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Watering your garden is an integral component of cultivating healthy plants. It combines heat, light, air and soil to supply essential nutrients necessary for successful growth.

Seed watering cans come in a range of styles and are tailored for specific tasks. Let’s take a closer look at your options so you can find one that meets all your requirements.


When growing seeds indoors or outdoors, the size of your watering can is essential to save time and energy dragging pots to the hose. Choose a can that matches the size of your plants and look for one with an ergonomic handle that won’t cut into hands when filled.

When watering your seeds or transplants, you’ll want to consider the type of nozzle. Some watering cans come with a soft-touch nozzle for delicate seeds and plants; others feature sprinkle heads that let you lightly water without washing away their nutrients.

A long-reach watering can is ideal for hard to reach places like hanging baskets or back of flower beds. Garden Glory offers this model in an array of colours, including diamond. Plus, its rust resistant construction makes it suitable for outside use as well.

This detachable rose allows you to quickly and easily pour water into your plants. With a capacity of 9L (2.2 gallons), this container is big enough for watering multiple large beds simultaneously.

We adore the design of this RHS watering can, featuring a vibrant geometric pattern. It’s ideal if you want something that will add some flair to your home. Plus, its metal finish is rust-resistant and its shape makes it easier to hold than plastic models with similar functionality.

Contrary to its eye-catching appearance, this vase isn’t intended for delicate flowers and seeds. Although it features a removable rose, you should avoid using it on African Violets as its curved neck could damage their leaves.

The Dramm watering can is a professional-grade choice, made from injection-molded plastic for durability and strength. It features an ergonomic wrap-around handle that’s comfortable to hold with either hand and features an extended spout that makes it simple to reach into tight places.

Its generous capacity means you can water a multitude of plants simultaneously and it’s rust resistant. It makes an ideal choice if you have several different kinds of plants to water simultaneously. Plus, its long spout can be used with a hand pump for even spray coverage when using the garden sprinkler.


When selecting materials for a seed watering can, there are a few things to take into account. These include its size, composition and nozzle.

A nozzle is essential for getting the correct amount of water into a plant. Ideally, opt for one that doesn’t leave excess water on the foliage as this could lead to fungus or disease development. Furthermore, make sure it’s made from sturdy material so it won’t break when you attempt to move it around.

Stainless steel and copper make excellent nozzle materials due to their strength, durability, and lack of rust. You should opt for a nozzle with an even finish to avoid scratches.

If your garden contains plants that require a lot of water, such as flowering shrubs and trees, a larger capacity can may be ideal. On the other hand, if you only need a few watering cans in small gardens, then lighter-weight options might suffice.

When selecting a garden spout, you’ll want to consider its reach; can it reach plants that may be difficult to access like hanging baskets or deep flower beds? A long spout allows you to keep an eye on your garden and ensure the plants receive enough water?

Additionally, it helps if the spout of your watering can is curved or shaped so you can reach those hard-to-reach places with ease. Some cans even feature long arms which let you water at the back of your flower bed or vegetable patch without treading on soil.

When selecting a garden spout, the height of the spout should be taken into consideration. A longer spout allows you to reach plants close to ground level like hanging baskets and trellises with ease.

Finally, it’s worth inspecting the material of the handle. Many cans come with a rubber coating which makes them comfortable to hold and prevents slips on surfaces. No matter what material it is, be sure to inspect for cracks or other potential issues before purchasing your watering can.


Water is one of the most essential nutrients for seeds and seedlings, joining heat, light, air and soil to promote their growth. To ensure they remain healthy and contented, regularly water your plants using a seed watering can.

Watering cans come in a range of styles to suit different plants or gardening tasks. Each has a distinct body style and nozzle design to meet individual plant requirements.

For instance, if you’re growing multiple seedlings, then investing in a seed watering can with a soft-touch nozzle can help apply gentle sprays without breaking or dislodging seeds. Doing so will also keep young seedlings and transplants’ roots clean and healthy.

If you’re cultivating small pots and terrariums, an indoor watering can with a narrow spout may be preferable. This will enable you to control the flow of water and guarantee it reaches all parts of the plant.

Consider investing in an adjustable nozzle so you can control the flow of water. This will make it simple to provide either a steady stream or light shower.

Nozzles come in a range of materials, such as brass, copper, plastic and stainless steel. They may be curved, straight or tapered depending on their purpose; an eductor nozzle for pipe cleaning applications would be one example.

The most common nozzle shape is an open one, though there are also shut-off nozzles available. These help prevent leaks from the hose or tubing when not in use and also serve to clean pipes and drains.

No matter your style or need, our list has the ideal nozzle for your needs. If budgeting is an issue, consider investing in an inexpensive watering can with a curved spout that won’t break or dislodge seeds as you pour.


Watering with a watering can is an efficient way to water your seedlings and seed trays. Unlike hoses, they allow you to direct the water where it’s needed most without damaging plants’ foliage. Furthermore, these lightweight cans are easy to transport around the house or garden for occasional watering needs.

When selecting a watering can, it is essential to take into account the type of handle you prefer. Some models are designed with one hand only while others feature handles at both ends of the tank. This gives you more freedom to adjust your grip as necessary and makes the can more versatile in different circumstances.

For instance, the Dramm 2 liter watering can features a wrap-around handle that’s comfortable to grip with either hand or both. Furthermore, its extra long spout allows you to reach into tight places and evenly apply water.

Another useful feature of this can is its showerhead, which offers a gentle stream that won’t wash away seeds or damage young seedlings. You can adjust the nozzle between light showers or heavier streams according to your requirements.

This watering can’s large capacity makes it perfect for growing indoor plants or watering a small garden area. Despite its small size, it can hold up to three gallons of water simultaneously – making filling under a sink or from the tap a breeze.

This lightweight product boasts a robust design that will last for years. Plus, it comes in nine cheerful colors to match any room decor.

A double-handled watering can is ideal for older gardeners or children who may struggle to hold it steady with just one hand. They’re also great for watering larger beds of flowers or flower patches with multiple plants.

If you’re searching for a high-quality watering can, this bearwood brook green model is an excellent option. Crafted from galvanised steel with powder coating that protects against rust, its rose on the spout can also be adjusted to provide coarse spray that can quickly water large patches of garden soil.

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