed a family of four for one week. Plus, they offer a meat box featuring chicken, beef, and pork combinations.

Oddbox is a certified B Corp that ethically sources from numerous farmers and suppliers throughout the UK. Their produce is packaged in recyclable paper or compostable plastic to reduce waste, and they donate leftover food to organizations fighting hunger in the country.

Aside from their commitment to sustainable farming, this company also prioritizes customer service and is easy to work with. Their online dashboard allows you to customize your box size and customize ingredients according to what’s in it; additionally, you can cancel your subscription at any time and pause or stop delivery of the box at any time.

Unlike other subscription boxes, this company doesn’t set prices for their produce; you get to decide how much you want to spend and customize your selections accordingly. For an additional fee, you can add other products like meat, cheese or dairy boxes; plus get extras like bread, snacks and coffees as well.

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