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Home delivery vegetables and fruits services provide convenient food deliveries right to your doorstep, giving you more time for other activities or simply helping to reduce food waste. They allow you to customize how often they deliver healthy produce directly.

Misfits Market rescues produce that might otherwise not make the cut for grocery store shelves, offering boxes starting at $22 for one week’s worth of fruit and veggies.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a grocery delivery service offering non-GMO organic produce at up to 40% less than what would normally be found at traditional supermarkets. They work directly with farmers and food producers primarily located in America to rescue fruits and vegetables that might otherwise be wasted or donated as donations or discarded altogether.

Misfits Market’s produce comes from farms that don’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and doesn’t require refrigeration; making it an ideal option for consumption. Furthermore, certain products are free from gluten for those following gluten-free diets. Plus there’s both a weekly plan and an a-la-carte option so it’s easy to sign up and start shopping a week or two at a time!

Misfits Market allows you to choose your delivery day and customize your box; as well as pause or cancel at any time. Furthermore, all orders over $70 qualify for free shipping with other deliveries charged a flat shipping fee of $6.99; they deliver across most of the contiguous United States.

Misfits Market offers more than fruits and veggies; in addition to non-GMO beans, cereal, pasta, dairy products, eggs, meat, oils snacks drinks. Vegan options as well as Kosher foods ensure there’s something suitable for anyone at every stage in their life journey.

Misfits provides their deliveries in cardboard boxes equipped with curbside-recyclable, insulated padding to help keep your groceries fresh. Their insulated bags may then be dumped into your trash can or dropped off at one of their plastic film recycling drop off locations.

Misfits differs from many grocery delivery services in that it doesn’t impose monthly or commitment fees; rather, its flat rate per delivery charges apply instead. Plus, its reusable packaging helps reduce waste while helping keep grocery bills down!

Misfits Market is comparable to Imperfect Foods in many ways, yet stands out with several key points that distinguish it. Not only does Misfits Market offer more variety but it also has transparent prices per unit and higher minimum order amounts compared to Imperfect Foods, along with offering 100% free trial periods for new customers.

The FruitGuys

Chris Mittelstaedt established The FruitGuys in 1998 with the mission of stocking office kitchens with healthy fresh fruits and veggies for employees. Based in San Francisco, California, they provide nationwide deliveries. When possible they use local produce in their delivery service to support local agriculture while cutting emissions; their delivery service includes both organic and conventional foods – to find out if they deliver to your location enter your zip code on their website and customize or sign up for weekly boxes – you can modify or cancel at any time!

The FruitGuys go beyond food delivery; they also play an active role in community projects. Their Farm Steward Program distributes fresh fruit to food pantries and non-profit groups in need. Furthermore, they support sustainable small farms while encouraging environmental stewardship through micro-grant programs for farmers and work to educate people on healthy eating habits.

Farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and clean-ingredient snacks from small farms across the United States are available through this company, who also support sustainability and small farms through supporting them with delivery service. Their team of employees ensure that every delivery arrives fresh and safe; additionally they can accommodate special dietary needs of their customers as needed.

Customers can select from an assortment of boxes such as Harvest Mixes, Staples Mixes or Chef’s Gardens. In addition, customers can add other groceries like responsibly-sourced meat, seafood, dairy and snacks. Customers also have the option of selecting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription options.

The FruitGuys provide fruit and veggie crates starting at just $37 for a box that holds 16 servings, or you can opt for the larger option which contains up to 50 for $69 weekly. Their customized crates can include different amounts of vegetables and fruits and are delivered right to your home or office for free trial! They use all-natural packaging made with recycled paper and biodegradable plastics – not unlike what your local market might provide you with!

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is a global franchise specializing in fruit arrangements for any occasion imaginable – birthday parties and anniversaries to weddings and business meetings – making their products ideal for special celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries as well as making great presents for children and teens.

This company’s app makes ordering fresh fruits and vegetables simple for delivery, enabling users to customize their orders and select their delivery date. Furthermore, PayPal and scanning your credit card with your phone camera provide payment options while there is also a variety of gift boxes which make great snacks or tasty desserts!

Edible Arrangements offers same day delivery on most fruit and candy products, and offers special holiday discounts. Additionally, their customer service representatives are on standby to answer any inquiries or address concerns that may arise during ordering process.

Order online or over the phone, and our store will deliver your product promptly – guaranteed fresh! They use a refrigerated van for shipping, which ensures maximum freshness. Depending on the size and complexity of your edible arrangement order, additional fees may apply for shipping and handling.

Edible Arrangements stores are open seven days a week, making them the ideal place for last-minute gift giving. Plus, with their seven-minute pickup options and wide range of gourmet chocolate confections and delectable baked goods available from Edible Arrangements stores.

Edible Arrangements is committed to the health and well-being of their employees, customers and communities. Their goal is to foster an inviting work environment and uphold high quality standards; furthermore they aim to be environmentally sustainable by recycling waste and reducing consumption; they’re even members of the Better Business Bureau!

Edible Arrangements offers secure and convenient ordering online or over the phone using its website, using a third-party payment processor to process payments from various credit cards accepted. Furthermore, its mobile-friendly website boasts a straightforward search bar to make finding what you’re searching for easy.


Shopping at a supermarket can be an exhausting and unsatisfying experience, taking time and energy just to locate high-quality fruits and vegetables in the produce section. As such, many prefer home delivery of produce instead.

FRUITNOW makes fresh produce easy! Local, sustainable and organic farms deliver nutritious produce right to your door. Additionally, select boxes including cooking essentials like garlic and white potatoes; create subscription plans based on how much produce you plan to use per week and view cooking videos by famous chefs like Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentis on its website.

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