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Organic produce is an excellent way to support local farms and reduce pesticide exposure. Not only that, but it has significant environmental and wildlife biodiversity benefits as well.

Some online grocery services offer subscription boxes that deliver a carefully curated selection of produce directly to your home. These programs are similar to community supported agriculture (CSA) programs and can be tailored to fit into any lifestyle.

Farm Fresh To You

Organic food is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle. It offers more nutritional value than processed foods and may have lower levels of pesticide residue. While it may be challenging to locate fresh organic veggies at your local supermarket, there are numerous top-notch produce delivery services online that make getting non-GMO fruits and veggies delivered right to your door simple.

To get started, sign up for a subscription and customize your order by selecting which types of produce you’d like. You can also add artisan farm products like honey, jams and eggs to your cart. After adding everything you want, save your shopping list and set up a weekly subscription with exactly the amount of produce needed.

In addition to receiving a fresh box of vegetables every season, subscribers can receive updates from farmers and recipe ideas as well as notifications about events organized by the company. Furthermore, there are resources on storing produce properly so it lasts longer in your fridge or oven.

Farm Fresh To You offers the convenience of delivery right to your door with organically grown fruits and vegetables from a nearby family farm. They value their customers and work closely with them to grow the highest quality produce possible, keeping their produce close to customers’ homes. Farm Fresh To You’s service truly puts the power of healthy produce at your fingertips!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) services have been around for over 25 years and offer a vast selection of produce options. Their most popular option is the Mixed Fruit and Veggie box, which allows customers to select between 8-18 different organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables each week.

Another option is the Fruit Only box, which features only fresh organic fruit that’s perfectly ripe. This is ideal for those who enjoy eating fruits but don’t have much free time.

Farm Fresh To You is a subscription-based produce delivery service that brings fresh organic vegetables directly to your home or office. You have complete control over the size, frequency and type of box that best meets your needs – saving money while getting only top-notch organic produce at your fingertips. Plus, with Farm Fresh To You you never have to miss a delivery – and can cancel or change your subscription at any time!

Melissa’s Produce

Melissa’s Produce, with their 280,000 square foot warehouse in Los Angeles, is the largest specialty produce distributor in America. They offer an expansive selection of fresh fruits and vegetables – including hard-to-find ingredients for restaurants, stores, and home kitchens across America.

Their online store offers a selection of fresh organic vegetables in various boxes for purchase. Furthermore, the company provides a Fruit of the Month subscription service.

For those who enjoy trying new fruits and vegetables but don’t have the time or money to make regular trips to the grocery store, this is an ideal solution. Each box includes a selection of produce including greens, salad fixings, as well as seasonal fruits and veggies.

The company sells gift baskets for fruit, wine and combinations of both as well as snacks like banana and cacao mix, crunchy quinoa and cranberry-peanut crunch. Their website is user friendly with plenty of helpful product info available.

They provide a delivery service that brings fresh produce right to your door on either a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis depending on your zip code. Their prices are competitive with other fruit and vegetable delivery services and the customer service is excellent.

Melissa’s Produce offers an eclectic selection of fruits and vegetables not commonly found in supermarkets, such as kiwano horned melons (which taste like cucumbers), Ojai Pixie tangerines, Sapurana mangoes, as well as banana varieties like Burro or Manzano.

Established in 1984, Melissa’s Produce is the largest distributor of specialty produce in America. Their mission is to offer customers top-quality fresh foods at fair prices, build relationships with farmers around the globe and give back to local communities by contributing to food banks, schools and nonprofits.

Melissa’s is one of America’s oldest and most esteemed producers, providing customers with a diverse selection of fresh produce that meets all dietary needs. Plus, they donate to local charities and schools while having an experienced team working together to guarantee everyone receives only the freshest produce available.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a delivery service that sources fresh organic vegetables and snacks from farms around the U.S. It’s an excellent way to save money while enjoying nutritious, delicious food at the same time!

Misfits Market derives its name from the fact that they purchase and sell produce that other grocery stores would typically turn away due to issues like being too small, shaped incorrectly, or otherwise out of line with store standards. Yet the resulting products are just as delicious and nutritious as those found at your neighborhood grocer.

Misfits Market offers discounts of up to 40% on dry goods (like olive oil, cereal, jam and coffee), meats and other pantry essentials. By working with partner farms and food hubs they source foods that have become surplus or are nearing their best-by dates so they can offer a wider selection of items.

Most produce is certified organic and GMO-free. Plus, you’ll find sustainably caught seafood, grass-fed beef and free-range chicken on their menu.

Misfits Market not only sources a wide range of ingredients, but they are dedicated to reducing food waste. To keep their items fresh while in transit, they use ice packs; additionally, all their packaging is recyclable or compostable.

The company also offers a referral program, where you can get $10 off for each friend who uses your code. To sign up for a subscription, visit the website and select your desired box size, delivery day, and frequency.

Misfits Market currently delivers to zip codes in Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. However, they are constantly adding more states to their list so be sure to check if they deliver in yours before signing up!

Misfits Market, like other subscription boxes, provides fresh organic produce and other items at great prices. It’s also an excellent way to save money and support farmers alike; however, it lacks the meal planning or other services like Imperfect Foods provide.

Farmer Jones Farm

Farmer Jones is the founder of The Chef’s Garden, a 350-acre family farm that supplies chefs around the world with premium vegetables, microgreens, herbs and edible flowers. Additionally, he founded The Culinary Vegetable Institute – an eco-friendly think tank and recipe development center – as well as Farmer Jones Farm – which brings curated produce straight from fields to your kitchen table.

More than three decades ago, the Jones family started their farm near Lake Erie in northern Ohio. They raised soybeans and corn but their crops failed, ultimately forcing them to sell everything they owned in 1983. Luckily for Bob and Barbara as well as Lee and Bobby, who managed to lease land from someone else and begin farming again.

They accomplished this with tenacity and creativity. By learning from their mistakes, they gained insight into what it takes to grow and sell specialty vegetables in a competitive marketplace. Furthermore, regenerative agriculture proved the only way to keep soil healthy while providing abundant nutrition for their crops.

The Jones family opts not to use animal manure on their fields, but instead uses cover crops to create green manure that can be applied directly to the soil. They believe that soil health has a direct connection to the quality of their vegetables, so they eliminate all chlorine from their water supply in order to guarantee maximum nutrition for their produce.

One of the family’s regenerative agriculture practices involves growing vegetables without pesticides. To do this, they collaborate with organic growing partners and conduct their own research into how pesticides impact soil and crops.

Their research has yielded many innovations, such as microgreens – miniature versions of herbs and lettuces that are both delicious and visually stunning. Chefs became so enamored with these baby vegetables that the Joneses eventually decided to ditch conventional agriculture altogether, giving birth to The Chef’s Garden.

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