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best organic veg box

Vegetable boxes have become a major counterattack to supermarkets, providing local growers and small-scale producers with access to fresh produce without needing to invest in large scale production facilities.

With the rise of new, digital-savvy providers and specialist one-crop producers, it can be difficult to know who provides the best organic veg box. So we’ve rounded up our favorite options from organic pioneers to specialist niche cultivars.

Abel & Cole

Since 1988, Abel & Cole has been on a mission to get people eating organic and ethically. This commitment can be seen in everything they sell – from vegetables and meat products to their fruit selection – all available for purchase online.

Abel & Cole prioritize quality over quantity, which has earned them a reputation as one of the premier vegetable boxes around. Their produce is sourced from small-scale organic farmers and they strive to remain as environmentally responsible as possible when farming and delivering items.

The company also strives to use sustainable packaging, which includes delivering its most popular pantry items in returnable, refillable pots – known as ‘VIPs’ (very important pots). These can be collected the following week and reused time after time.

Through this innovative service, Abel & Cole has eliminated single-use plastic packaging from many of their most popular pantry items and replaced it with recyclable paper and compostable alternatives. As a result, 55 million single-use plastic bags have been saved from landfill, helping the company reduce packaging waste by 88 per cent week over week.

This is an excellent way to reduce plastic waste and enjoy a wide selection of fresh, local, and organic produce without having to spend time driving to the supermarket. Plus, you have the chance to try new things while supporting local businesses and farmers.

Abel & Cole also offers a recipe box, which is ideal for those who want to cook healthy meals at home. It provides straightforward instructions with accurate cooking times. Plus, there’s an easy-to-follow tool for recording what you don’t like in your box; plus, they donate part of every order to food charity partners such as Felix Project, Dons Local Action Group and School Food Matters.


Misfits is a grocery delivery service that brings fresh fruits and vegetables right to your door. They work with local farms to source produce, giving you plenty of choices. Most items are organic – free from pesticides and GMOs.

You can customize your box at any time during the three-day shopping window. Each week, you’ll be reminded when it’s time for you to log in and make selections; once complete, we’ll let you know when your order is ready for shipment.

This subscription service is ideal for those who want to reduce food waste and have easy access to quality products. Plus, you have the flexibility to pause or cancel your account at any time.

This company purchases food that’s been rejected by grocery stores or other outlets due to minor cosmetic flaws and sells it at a discounted price to its customers. This is an excellent way to get some of the freshest fruits and veggies at a fraction of what you would pay at the grocery store.

They sell pantry staples, dairy, and wine so you can stock your fridge with various ingredients. While their selection isn’t as extensive as Imperfect Foods’, they still provide an excellent option for those looking to save money and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Misfits Market, like Imperfect Foods, offers customization in certain areas and allows active subscribers to modify their selections at any time during their three-day window. Furthermore, the store has a referral program where you can share your discount code with friends and family to earn discounts on their first orders. With no recurring or automated deliveries, Misfits Market makes for an efficient option for busy individuals who require access to healthy, high-quality food at reasonable prices.


Riverford began as a one-man operation, producing organic vegetables on their family farm near Buckfastleigh, Devon. As one of the earliest vegetable box delivery schemes in the UK, they have an important commitment to both environmental sustainability and community involvement.

Vegetables are grown for flavor rather than mass commercial sale, and the company supports local farmers by purchasing their produce directly. Furthermore, they encourage customers to cook and eat seasonally by sending them different vegetables each week.

They boast a community of 38k subscribers who receive weekly newsletters filled with recipes, opinion pieces and lifestyle articles. These emails are an effective way to build engagement with the brand; Mapp Cloud helped them achieve this by unifying first-party data and using automation workflows to hyperpersonalize communications at scale.

In addition to vegetables, they sell a range of other produce such as cheese, dairy products, pasta, artisan breads and pantry essentials. Their items are certified organic by the Soil Association, while they follow a zero-plastic packaging policy.

Riverford is one of the biggest organic veg box companies in the UK and they boast an enviable following of loyal customers who share their ethical and environmental commitments. In addition to its own farms, Riverford collaborates with a network of organic producers throughout both the UK and France.

Delivering their vegetables is done by local drivers who are dedicated to eco-friendly driving and all routes designed to minimize carbon emissions and food miles. In fact, the company is currently testing electric vehicles on some of its London routes.

Cotswold Veg Box

Cotswold Veg Box is a local business that sources high-quality produce from small farms across the UK. Customers can order one-off boxes or subscribe for weekly or fortnightly deliveries for convenient convenience.

They provide add-ons such as eggs and milk to ensure your family gets a balanced nutrition. Order a box online or with their mobile app today!

Their selection is comprehensive, offering various box sizes to accommodate different families. Plus, there are options for weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries – something for everyone!

Supporting small farmers and avoiding high supermarket prices for vegetables are two great benefits of FarmBox. Plus, their plastic-free packaging can be recycled at home, giving consumers a chance to reduce their environmental impact while supporting small business.

The service is free, but they do request your name and contact number in case the box gets damaged during transit or you need to arrange for exchange or refund. Furthermore, they provide a complimentary foodie newsletter with tips on storage and cooking techniques.

This box was packed with vibrant organic vegetables that were in season. Highlights included muddy spuds, a large radish and an impressive squash.

They allow you to add items to a “dislike” list, so if something doesn’t appeal to you they can send you an alternative option. This is great if you have picky eaters in the family as this allows for substitutions without leaving behind any food behind.

They offer an excellent alternative to supermarkets and deliver fresh produce directly to your door, no matter where in the UK you reside. It’s an excellent way to get high-quality organic produce straight from small farms.

Local Harvest

Local Harvest is an online community and farmer’s market that links people with small-scale sustainable farms and food businesses. They also provide education resources for both consumers and producers alike.

This service provides organic produce delivery from family-owned farms across the US. They follow eco-friendly practices such as using compostable bags, recycled packaging and regenerative farming practices. Their boxes come in various sizes and delivery frequency so you can customize your order to fit into your lifestyle.

Choose from six pre-made fruit and veggie boxes or create your own custom order. Plus, add farm products like honey, coffee, or local cheeses to complete the experience. Plus, with recurring subscriptions you save both money and time by getting what you want when you want it!

They offer a Reduced Cost Box program, which enables those on a tight budget to purchase their boxes at an affordable rate. Furthermore, they donate some of their profits to local organizations fighting food poverty.

Hungry Harvest is another option; they purchase produce that supermarkets reject at up to 30% less than what they would have paid for it. You can customize your box size and delivery frequency, as well as modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

Imperfect Foods also sources and sells imperfect organic produce that stores can’t sell. They offer it to customers at a discounted rate, and donate thousands of pounds of produce each week to charities.

Local Harvest also provides an extensive organic gardening course that teaches people how to cultivate their own fruits and vegetables without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This program is ideal for those with limited space as it demonstrates efficient use of that space while growing the most productive crops.

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